Elove Poetry: A Case of Identity Crisis on NS?

Elove Poetry: A Case of Identity Crisis on NS?

It started with Tosyn commenting on one of my posts, “Nice one Bruv/Sis. Please keep them coming”.

Bubbllinna replied, “Elove is a dude…@tosyn keep off!…hehehe…”

Then the Head Wordsmith, Kaycee, asked, “Elove is a dude??? Mtcheeew. All these romantic dudes seff?”

I replied without an answer, “Yep??? It happens that ‘we poets’ know paper/pen love, but in real life…!!!”

That was last year, March 2012.

A year later, Chemokopi commented to one of my posts, “…..Well done, man.”

My all-time favourite, Bubbllinna replied back, “Elove’s a lady. Unless there was a surgery involved. Lol…”

“Tell them @sibbylwhyte (Bubbllinna)…” That’s what I wrote back. This was in May this year, 2013. In between March 2012 and May 2013 I have had to put up with ‘well done sir’s, ‘nice one man’s and ‘keep it up man’s.

I call myself Elove Poetry, fans know me as Elove Poetry, and I am Elove Poetry.

But who really is Elove Poetry? Am I a dude, a dudette or something in between?  Something tells me I’m being read wrong.

In search of a name for myself, and place in the society, I left the memories (of a life not known) behind, wanted to identify with humans, and thus got a name. Sexuality notwithstanding, I live in ambiguity, doubting my beliefs and believing my doubts, questioning what men aren’t brave to question, living one day at a time thinking that mystique is chic and radical is the way I ought to be.

I know, I am a lady to many, blame it on my name, but yet I am a gent(leman) to few who squint enough to see who I am. In the end, what I am is whom I am, Elove Poetry.

I just wonder, last year I was a dude (Thanks to Bubbllinna pointing out that), this year I am a lady (I owe Bubbllinna a mammoth). What would I be come next year, a she-male? What gives, I ask.

I received my first kiss the other day and it felt nice, the kiss every girl talks about like forever. It felt so nice to be a girl. I had a school girl crush on him and he gave me what I was looking for. Then came my first, and probably the last, lesbian kiss (never mind there has never been another kisscapde since Britney Spears and Madonna made headlines, I’m no celeb to get the attention otherwise you would have known) in succession.

I fell in love with a girl; she is the queen of my literary heart, and I’m falling in love with her (romantically) each and every passing minute. She has made me an informania. She can’t see that I am the man her heart would be at home with. Perhaps it’s because I am Elove Poetry and she can’t peel back the mask behind the face. Or perhaps it’s because I am not Elove Poetry and she finds it daunting a task to know me. Secrets aren’t what we don’t say, but the masks we wear. The question is who would be brave enough to peel back the mask and expose the devil/angel.

Humans fear nothing, like the fear of darkness. They don’t have a scintilla of what they are afraid of, however once they plunge into the darkness they were afraid of in the first place they fight to go, they can’t live with the consequences of their decisions. In the end, hearts are broken.

But what you don’t know can’t harm you. You don’t just get into any rabbit-hole. You don’t know what you will find, you might even be bitten.

Okay, lemme put the case to rest, once and for all about me. I am a ‘man’, as in men, not ‘man’ as in ‘man’. To be removed from a man’s rib sucks, and sounds creepy, yet I love it – I don’t have to do much for anything. On the other hand, to give out my ribs feels great. At least I know something good can come from me.

You know me, Elove Poetry here.


I love you.

108 thoughts on “Elove Poetry: A Case of Identity Crisis on NS?” by elovepoetry (@elovepoetry)

  1. Elove!!! *Shakes head*. I daresay you’ll leave everyone that reads this, trying to decipher if you are a man or woman even though, they all know you are HuMAN. See? The identity crisis would be more pronounced. Hehe. It may not be a funny situation to you, but reading this made me laugh a lot.
    I remember all the comments you listed. I always assumed you were a lady (blame it on the unchanging pix and name), the first comment was a mischievious one cos Tosyn was a dude and well, I am MisChief when I choose to be.
    But hey, you did nothing to correct any wrong info. You just laughed, that’s cos you like being a mystery, love.
    And you do have a way of spinning it, till one feels they are in a web – what if they are Arachnophobic?
    Aha! Tell us bout that kisscapade now, is that one I want to know joor.

    Maybe the girl you fell in love with, just wants you to hold her hands in the dark hole, and be free to tell her everything, without your ambigousity o. Lol. With this post, I am almost sure that you can’t even help being ambiguous.
    E, next time you’ll be a gentlady, Hehe. I am sorry that I helped in creating an identity crisis, can I make it up to you?
    By the way, ’twas fun to read.
    Well done, E. $ß.

    1. I love this, gentlady I mean.

      Well, I must say thanks for your stopping by, it’s such a honour to have your flowery graffiti on my literary wall.

      Don’t shake ya’ head B, it’s such a shame we are worlds apart, you could rip my heart apart (with emotions).

      The kisscapade???!! Remember I ain’t no celeb, what I (am sure) would get is a lot of lambasting and virulent censures (For gods’ sake we are Africans).

      Don’t be sorry for creating the crisis, I’m to blame, but perhaps it’s a game, or flame.

      I’m glad you liked it @sibbylwhyte.

      1. ‘The kisscapade???!! Remember I ain’t no celeb, what I (am sure) would get is a lot of lambasting and virulent censures (For gods’ sake we are Africans).’
        Lol, this is so funny and yet true. Kai! Infact, I am thinking, thinking…
        One more thing E, your heart is not dark jare.

        @praize. Lol. I am already Mis Chief na.

        1. Thanks for seeing and telling me that my heart ain’t dark, I take that as a compliment @sibbylwhyte. I love the way you Miss Chief (off the record).

  2. Aha! $ß says she luvs U gaan! You’ve been a good friend to her here, and she saw that comment you made on ‘My first love’, and thinks ’twas a really sweet thing to say. *smiles*

    1. @sibbylwhyte, it was from the deepest trenches of my dark heart, and I meant it.

      That’s what I call positive criticism.

  3. Lol…realy ur name doesnt at al luk masculine(to me). So Bubblina, shall I name you the “Chief of Mischief”…

    1. Chief mischief, Chief of Mischief, Chief Miss Chief…. she is like that @praize

  4. Hmmn, I know what this was meant to do but I won’t allow it denature my brain.
    I found this a funny read and be you a dude or dudette, you are good at what you do.

    1. Thanks @Jadesola, thanks for your compliment, and comment. XOXO

  5. @Elove .You left me more confused than i was initially,maybe i need a second read.Good job anyway

    1. Be not confused child, I am right here with you
      When is time to face the music, I’ll be by ya’ side
      NS would keep us safe and warm, I’ll be right by ya’ side… @E-prime

  6. amyOhio (@Amy)

    I’m just as confused as everyone…love/hate, angel/devil, bruv/sis….emmmm don’t make me go detective on you. I’m gonna leave @Bubblinna,to figure you out. Lover boy!

    1. @Amy, I dare you go detective on me, you might be surprised I am a counter-detective (well versed with sousveillance, lol).

      Lover boy? @sibbylwhyte or Me @Amy?

      LOVER Would be more fitting if it’s me.

  7. It is not about what you are but who you are.
    …And you are Elove Poetry..and that rocks!

  8. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Until this memoir I’ve always pegged Elove as a feminine character. That won’t change irrespective of @sibbylwhyte‘s changing views. I found that part really hilarious.

    What this memoir goes to show is that members of this blog who have spent a certain amount of time here, or amassed certain credit points need to meet regularly based on location and geography. Then a cheeky personality would not confuse people with gender issues.

    I dare say, you’re woman. That’s my take. *bows out*

    1. How won’t you find that hilarious @daireen? E be like say U na gehl sef. See your picture and name.

      Meets have been organized in the pasts sha…

      1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

        @sibbylwhyte are you calling me out? Believe me, I’ll answer o dearly beloved…

    2. @daireenonline, if you were close by I would hug you, even kiss you on the cheeks (not a kisscapde thingy, don’t worry). WhoMAN I am, or is me.

      About meeting, I am totally with you. Over here (where I live, though a foreigner – of some ambiguous ethnicity) I don’t have much of following as I have here (at home). My fan base is restricted to a close web of close friends I implore to read my work.

      and yeah, @sibbylwhytes changing views are hilarious.

  9. @elovepoetry, okay am confused. I thought you were a man.
    Now I am curious. Just send me a private message. I promise, I won’t tell anyone.

    1. @olajumoke, I (yearn)m, don’t be confused. Check what @daireenonline has said, about promises, no. People don’t keep their promises, just like when a man is staring at my burgeoning boobs and he’s dying to savour my cherry (oops! I didn’t say that).

      1. @elovepoetry, lol. I feel better, now I know.
        Interesting work, It got us all talking and wondering. Welldone elove.

        1. Thanks so much for your magnanimity, you are ‘one in a million’ like ne-yo says @olajumoke

  10. Hmmmm…I never really thought about it before now.
    Now I wonder about it…
    I wonder what Vincent de Paul has to say about this.Hehehe.
    As for Bubblina being Chief of Mischief, I second that!
    One last thing Elove, you’re very good at what you do..Keep it up.

    1. @Mimiadebayo, now here it is, think about it. @vincentdepaul would be intrigued by this, but what he has to say, let’s wait and see.

      Thanks for complimenting me about what I do.

      1. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

        I wonder why I am being dragged into this. @elovepoetry is some kind of an enigma, and though I would not like to bet on anything, @Mimiadebayo, I think Elove has tried to explain what (s)he really is. Why not do some research like @Estee ???!!!

        1. You wonder @vincentdepaul? Well, freedom of expression/opinion is your prerogative.

          1. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

            That’s right @elovepoetry

  11. Well…I was never confused…you are elovepoetry and you are a ‘dudette’

    I love this memoir…there’s always a richness to a prose written by a poet…I salute you


    1. @topazo, I like your confidence, would you be a confidante if it happens your the one who has held on to his faith about this????

    2. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

      I salute Elove too, poet and prose laced with LSD here.

      1. Laced with LSD @vincentdepaul? Now that’s insulting…..

        1. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)


  12. When someone is not sure of their identity, i just think the person is a mumu.
    But as a writer, it matters that people know your gender and even sexual leanings. That is why women use initials like JK.
    I would rather read a man than a woman, because women write plenty girly mushy nonsense.
    By the way, most people here, to me, exist only in this place. They are mere usernames. They’d better remain so.

    1. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

      About you rather reading men @kaycee sounds chauvinistic, we are in the 21st Century, women are orchestrating some kind of a revolution, just don’t die early and you’ll see.

      I agree with you about most people existing in cyberspace only.

      1. @vincentdepaul, you make chauvinism sound like a bad thing.
        It is as i have said. I would read men more than women. The only women i read today are the ones who have won very serious awards. Like Gordimer, Angelou, Morisson. No pretense, i like what i like.

        1. Oh my fave head wordsmith @kaycee, you are one of the reasons this memoir was written, now you say you don’t read women? You break my heart to pieces. Those who have won the prizes just did that because of some predisposing factors that led them to instant celebrity-hood, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is my defender when it comes to prizes, not because their stories/works were great/deserved the prize.

          I might agree with @vincentdepaul that you are chauvinistic some, but knowing you the way I know you I’m not surprised. I hope I don’t write girly mushy hogwash since you read me (he he he he).

          1. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

            @kaycee‘s silence on this is a clear indication that for him discussion is over and no more comment on the subject.

  13. Well, I always like opportunities to carry out research like I did with @Mimiadebayo and found out her name wasnt Munirat. While @topazo was demanding a king’s ransom to divulge an information he got freely, I did my lil research and there it was. hehehe.

    Anyway, babes, you are female and I can include your full name if you like.


    1. @estee so you think you can just come out here and spoil market for me abi? just when @daireenonline was about caving in….I am so coming for your head…lol

      1. lol @topazo

        How are you dearie?

        1. @estee I’m fyn tnks. Hope ur gud?

            1. Am I seeing what I’m seeing @Estee? (Don’t bother to answer, Joe King).

              1. You are always seeing things @elovepoetry

                1. Guess it’s my prerogative @Estee….

    2. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

      Give us the name @Estee, for @elovepoetry.

      1. @vincentdepaul are you kidding?
        You’ve not even commended me for giving you the gender, you are here asking for the name.

        Do I look like a mumu?

        1. @Estee, what about this mumu? What is it (I hope I can be forgiven for not being as cultural as I should be, blame it on my ambiguous ethnicity)?

          1. @elovepoetry
            Mumu is a Nigerian slang used to describe a person who acts daft.

            1. Thanks @Estee for letting me know. I left home a long time ago.

    3. Great, fantabulous actually, for your taking time to research. Get to the bottom of this and put to rest this crisis on NS @Estee.

      I dare you, give (include) my real name.

      1. @elovepoetry
        You think research is easy to carry out? I won’t fall for that. Give me a thousand NS point and I will give the name.

        1. Now who is demanding a King’s ransom to divulge with free info @Estee? You are no different with @topazo (heheheheh, gotchya’)

          1. Now, this is arm-twisting!
            Guess you are bent on squeezing the name out of me.

            Ok. Your name is Muth…
            You can complete it if you like. Don’t wana be berated for being an amebo.

            1. I like your indefatigableness and determination, @Estee but if you looked closely you’d see that Muth… is dressed in the raiment of sorrow and grieve (an accident of time and an untimely demise). Go back to square one sweetie!!!!

              1. @Estee unless you mean I am a spirit like @sibbylwhyte said.

                1. Can’t stop laughing @elovepoetry. You are such an enigma.

                  The thing is I like the name Elovepoetry so much that I can’t even bear the thought of you having another name.

                  1. Now we are talking @Estee. Was I around I would have taken you out for dinner and watch you laughing as you settle down to ELOVEPOETRY. The other name would be… (not as lovely as Elove Poetry).

                    1. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

                      Muth… @Estee? I think you are the one seeing things now.

  14. @kaycee your comment made me laugh so hard that I almost fell off my seat.

    Good to know there are still people with your kind of opinion about female writers around.

    1. Yeah @Estee, @kaycee should be lambasted for all it takes for having such an opinion, for gods’ sake we are way past that, even our spirits have grown the hell up.

  15. @estee So u carried out ur research eh?
    Smart woman.
    @topazo you’re still a darling na,for keeping our lil secret. Hehehe. Don’t sell me off cheap oo!

    By the way @Estee I laughed at that comment too,and not just for one reason.
    How’ve you been?That new job of yours is denying us the pleasure of ‘Outcast ‘.

    1. @Mimiadebayo don’t worry love, Outcast will be back with a bang in a bit.

      1. Bring it on gal, we are eagerly waiting for it (Outcast)

        1. Ok @elovepoetry. Maybe after I see your critique on the nine episodes that I’ve posted on Outcast. Hehehehe

          1. Critiquing/reviewing ain’t my thing @Estee, I just comment of how the work is, as in how much I enjoyed reading it. I think even if I have not commented on all of them I have in quite a few.

  16. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

    I want to comment, but I find I can’t say nothing. So, Elove,… I keep my view on this strictly to myself though @sibbylwhyte is MisChief

    1. I won’t prod for it @vincentdepaul.

      1. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

        Good, and I am holding my ground @elovepoetry

  17. Why do you think I dragged you into this @Vincent de Paul? it’s some of my research At work. *winks#
    I know Elove is a she. No doubt about that, but what part do you have in all this Vince? Cos am pretty sure you…#lips sealed#

    1. @Mimiadebayo, Vince will have his word, but don’t you think your research would make it more complicated?

      1. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

        Okay @Mimiadebayo, I have an idea why you are saying so, and dragging me into this. About Elove’s identity crisis is her own doing, and creation of her (un)creative mind, let her handle her crisis. I would like to take a fence seat and watch (while belching from roast meat, Africa’s best).

        Check your research again, that’s what I can tell you.

        1. That’s snubbing @vincentdepaul, but either way I/we have heard you, dude.

          1. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

            Good @elovepoetry

  18. @vincentdepaul I mean. The above comment concerns you.

  19. na wa oo.ubiquitous sibbylwhyte you still inspire this one? Ok o.@elovepoetry if u like b man,if u like b woman,na u sabi.One thing is keep writing make we dey read shall.

    1. @sambrightomo, thanks very much for your comment (and distancing yourself from this, it’s kinda quicksand, hehehe). You are always a nice one.

  20. lol…You almost ended up confusing me again with all the creative expressiveness.

    I was gonna end up saying…’So if you no be male or female, you be animal?’
    But thank God you cleared it up in the end.

    Bubblina shine ya eyes oh!

    1. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

      You say it in a sinister way @Afronuts.

      1. @vincentdepaul

        Ghen ghen…how is that?

  21. @Afronuts, I guess you did not have to read it over and over for you to see.

    At least you (methinks) can interpret some parts of historical writings that have led to monumental confusion to peoples of weaker/lesser faith.

    Thanks for reading.

    1. @elovepoetry

      Nna meen! You even had to comment in a poetic flow of words…the richness and depth of your expressions reflects every inch of the poetic spirit within you…

      okay…i don nearly begin talk like you…lol

      1. Yeah @Afronuts, at least in the land of Gentiles I am accepted and well-known as opposed to my home town…. guess your compliment is the best I have had in years!!!!

        1. @elovepoetry

          hmm…you even employ scriptural poetics too…hahaha!

          1. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

            @Afronuts, did you mean poetics or theatrics?

            1. Thanks @Afronuts, @vincentdepaul, do you have beef with me (that we need to eat together?)

            2. @vincentdepaul

              Hmmm…depends on what you are inferring…

  22. WHATT???? * falls int a state of total shock* The end.

    1. @nicolebassey

      Slain by the spirit of lexicon.

      1. @nicolebassey, why’s that?

        @Afronuts, a thousand slayings at that!

  23. Brilliant post. You sure can write, man. *giggles*

    I like the way you played with my mind and intelligence in this memoir. You are good!

    Well done, man. *giggles again.*

  24. Hey @chemokopi, what took you so long?

    You and @Afronuts seems like the only ones who aren’t as confused like everyone else about me. Are you sure? Well, time shall prove you wrong or right.

    Thanks very much for reading and commenting, and being such dar(l)ings.

  25. @elovepoetry

    But you know you and @daireenonline don’t make it easy for NS folks when you put up sultry images of females for avatars. Those things play a major part in identifying you.

    I remember when @daireenonline first joined NS and people were confused if he was male or female…they even thought he was gay until the guy spoke up…lol!

    1. Well, at least @daireenonline came out and cleared the air. Me too was confused, and when I saw his FB page I was like, whaaaaat? But @Afronuts, you sound so confident I am like @daireenonline, what makes you think so. Well, I am not confirming or denying anything, but as I said, time shall test your believe and see whether you’d be as steadfast.

  26. Well, @elovepoetry, your profile says you’re female.

    But should I care, really?


    Do you care if, when talking to someone else about you, I say “ElovePoetry, he’s a good writer?”

    Maybe someone should invent gender neutral pronouns/words.

    Or can I say “it” instead of “he”?

  27. @TolaO, instead of saying ‘Elove Poetry, he’s a good writer’, say ‘Elove Poetry is a good writer’.

    Yeah, you should care, a bit.

    No, you can’t say it. Maybe ‘she’. It has all of them, she and he, when you amalgamate you get she.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  28. I followed the gist and it seems, hmmm, I don’t know @elovepoetry

  29. @innoalifa, it’s still a mystery who I am. I am offering 10000 NS points to whoever peels back the mask and says, without faltering, who I am. Some know yet don’t really know, and others think they know yet they don’t know. The ones who don’t really know, and they don’t care, well, I can’t say about them.

    Thanks for your time.

    1. @elovepoetry, to peel back the mask masquerading your personality is a mysterious task… however I or another try, the truth about your personhood lies in you… it’s nice to probe anyway…

      1. I guess you are not interested in my 10000 Points. Well, that’s $10 @innoalifa and I can keep it. Perhaps I will buy you tea/coffee one day.

        1. @elovepoetry I’m kind of interested… I’m gonna probe…

  30. Yea, mystery (wo)man. I might as well call you mystique.

    1. @uzywhyte you are the one I can have a chat with now. You are not trying hard to unravel a mystery that perhaps isn’t there by accepting the fact.

  31. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    I think I know you, @elovepoetry. You are Kenyan -either by birth or…by being married to a Kenyan – @vincentdepaul, lol…and that is just the beginning…lol…

    1. @Omoniyi-Adeshola, nationality has got nothing to do with who I really am, but good trial. You are right either by guessing or by uncritical thinking.

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