I see you,
Wishing I could talk to you,
I remember our past memories,
Your laughter and your smile,
Your witty sayings and sarcastic replies,
Where did it all go wrong,
Now your laughther has faded away from my memory,
I wish it hasn’t,
I wish I could turn back the clock,
To do just one thing,
Get to know you again.

6 thoughts on “Hopeful” by damilare oso (@damilareoso)

  1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Eh ya, star crossed lover, kpele.

  2. “Laughter” on line 7 is misspelt; correct that.

  3. @damilare move on with your life!

  4. Ha! Okay o.
    Keep hoping on hope.
    Keep writing too. Well done. $ß.

  5. Was it supposed to be depressing?

  6. Keep the hope … it sure has an audacity!

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