Betrayals and Funerals – 14

“There’s nothing to tell, Kems.” He said. “She’s a client.”
“Oh, really?” I seethed. “I’ve known you for eight years, Mo. You don’t think I can tell when you’re…”
I paused. I wasn’t sure what exactly I was about to say. In all our years of marriage I’d had no cause to distrust my husband. I certainly didn’t want to start now.
I was willing to give him the benefit of doubt. I just needed to hear the truth.
“Or what, Kems?” He prompted.
“Just…forget it. I can’t do this tonight.” I slid out of the car and marched towards the house.
I was drained emotionally. And suddenly, I missed Shirley so much. She’d always been a bright spot in my life; and at times like this when Mo and I had fights, she was one person who could cheer me up.
I headed upstairs and peeled my clothes off my body. It hurt to think I’d planned this night out perfectly. Dinner, then a little cozying-up together with Mo. Well, all that had been busted now.
All I wanted to do was sleep and forget the stupid incident that had taken place at the restaurant. There was something odd about that Ruby girl that I couldn’t shake off, though.
Her veiled comments, her flirtatious laughter. Something was off about her.
I was still awake thinking about Shirley when Mo came in. I lay still, pretending to be asleep. I didn’t want to talk to him just yet.



I was such a coward.
Kemi had presented the perfect opportunity for me to come clean but I had balked at the idea. Frankly, I was tired of the lies and secrets. I had never really kept anything from Kemi in all our years of marriage and it bothered me to know that I could do so comfortably now.
Pastor B. had advised me to tell Kemi the truth and I’d told him I would think about it.
But I knew I had to make a decision soon. After all, I hadn’t really done anything wrong. It could be explained away. I could make Kemi see reason with me…she was a reasonable woman.
Even as I told myself that I didn’t believe it. What woman would be reasonable about her husband getting entangled with another woman, in whatsoever form?
As I climbed into bed beside her, I was overwhelmed with heart-wrenching guilt. She didn’t deserve this.
I heard her light breathing and wanted to pull her into my arms and tell her I was not the man she thought I was.
I’d seen it in her eyes; heard the implications in her words. She was beginning to doubt me…
“Kemi.” I called softly.
No answer.
Maybe she was indeed asleep. I thought.

Everything was going to be okay by morning, I told myself. At least she’d be calm then.
But then I might not have the courage to tell her the truth about where exactly I’d been when our daughter lay dying in the hospital.
I turned to the other side of the bed and let my thoughts drift to my daughter.


It was happening again; the dream.
Suddenly I was back to that day over two months ago. Only this time I knew what was going to happen…I knew that by the time I wake up, my daughter will still be dead.
That didn’t stop me from dreaming…

It had begun like every normal day, with Mo dropping Shirley off at school on his way to work and I doing some shopping. Our pantry was almost empty and I needed to get new clothes for Shirley.
She’d only just complained that her dresses were getting too short for her.
“Mummy, this dress doesn’t fit me anymore.” She’d whined as I got her ready for school. “We need to go shopping and this time I wanna go with you.”
“We’ll see about that young lady.” I said, nonchalantly, I’d come to know that my daughter loved shopping.
“No. Make me a promise, Mummy. You’ll take me to the mall after school, right?” Her voice managed to sound authoritative and whiny at the same time.
I smiled as I brushed her hair.
“Deal.” I said. “Now, go and have breakfast. We don’t want daddy to be late for work.”
“Mummy.” She squinted at me. “You won’t go shopping without me, will you?”
“Baby doll. You don’t trust me? I’m your Mama, remember?”
She bestowed me with a cute, dimpled smile; then leaned forward and kissed my cheek.
“What are my two ladies planning?” Mo asked, sneaking into the room.
“Mummy promised to take me shopping today!” She announced, flying into her father’s arms.

Yes; that morning had been normal enough for us. No sort of warning that the inevitable was about to happen. I keep wondering if God had given me some kind of sign and I’d ignored it.
Maybe, I shouldn’t have let Shirley go to school that day…at least she’d have missed that car.

For the rest of the day everything had gone smoothly; I’d done my chores, done some online shopping for myself, read some books…made lunch and finally, it was time to pick Shirley up.
I’ve heard some mothers say the joys of motherhood last for only a while, and then you get frustrated with it.
I found that quite hard to believe, because from the moment I’d set eyes on Shirley…I’d fallen in love with her.
Every moment I spent with her was worth cherishing…moments when she threw tantrums to moments when she was her adorable self. I cherished every one of them.
That afternoon, I parked across her school as usual and strangely I found her waiting at the curb. She waved to me excitedly as I got down from the car and I waved back.
Although I was pleased to see her; I’d warned her severally to remain in the school premises until I come pick her up. Obviously she’d disobeyed – my naughty strong-willed daughter.
I’d just alighted from the car and was about to cross the road, when it came out of nowhere.
That car.
I’d never forget the car as long as I live. It was a grey sedan. I stepped back instinctively as the car sped forward, bewildered at the driver’s careless driving; it wasn’t until I heard the thud that I knew something was wrong.
It had happened in a split second.
Apparently, Shirley had been crossing the road at the same moment I had, the difference was that I’d stepped back but my daughter hadn’t been as fast.
One minute she was waving at me, the next she was on the floor in the middle of the road.
A dislocated, tangled mass of flesh.
I screamed.

And then I woke up…

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  1. Oh poor poor dear. I hope she hasn’t had an epiphany or something of that sort, if she has, Mo is in deep shit.

    Wait o. Mimi, you played me ojoro again ba? You shifted exposing the exposable. I won’t talk to you till you finish this tale. You just keep taking one round and round. Hmmph! All you serial writers no go kill me. Well, you are among the few who do it with finesse.
    Well done, Mimi. $ß.

  2. *sobbing * OMG @Sibbylwhyte you won’t talk to me again? Ha! Please na. Am sorry for er… delaying it. Abeg no vex.
    You know you’re my favourite na. Don’t abandon me oo.

    Just hang on for me,ok?

    1. We series writers will not kill @sibbylwhyte, lol.
      I feel for you Bubblinna, I spotted a couple of new series on the pending list this morning.

      @Mimiadebayo, welldone. The flashback nearly brought tears to my eyes. Good job.
      You want me to beg Sibbyl for you? You make me laugh, ladies.

      @Hymar, Our Angels was submitted this morning. Just so you know, you are stronger than me. A five year old overpowered me few days ago. But, I was laughing and not taking the child seriously. That is my excuse anyway.

  3. Et tu Mimi? Then Fall Kemi.

    I love how you took us on an emotional roller coaster. I agree with Sibbylwhyte but what can I say, I do the same thing most times. Sometimes I even avoid the inevitable completely.

    Four Thumbs up(used my toe thumbs too na). My favourite series yet. Waiting for Our Angels to come around too. @Olajumoke is finding me trouble o.

  4. Wow, impressive, i totally forgot myself in the story. Great work dear.

  5. Lol @Hymar no fall oo. This one that you’re using four thumbs.
    Thank u,Thank u,Thank u do reading and the kind comments. Abeg help me beg @Sibbylwhyte oo.

  6. @segunEgbeyinka Thank you for reading and commenting.

  7. @Sibbylwhyte, please va? I siddon on top of hot plate dey beg u.

  8. U dey vex me, Mimi. When u go finish this thing na?

  9. Woow!! I’ve certainly missed this serial… Did a quick back-track on the previous episodes I missed and I must confess Mimi you’re doing a great job.

    Mo should just come out clean right now whilst Kemi can still stomach the truth.

    If I may ask a rhetorical question here. Did Mo have anything sexual with Ruby?

  10. Ha! This one wey everyone dey vex for me. @praize Abeg no vex. The action is still on it’s way.
    Hang in there for me,ok?
    Thank you so so much for reading and commenting.

  11. @olajumoke Thanks oo. Abeg help me beg her oo. See,she hasn’t replied my plea since. She’s seriously beefing me.
    *sniffing *
    I’m glad you felt the emotion of Kemi’s flashback /dream.
    Er…thank God Our Angels has finally been submitted. Hope Desola… *lips sealed. Ayam waiting oo.

  12. @kingobozy Welcome back dear.Missed ya.
    Thanks a bunch for the comment.

  13. I like this episode o. WELL DONE DEAR.

  14. Thanks for reading @paishat and bigger thanks for the comment.

  15. What a terrible day that must have been for Kemi.

    Welldone Mimi.

  16. I’m not vexing….yet. I think you are trying to piece the puzzle together.

    I must say you used the dream scene well. It told the story of the accident and yet gives us an idea of the amount of trauma kemi is going thru. Ntn is more traumatic than a mother to watch a child die, and in a gruesome way for that matter. That was a brilliant stroke.

    And the evening and the morning was the second day. Hope we get to know the secret in the morning?

    @sibbylwhyte is secretly smiling at you. I shouldn’t have told you but I couldn’t bear to see you cry…lolz

    Well done

  17. keep it coming…u are one of the best at these serials

  18. Poor kemi..too bad her husband is a coward

  19. Oh… thanks for the expo. Lols. @topazo I was beginning to worry much.

    Thanks for the comment.Am glad you haven’t vexed yet.
    Keep reading…

  20. Now you’re making me blush. Thanks for reading @nitram27

  21. Too bad @schatzilein Thanks for reading dear.

  22. This is quite good. I did not know what to expect, but I was not disappointed. It has both a betrayal and a funeral in a single instalment.
    While you cannot be killed @mimiadebayo, there are a few things I would like to point out. I know the story is still running, but tagging here needs some more work…but then it is only a technical or mechanical touch.
    However, I like the dream sequence–simple, straight, calculated, no wasted words.

  23. Well! I’m glad I didn’t disappoint you @sanjules.
    And thanks for pointing that out.
    Do stop by next time.

  24. @mimiadebayo, you told the story well, especially the self narrative format for Mo and Kemi.
    I want to ask you a question or two and I hope it’s not a spoiler; Did Mo wack Shirley or did somebody else do it when he couldn’t do it? Or was he going to wack somebody else when his daughter got into the ”line of fire”?
    Looking forward to the next one.

  25. This your comment is very funny @LEROY Like I’ll answer those questions? Heheheh. No harm in asking though.
    Patience bro… all will be revealed.
    Thanks for reading and your funny comment

  26. @Mimiadebayo well told, like the use of a dream instead of a flash back

  27. Huh! I thought I would get to find out more about Ruby, but again, I find the story still treading water.

    Una well done o, @mimiadebayo.

    Well-written, as usual.

  28. Nice work here…. MIMY

  29. no dulling time at all…………

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