Murder was the Case

A typical courtroom scene. The judge is seated high up behind the bench, glowering down at the accused, his advocate, and the prosecutor alike. “What do we have here, then?” he barks. “The Crown vs. Nigeria, my lord!” the prosecutor announces with a flourish. The judge looks unimpressed. “What’s the charge?” “Murder, my lord!” There … Continue reading Murder was the Case

Ratatouile [Rattus rattus]

They came in as intruders,invading the whole area for surely this was not their territory,and certainly not minding whose territory they were and the peril that could be knocking at their door.they however took the risk,looking for hideouts and destroying whatever comes their way,not noticing or refusing to notice the havoc they were causing for others,who … Continue reading Ratatouile [Rattus rattus]

Betrayals and Funerals – 10

I stared at the photograph in my hand. It was a picture I knew well, because I’d taken it myself. Yes, I’d taken it…but I hadn’t developed the film. The film was still in my studio, awaiting attention. The lady in the picture was finely shaped, her face was the type camera loved, with almond-shaped … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals – 10