Love Broke My Heart

She blossoms in dark places
dark alleys, dark hallways…
Not for her the brilliant light
lest it bares faults best unseen

Dark bedrooms, unlit corridors
lovers grope in ‘llicit pleasure…
Love, lust or ‘fatuation
which it is, we just can’t say.

Love is blind, faults stay unseen
we blank our minds to sublime truths…
Not for us the harsh reality
lest it nips our joys so soon

Dark alleys, dark hallways
we stay blind to all her faults…
When she walks out on us
aloud we say “Love broke my heart!”

11 thoughts on “Love Broke My Heart” by Edydeyemi (@edydeyemi)

  1. There is no love until all flaws are seen in the light of day, and accepted fully…


    1. But often, we overlook all these flaws and plunge ahead into the abyss come people call “Love”

  2. Lovely. Love is blind cos we remain in the dark.
    Well done, Dyemi. $ß.

    1. @ sibbylwhyte Not all love is blind oh…Some love dey carry torchlight waka oh. Lol

  3. Nice, @edydeyemi Love is the precedness that carved our blindness. Truly, love is blind.

  4. @Sibbylwhyte. Love ain’t blind. We just like to experience it in the dark….winks.

    1. @ Hymar right on point!

  5. Beautiful .. ! That is why I love to ‘rise in Love’

      1. Welcome bro …

  6. leroyA (@LEROY)


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