Curse God and Live.

Curse God and Live.

We know
the art of progress,
it shows
in our patents,
casks full of unbirthed dawns
with stillborn fates.

Embracing change,
we perfect over and over
the art of dying.
We fuss over one endangered butterfly species.

Grandpa said once
that God has grown soft
with old age.
that mercy has turned his hands
into arthritic claws.

So we bless bastards and curse God
and yet we live,
we burn bridges and build bombs,
and yet we thrive.

Change comes
in many forms;
the glue-induced blind begger,
the amended Book damning girl-childs,
the Raid-resistant mosquito,
Urban rats with fangs cats respect,
resolute green leaves in the middle of a Fall October,
and man, oh man, who finds new ways to die.

13 thoughts on “Curse God and Live.” by Hymar (@Hymar)

  1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Sebi in the end, you spoke the truth: curse God and die. Oya continue.

  2. How the times have changed. But then Grandpa may be wrong, instead of arthritic claws, God may just be flexing his wrist so that when he strikes a blow, He wouldn’t feel the pain.
    Nice one, boogeyman.
    Well done, Hymar. $ß.

  3. This is good. That title e no easy o!

  4. @Daireenonline, yeah o. Cuss God long enof and you go know say Grace dey turn to Disgrace. @Topazo, thanks.
    @basitjamiu, abi o. Just an allusion from the book of Job where his wife told him after all his misfortunes to Curse God and die

  5. @Sibbylwhyte, well, you could be right. God is very merciful but like I said, messing with him is a brand new way to die.

  6. lol…wait nah…sebi them talk say, he who laughs last laughs best.
    Na God get the last laugh.

    Curse God and live…but die later to face the ultimate punishment.

    Nice poem…

  7. Laffin. @afronuts, you completely got it. #Hahaha# I see God soaking their cane in kerosene.

  8. Wow. Deep. Very deep. And you know what? It’s still simple, still accessible, just how I like it. I be watching you, man. You are damn good!

  9. Hey, hey, @Chemokopi, I am glad you finally showed your face. I guess you needed time to regain your…er….literary hair after that …..’theraphy session. Yo buddy @Sibbylwhyte has done well to direct affairs in your absence and I am just your humble protege learning the ropes, still. Thanks. You are watching me? Oh no, my pen s already shaking nervously. No look Hymar face o.

    1. Hehehe…na you sabi o. Glad great works are still being offered on the NS altar.

  10. @hymar. Na so you go dey decieve. Protege ko. Me, I am learning from you gaan.

  11. Lol, @Sibbylwhyte, okay, I confess, not protege, just Junior colleague? No start dey form humble o. IF You have a contrary opinion, now is the time to keep it to yourself. Almost Smiling

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