At birth

father told me stories of ACHEBE

he was ” man of the people

until “things fell apart”

today we are “no longer at ease”

I heard him say

the world has changed her garment”

that’s  LENRIE PETERS  on “the fence

though i never understood how

GABRIEL OKARA saw a  “moon in the bucket”

i wandered through WOLE’s hair

God’s master piece of art

i played all “Night”

but never saw an “Abuki”

i smelt perfumes of


And followed it trail

i wasn’t a victim

but there were many  “casualties”

As CLARK  looked the sun in the face

here i saw an “Abiku”

in the “Night Rain”


“Song for Ajegunle”

the graveyard of their conscience

it was about to rain when


shouted at us,  her children

to come back from our play

to our evening meal

that was the only

joy of motherhood









7 thoughts on “Footprints” by Chris Nwogu (@chrisnwogu)

  1. Traditionally creative … poetic innovation.

  2. Well done, but check it is “Things fall Apart” not “Things fell Apart”. When you do works like this, you maintain the original title for maximum and original effect. Well done still.Keep writing sir!

  3. It’s creative.
    Capitalize your I’s and yes, Sam is right, maintain the original title.
    Buchi wrote Joys of motherhood not Joy. Know how you will rewrite it.
    Well done, Chris. $ß.

  4. @Joseph‘s thanks for reading and encouragement

  5. @sambright thank you sir .I will keep improving

  6. @ Sibbylwhyte thanks a lot.. thanks for reading, correcting and encouraging me
    I will keep improving in my acts

  7. You did a good job of including the names of African authors, and the titles of their works, @chrisnwogu.

    There wasn’t much to the poem itself, though.

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