ASUU Strike and its Ripple Effect: Musings of a Nigerian Student

ASUU Strike and its Ripple Effect: Musings of a Nigerian Student

Let’s take a cursory look at the effect of this ASUU strike on national development.

After the strike,when ever it is called-off, some students will graduate and go on compulsory National Youth Service Scheme(NYSC) for a year and will be required to return to the employment market.

Employers will say you need to have at least 2years working experience and if you are above 25 years,don’t apply.
Consequences: Many people will start falsifying their age and ultimately forget their original birth date.The private universities graduates benefits directly and the public students are classified unemployed.They are told by government to be entrepreneurial in their outlook,after years of strike have sapped their productive acumen.Ehmn?

Some of them start getting pregnant,others get on to uninspiring schemes,to keep body and soul together.The spill over becomes a burden of government especially against the backdrop of the fact that we are a “youth-full” nation.The result is more thugs to help the opposition in their fight to seize power from the incumbent government etc.Now give me a good reason why some of us should not stick to God wholesomely-He has been our Ebenezer anyway.Yet,these ordeals are absolutely unnecessary if government,ASUU, you and I will just be sincere for posterity sake.

However, the end of the strike doesnt seem near,it doesnt seem near at all.I advise every Nigerian student,if you have not started, to go and learn a skill,a second language or READ VORACIOUSLY,reading never kills anyone.
Any path you choose,just improve your value.

There is that book you have not finished writing,finish it now!Take that step because life is moving friends, don’t just wait and let it pass you by.Don’t be left behind.It was the former minister of education, Oby Ezekwesili at a conference last year that said that the Nigerian youth must know that his competitor is not his local youth, but that youth out there that is the citizen of the world. There is an international sphere that does not recognize strike as an excuse for failures. In the Western world,a 22-year old young man is already applying for his masters and by 24 he is writing his PHD thesis.That is not the reality in this part of the world, and when you find such, the ratio not substantial considering the human resource at our disposal. This is no fault of the Nigerian youth as the system is obviously retrogressive.

All these notwithstanding, whether we like it or not,painful albeit,is at the end of the day,ASUU or FG will not be held responsible for our success or failure.The ball is in our court!

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  1. Weldone @sambrightomo thanks for the good advice.

    ASUU and FG, God! they are in your hand, touch there hearts towards our education.

    1. brother, they need to know that their future and that of their children, including their wealth, is not secured.With the number of youth out there,may God have mercy and cushion the effect of the consequences of their actions.

  2. ASUU sef. Make them strike till thunder strike them to show them say THUNDER NO GET COMPETITOR………….#in Okigbo’s Voice# ‘Come Thunder’.

    1. haaaa.. “Paths of Thunder”… Between Thunder and ASUU who strike pass? I think it is ASUU o.LOL

  3. Na lie joor…..listen to me


    Like summer, I hot pass fire
    Like ASUU, I strike pass thunder.

    Na me

    1. Before nko na who e go be? Na you na-STRIKE!

  4. Very true words spoken. In the end, no one would care how many times you striked, struck and got stroked.
    It’s up to one to forge ahead despite the rope dragging ur behind in this nation.
    Well done, Sambright. $ß.

    1. ‘Rope dragging your behind’ LOL..@sibbylwhyte you got dem this shriek sayings.I was at “A thousand point of light” conference last June where Oby Ezekwesili said the Nigerian youth should understand that his competitor isnt local, but the youth out there, who is a world citizen. I tell you something dear, that stuck. We should go beyond the FG and ASUU palaver and be decisive, hopeful in their outlook.

      If you ask some Nigerian youth today about the future of this country all they see is gloom and doom, but it should not be.We have so much shock absorbers within our system,let us take advantage of it,the strike not withstanding,LET’S BE THE BEST AND CALL THEIR BLUFFS!

  5. Lol… I thought I could get away with some naughtiness.
    Oby is quite right, and you too cos that shock absorber is inbuilt in each of us, that’s why we can stand all the piggery-muckery-corruption here.

    1. Abi o? God help us.

  6. ASUU palaver! May God deliver us.

    Nice advice o…it’s time we stand up for ourselves and not let others decide our fate for us.

    We are responsible for our success…failure is not an option!

    Well done

    1. Sure my brother.Failure is not an option at all.MBA!

  7. the ASSU strike is rather unfortunate *sigh*…..but your advise is the best i’ve ever heard about taking advantage of a negative thing to ‘give birth to’ something positive and prolific….iWish this piece would be published in so many newspapers , but iWill surely spread the word (ur link) on twitter,fb nd bbm….thumbs up and bless you!

  8. Wow! @Queen-bee ,I am very touched by your comment.I wish alot of youth will get to read this and move on in their lives.ASUU has an agenda,FG has an agenda,put together these agendas do not in any form beneficial to the students.I mean is it today that strike palaver started?It’s bn in our systemic history as a nation since I was in nursery school.The wise youth will not go to work,the sise youth will invest in himself-add value.That means acquiring a skill;computer school for instance.French/spanish/Arabic language.It is not bad to b a polyglot.

    Please my beautiful Queen,help me share it like you have said and may God bless you.Keep Queening.loads of love!

  9. The plight of the average student studying in Nigeria is so pitiable and regretable … from Asia to Europe and the north of the Atlantic, the whole concept of strike is obsolete and unimaginable by students who enjoy all sorts of shortcuts to the completion of their degrees. The shame is all on our leaders who have buried their consciences. Surely God sees …

    1. I pray they hear us.Thanks for reading.

  10. Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

    It was as though you were talking to me directly. Thanks for putting your words out.

    1. Thank you, @newreign may we all not be victims of the system.

  11. @sambrightomo, that’s a good one concerning the ASUU strike

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