Dusk Dirge

It is dawn and still we snore on,still we dream of tomorrows, even though today is staring us in the face.

We ignore the cockrel’s wake up crow, ignore the sun slating through leaking roofs onto our faces. We dream on. Of monstrously huge mansions, armed convoys and better tomorrows.
The Nigerian Dream.

The world passes on, and with our eyes shut we have no clue. We are lost in time. We see our lives whirl past and too tired to wave, we blink.

Our dreams are filled with nightmares we don’t see. We conveniently unsee them. We play deaf and dumb to the dead dove’s howling cry,
and wake with jinx-curses on our door.

For night comes and we wake. We wake to the horrors of the day cloaked in the shadows of the dusk. We wake to bruised dreams clinging like milk jars on the edge of a creaky-legged table,we wake to the sound of digging, mass graves for hollowed out smiles , for stiffled hopes and deflated dreams…

Sometimes we wake to moonshine and birdsong, to calm breeze and ecstatic village voices, we wake to thunderstorms and heaven’s healing drops.

Dawn comes and we sleep. And dream. The dream of tomorrows.

36 thoughts on “Dusk Dirge” by Hymar (@Hymar)

  1. @Hymer, if I tell you this work is good, take it from me: this is what art should be. Bravo, brother. Help me tell them. Nice use of symbols, images, imageries,metaphors…the voice is clear and with resounding audacity. I love your diction too. Good work.

  2. @doremi, I will definitely take it from you, thanks sir.

  3. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Ogbeni, wake up and work. Laziness gets you nowhere, and the blame game is dead see? Nice work. Na so we be sha, may God help us.

  4. Lol, @daireenonline, methinks those people didn’t start out lazy, they became so after plethora of frustrations and setback.

    So they prefer to just live in their dream words jare. Wait, make I go find that Dream Stories Mallam to come see this. Lol, what’s his name again?

  5. This is lovely, Hymar. Well done, $ß.

  6. simplisilv (@simplisilv)

    what a well done did…I saw the setting from your images…you are good!

  7. @simplisilv, thanks a bill for your kind words. We bless God.

  8. Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

    @Hymar, what I like most about your work is the simplicity of your words and the mild complexity of their entaglement. Well done man.

  9. Smiling. @newreign, oh, is that so? Well, am elated that you like me that way. I hope further posts won’t disabuse you of that notion. Thanks

  10. Beautiful work.But you have to put them lines in verses.

  11. @sambrightomo, thanks brother, I deliberately wrote it that way. Sometimes versing just kills the flow for me when I write. Guess that’s an habit that sticks when u used to write rap.

  12. Lol…so u write rap? Nice work, hymar.

  13. Thanks Praize, if @Ogaoga will allow me to post them, maybe………….

  14. Wow! You av such an outrageous talent. Nice work!

  15. @wendy, WOW, outrageous talent? This is UNBELIEVABLE!

  16. Absolutely beautiful Hymar.
    I can’t fault this.
    Although, I am not an expert when it comes to poetry, I know a good one.
    Welldone @Hymar.

  17. @Olajumoke, thanks for the huge vote of confidence. I am honoured to be its recipient.

    And Werrin happen to Our Angels, you are slow in posting the next series na,………….#ma je ka ja o#

    1. Oga Hymar, ma je ka ja? You seriously think you will win. Lol.

      Sorry @Hymar, I am writing. I just need to edit my work.
      I have had an unpleasant couple of weeks. An unexpected loss that threw me.
      I am writing now. Writing is therapy for me. Editing is a different case. I need a clearer head for that.

      Welldone on the poem, anyway.

      1. @olajumoke, im so sorry for our loss….i pray for succour and comfort for you. takia

      2. @olajumoke, im so sorry for your loss….i pray for succour and comfort for you. takia

        1. Thank you @topazo. You are very kind. God bless.

  18. Oooh, sorry to hear about that, musta been quite a blow. But like my girlfriend would say, ‘Every setback is just a setup for you to make a comeback.’

    Believing in you, dear.

  19. And why not? Shea e ro pe emi ati eyin ni same size abi? @Olajumoke.

    Ma win yin joor…laughing

  20. Kleavajimcy (@Kleavajimcy)

    @Hymar, This is poetry! FULL STOP!

  21. brilliant!

    one snag


    well done

  22. @Topazo, I already explained it was deliberate bros.

  23. Excellently executed. Brilliant poem, I must say. I love the imagery and the style.

    Well done!

  24. #clicks heels and throws a sharp salute# Thanchu, sir. @chemokopi

  25. @hymar… what now? Miracles is out, and it’s got that commenting ish… Get it sorted out…

  26. @Sibbylwhyte, I done tire o. Oga promised to keep an eye on my submissions but this tin still happens on n off. Y dem no set am so I fit on am myself na? No vex joor,

  27. #
    This is a beautiful piece, but

    “Our dreams are filled with nightmares we don’t see. We conveniently unsee them. We play deaf and dumb to the dead dove’s howling cry,
    and wake with jinx-curses on our door.”

    made no sense to me, poetically or otherwise.
    But, you did the good you could. And that’s better than than just critiquing.

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