Our Angels 12

Desola’s heart weighed heavier than the foodstuff tucked in the blue and green bags she got from the African shop close to the train station. She needed her sluggish feet to speed up. But somehow, the grief and shock of Eniola and Pastor John’s death had affected her legs. She walked past people, cars and shops without taking them in.

She felt emotionally battered. How could Eniola be dead?

Eniola was only in her late thirties. She had everything to live for. Her children topped that list. It was obvious to everyone that Eniola loved her children. Shock had paralysed Desola when she found out. No one in church could explain why Richard and his wife travelled to Nigeria, in the first place. No one knew why Richard’s father left for Nigeria two days later to join his son and daughter-in-law. And then Agnes broke the news to her and Grace that, Eniola and her father-in-law had been shot dead by armed robbers in Nigeria.

She was on her way to Richard’s house to check on him and the children. Agnes, Grace and Mrs Bradshaw, from the church had taken it in turns to cook and run errands for the family. Richard arrived in the country two days ago but Desola was yet to see him. She had spent the past few days tending to his sister-in-law whose tears still gushed like a downpour. She wasn’t looking forward to seeing him. What was she supposed to tell him to numb his grief ?

Richard’s mother and his father-in-law were yet to come back from Nigeria. She knew Richard flew back home against his family and in-law’s wishes. Desola couldn’t blame him though. His children were inconsolable when their grandmother broke the news to them. And then, they were passed on to her sister in Enfield. Left alone with someone they didn’t know whilst their father buried their mother and grandfather in another continent.

Desola arrived infront of the Iretioluwa’s house. A sort of weakness gripped her from the inside. She put her phone in her bag but before she could press the doorbell, the door flung open. Taye and Kenny stood at the door. Taye, a few feet behind her sister. Her eyes wide but vacant. Kenny’s face was sad. Her dejected look clawed at Desola’s heart.

The children wore fairy dresses with ketch-up stains on. Their cornrolls had come partially undone on their heads, leaving messy thick curls where there were once straight lines. Desola swallowed the lump in her throat. Eniola’s children were already looking motherless when their mother was still fresh in her grave.

“Hello aunty.” Junior piped when he got to the door. He helped Desola with the shopping bags.

“Junior, how are you? Where is your dad?” Desola asked, conscious of the girls shrinking behind her.

“Dad is cremating Taye and Kenny’s fish fingers in the kitchen.” Junior said and then took the shopping bags to the kitchen.

A burning smell welcomed Desola into the lounge. It wasn’t as tidy as she remembered. She bent her knees and gathered the girls in her arms. Kenny’s weak smile warmed her heart.

“Let me go and help daddy with the fish fingers and then I will do your hair. Okay?” Taye managed a half smile. Desola put the TV on a children’s channel before going into the kitchen. Junior came out as she went in. She saw Richard chucking burnt fish fingers in the bin. He was unshaved, leaner and dark cycles ringed his eyes.

“Desola.” He murmured.

He put the oven tray on the hob and went to her. She let him hug her, struggling with the tears that were threatening to force themselves through her eyelashes. They stayed like that for a while. When she looked into his eyes, she noticed the pain evident in them. He pulled away from her when she asked how he was.

Richard fished out a pack of fish fingers from the freezer. Desola went to him and took the pack out of his hands.“Let me do this for the girls. Then, I can make you and Junior something to eat. Anything you want.”

“Ok. I will be upstairs if you need me.” Richard said without turning to look at her. He stepped out of the kitchen.

Desola noticed that Junior had put her shopping bags on the kitchen surface. She had purchased a big yam from the African shop to cook Richard and Junior asaro. Eniola had often sworn about the ability of asaro, when it came to bringing back her men’s appetite.

Hours later, after she had plaited the twins’ hair and given them a bathe, she read them bedtime stories and watched them drift off to sleep. Downstairs, she found Richard on the sofa, asleep. His head was perched on the arm of the sofa. She covered his long mannish legs with the twins’ Peppa Pig blanket and switched off the TV. She told Junior whom she found in the conservatory on his iPad, that his father’s supper was in the microwave before leaving the house.


Few days later, the twins turned up at Desola’s flat with their dad. Richard needed her to look after them. They had refused to go to their childminder’s house and he was due back at work that morning. The children were asleep on her bed when Richard came back at nine pm.

He followed her into the hallway, speaking quietly so as not to wake his children.“Sorry darling, I went to the restaurant after work. I had a lot of things to sort out.” Richard raked his hand through his hair. He leaned against the wall and rubbed his face to prevent another yawn.

Desola wasn’t expecting him. She had already changed into her night dress. His daughters had expressed a willingness to stay overnight. She had called him at seven to ask if that was okay. Perhaps the dozen of Haribo sweets, Jelly and Thorntons luxury chocolate she fed them had helped them decide they wanted to stay.

“I said it is okay for them to stay tonight Uncle Richard. And any other night they want to.They have really enjoyed their day, anyway.”

“I need Junior to concentrate on studying for his GCSE exams which are coming up soon. That is why I need someone to help me with the girls. I don’t know why they don’t want to go to their childminder’s house anymore. She did the school pick up and holiday childcare,” he moaned.

“I can look after them until they are ready to go back. I am on holiday from uni, so I can help.” She told him.

Richard grabbed her nearest hand. “Really? Thank you Desola. You are an angel, believe me.” Desola saw something in his eyes as he let go of her hand. A new sort of sadness? Acceptance? Whatever it was, it was different from what she had seen in his eyes before.

Perhaps because one of his fingers traced the inside of her palm before he let her go or perhaps because despite his grief, his face was still as handsome as ever. She found herself remembering their kiss. Her eyes went to his leaner stomach and the black belt around his midriff.

She forced her offending eyes to the floor and her mind to a boring church service. How could she covet him when his wife’s spirit was probably still hanging around. She shuddered when a thought hit her. His late wife’s ghost could be beside him, giving her dirty looks.

“I have so much that needs sorting out. My father’s house, the restaurant, the church, the flat….unfortunately, I am not sleeping at night, so I am exhausted.” He sighed. “How can I sleep when I know someone murdered my wife and father?”

Richard stared at Desola’s shocked face. “What sort of armed robbers kill people without taking their money? Desola, I forced my wife to go to Nigeria with me because her ex started to wag his tongue. He was telling everyone that he is Junior’s father. I wanted us to talk things through with him. I didn’t want the whole world….especially our church members to find out. My father wanted us to keep Junior’s paternity a secret too. That was why he followed us to Nigeria.” He rapped his fingers on the wall. “I am absolutely sure that her ex sent those men to kill her. They were not armed robbers.”


34 thoughts on “Our Angels 12” by olajumoke omisore (@olajumoke)

  1. Too bad for Eniola. I hope Desola doesn’t cheapen herself. Sad for the kids, though.
    Btw, saw something I didn’t really think was necessary. “Mannish legs”.

    Nice write, Jumoke!

    1. @Mimiadebayo, thank you for commenting first. I really appreciate it.
      Yep, noted. Mannish will be axed from original. Thank you darling sis.

  2. Mehn i dont kno2 how q tear excaped from my own eyes…even tho i didnt like eniola but i didnt want her to die…poor richard and kids…

    Desola u better rebuke those dirty thoughts

    1. I hope that girl can hear you. If only she can tear herself away from gazing into the poor man’s eyes. Atleast you can say you warned her afterwards.
      Thank you @schatzilein for reading, thank you.

  3. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    So this is turning from a family drama to a whoddunit romantic affair abi? Well, let’s see who the real sinners are…

    Kudos. I think I saw some errors in there, edit would u darling? Keep writing, keep getting better.

    1. Would love to tell you who the real sinners are, but …..
      Thank you for reading @daireenonline. I appreciate the feedback dear.

  4. I think I would be suprised if Des and Richie don’t get something going. I mean, how convenient can it be that Eniola got shot and is out of the scene.
    Go through the original thoroughly.
    Well done, jumoke. $ß.

    1. Thank you @sibbylwhyte for reading. I really appreciate your time and I will revisit the original.
      I like the ‘Des and Richie’. How very cool.
      I visited your blog. Welldone Miss Wordsmith.

  5. Of course you had to go and kill eniola…nw there wouldn’t be any hindrance to the “Love” between Des nd Richie (using sibbyl’s words since you loved it)

    Watch out for typos…


    1. @topazo, lol. I didn’t do it. It wasn’t me.
      Do you think those two will get it on? We will just have to wait and see.

  6. I like where dis story is heading.desola should mind herself least eniola turn in her grave.d woman soul is still hovering. Welldone ola.

    1. @NIRA-SLYVES, well if Mrs E turns in her grave or even jumps out of it, that might just teach Desola to stop gazing at Richie too much. Thank you Nira. I am grateful.

  7. leroyA (@LEROY)

    Ogbele oooooo!! I hope I didn’t do a spoiler off my last comment in the previous installment? I wasn’t expecting this.@ Olajumoke, I hope this guys will not do the ”serious” now. Please keep them chaste.

    1. lol @LEROY, keep them chaste?
      I am sort of powerless when it comes to these two. Hope they can keep their hands away from each other. Thank you Leroy. You are a gem.

  8. leroyA (@LEROY)

    MY bad; I meant ”these guys”

    1. I knew what you meant dear. Thank you.

  9. Interesting, as always.

    1. I am trying to please @elovepoetry. Thank you for reading.
      Thank you.

      1. Trying is not good enough, don’t do it. Just do what you are good at.

        1. Good at? I don’t even see myself as average @elovepoetry.
          I have to say this comes really easy though. I am having a great time, writing it.
          Thank you for the compliment.

  10. aadetoyin (@aadetoyin)

    I really pity this innocent children. That’s how some people suffer for the sins of their parents.
    Desola!!! Pls be careful Ooº°˚ ˚°ºoo. Give Oga Richard some space

    1. Thank you for reading @aadetoyin. Episode 13 is out today.

  11. Always looking 4ward 2 ur series.I feel sad 4 Richard’s n d kid’s loss but also happy Desola can get a breather.Now she can love Richie witout qualms n trust me Eniola has no power.:p

    1. @jade69, poor Eniola. Thanks for reading. Thank you.

  12. yinkus (@yinkus101)

    oh the God, so the Ex sent the robbers to Eniola for what reason and I hope Desola and Richard end up together

    1. @yinkus101, hahaha, Eniola won’t b happy about that.
      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment as well.

  13. Interesting series riddled with mind buggling twists.
    Eniola is out of the picture. Sad!

  14. Very touching moment, when Desola sees the children the first time after their mother’s death.

    Richard calling Desola “darling”? That seems a bit off.

    Also, note – “Few days later, the twins turned up…” > “A few days later, the twins turned up…”

    But this is another good installment, @olajumoke. As usual, I like the little details you sprinkle the story with to bring it to life. Well done.

  15. @TolaO, thank you sir. I am grateful.

  16. Omena (@menoveg)

    Make I dey clear my throat first. But what if Eniola is and the father in law are not really dead?

  17. So touching. So Eniola died? Richard’s dad, too. Wow. I can’t help feeling sad. Like @TolaO said, I like the way you infuse the story with little details without labouring it.

    The stage is still set for a lot of drama.

    I enjoyed this. But then, I am not surprised I did.

  18. truly a captivating piece…

  19. Eniola was never my best character but her death touched me, Like I cried, I mean its just tragic.
    Honestly I commend your writing, effortlessly you drag emotional responses from your readers.
    This is very good writing.

  20. Thank you @ameenaedrees.
    I appreciate your comments.

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