O’vanity! O’life!

O’vanity! O’life!

O’ Joy O’ laughter
Hop sky high and brighter
For beseech is your happiness’s lighter
So never fade down for less, get whiter.

O’Cry O’ Sadness
Why not regain your meekness
Don’t worry if folks call you weakness
It’s all for the best nevertheless

O’Fustration O’Anger
Perfect example of a regret monger
Dig the pit for your tomb while it lingers
Till you see a ghost bite his fingers

O’shame O’pain
Eyes are set on the mantle with fain
yet marrow within the bone takes no gain
the inner cell clogged up in chains
We hope the sky unleash the rain

O’death O’sickness
Day in day out you gain fitness
Why don’t you mud in weariness
For the list of victims are so endless
Hope crushed, whilst timeless!

O’life O’life
Why make vanity your wife
Wife that strikes you up with an iron knife
knife that bleeds you up in strife
till everything in a jiffy turns a rife!
I cry… I cry…
O’vanity O’life!

12 thoughts on “O’vanity! O’life!” by Kleavajimcy (@Kleavajimcy)

  1. This is nice . Well done Sir

    1. @Jadesola, thanks for reading and commenting!
      God bless!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful!!! What a beauty, u know how to display. Very nice

    1. Well said @kevindkind, thanks for your comment!
      JAH BLESS!

  3. Hmm. I was lost in some places, maybe it is the repetitions grating on my nerves. I m going to recheck yo previous posts to assure myself this is just a bad day with yo muse. U sure can do berah than zis.

    1. Eeeyah @Hymar, well, the truth is that if I wasn’t the one that wrote this, it’s very possible I get lost somewhere too…That’s peotry; sometimes you just have to figure it out in your own terms….it’ll still be better if you got the overall message after all!

  4. If I point out some typos – spellling, syntax and tense, you would probably say it’s your style. Overall, this is better than the past…
    Well done, Klea. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte…Haba Bubb…! Don’t forget the rule of free word usage in poetry o! Well shaaa… As tho I woulda liked if U pointed ’em out! You’re still my teacher anyways…still learning from U! ♡̬̩̃̊ƭћªΩќs♡̬̩̃̊ for reading and commeting…good to know there’s an improvement with it!
      God bless U!

  5. I was dancing to the rhyme all the way until your exclamation” o’ life o’ vanity”…nice one!@kleaverjimcy

    1. Lol.. Such is life! Thnks for crapping out time to read!@simplisilv

  6. Wow…i like d rhymes, well done poet

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