A Nigerian Perspective

It all started on a certain evening, I had just finished eating rice and stew with boiled chicken (by the way the chow make sense). Anyways, I was just about to take an afternoon nap when I convinced myself to browse the internet for a little while, so I decided to search or better still Gugu (Google) these two words; Aspiring Nigerians. I am a proud Nigerian, but living in a different society sometimes clouded my affections towards my mother land. My internet search lead me into various websites and articles which all focused on the problems facing Nigeria. Most of the articles I read had no answers to the problems facing Nigeria, all they had were questions. Why were we a continent without answers? For the first time since I arrived in this country, I asked myself the one question I had feared to answer.

Do I ever want to go back home?

Nigeria, the giant of Africa has everything, a land blessed with oil and corruption at the same time. Nigeria is blessed with vast amounts of green lands and mineral resources. A great country still under developed because, of our so called leaders, leaders who continue to sink deeper into greed. One reason people never say anything positive about Nigeria is our greed; Nigeria is a corrupted country full to the brim with ignorant politicians and leaders who continue to behave like dictators. The other day, I and some of my naija friends argued for hours on the matter of politics in Nigeria.  We talked about how a certain former governor of Delta state was charged with abuse of office.  We all came to a conclusion that most politicians in Africa especially in Nigeria had no sense of responsibility.  Why on earth would a sworn governor get publicly apprehended for looting billions and billions of naira? The corruption in Nigeria has eaten away the beauty we once held. Yes, the world once viewed Nigeria as the motherland of all homes. I sometimes want to exalt Nigeria’s growth, but deep down I know the hope most Nigerians hold onto is gradually fading away. Nigeria is a dying mother. Many Nigerians abroad refuse to return home and positively impact their homeland because of how bad our leaders have failed us. Why should they return? They refuse to return to their homeland because they want better lives, and they will certainly not get that back home. Nigeria is a land filled with failed politicians and their never-ending ‘longer-throat’ for money. The ever-present greed in Nigeria gives the media abroad an excuse to continually portray Nigeria in a bad light. Foreign news channels televise daily on the many charity donations given to us, they never show the other side of Nigeria.

“Back in Africa, did you live in huts?” asked one of my American friends. I guess some schools in America forgot to update their African history.

Is it fair to only tell one side of the story? Is life ever fair? Every country has it positives and negatives, but the media here forget to show the other side to the story all mainly due to own faults. I cannot blame my oyinbo friends for asking simple questions. It is time we fight for our country.

My country people, they say to seek help, you must first help yourself. Nigeria’s leaders need to understand that our country is falling behind other countries. The patriotism in the Nigerian youth is at an all time low, and corruption will never lead to growth. Nigerians everywhere urgently need to cut off corruption from their way of life. If we want the media abroad to portray us fairly we need to rise up and fight for our rights. We need to take our fate by our own hands. We need to grab our own ladder and climb those steps. If we start now, maybe we might still have enough time to save our country. So, “Do I still want to go back home?”As long as I live and breathe.

 Where I land, is where I am

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  1. I think Nigeria has positive attributes.The Nigerian people are hard working.If we join hands and refuse to follow our politicians blindly things will improve.No matter how rosy abroad looks on T.v they are also going through hard times.They have enough homeless people living on the streets and people living on welfare.The only dream that draws me towards abroad is a good creative writing school. I think staying in Nigeria and working hard is better than going abroad and getting three jobs at a time,paying taxes and being looked down upon.After the death of Travyon Martin I just felt that being a black person abroad is too much hassle.

    1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

      @khadijahmuhammad interesting to read your perspective about America. You have hit the nail on the head. Sweet spot. All you see about this great land is all a reflection of what they want you to see. Mind games really. America is a blessed land no doubt, but it is also a land full of commercial restrictions and of course modern era racism. America works, that’s one major difference between here and Nigeria. Everything here is expected to work. You pay for what you get. Hard work also pays off here. As an African this place is the perfect environment to achieve ones dreams, but don’t forget the blank smiles and baked pretending you’ll receive. Who cares though? All an African in the U.S wants is to gather enough juice and head back home, some don’t though, they stay put and build families. They feel Nigeria will never come out from this colonial ditch we all have been placed in.
      Like you stated, the schools here are great. Creative schools are plenty here, some cheap, others way too expensive for the everyday beggar man. Tax is vital here, it’s one of the reasons this country works.
      The travyon martin issue shows how broken the justice system here is especially towards the minority. We are in a time when humans are about to make it or break apart; very delicate. Pessimism is the humanely way to go, but it can’t hurt if you sip a drop of optimism.
      Thanks dear..

  2. See, Nigeria is hope-less. This fight, this shift towards good is supposed to start from every one; from within us. But would we?
    Would the politicians stop longer-throating?
    Would the policeman stop taking bribes, and do their duties, who will guarantee that their salary would come in right?.
    Would the market-woman stop selling with back of cups if she is sure you won’t catch her and can make extra dough.?
    Would the student try not to ‘swell’ schoolfees so they can waste it on wine, wo/men and wears?
    Would the politicians keep their children here, so twill ginger them to offer better services for their families and the masses?
    The answer is NO. No one wants to stop and see that his actions impact negatively on another.
    Till we begin to want for others, what we want for ourselves, we will be stuck in a rut.

    As for you, if you ever land at home, try to leave your foootprints.

    Well done, Uyi. $ß.

    1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

      @sibbylwhyte, a tale of a never-ending greed. I think to actually stop greed, it must start from every one, like you have pointed out. Our mentality has to change, which might take a very long time. But all in all, I think Nigerians only have to look at Egypt to see what it means to stand up for ones rights. There will be blood though, plenty, dripping and flowing. But after the blood bath, the elites will have no choice but to listen to us.
      Yes, I plan on coming back, after I have bagged my much needed experience. Trust me my name is greatness and my footprints will be stamped even after the ocean waves have flooded by.
      Thanks for reading.

  3. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    Nice Article and your view are well grounded. Nigeria is still one of the worst place to be born, yet we are full of creativities and talented minds. The problem with Nigeria is everything in general and nothing in particular.

    Weldone Uyi.
    God help and bless Nigeria.

    1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

      @basittjamiu, Thanks my brother, yes well said too, “the problem with Nigeria is everything in general and nothing in particular.” God bless my father’s land.

  4. Well said even if it sounds cliched.

    1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

      @Hymar thanks brother. There is nothing new about Nigeria, so everything about her sounds recycled and definitely cliched, but hopefully that trend will soon die down.

  5. Good one. Grab the ladder and climb it. We don’t expect the outside world to develop our land for us.

    We have the indestructible spirit of Naija

    1. @newnaija yes, we have to. Only black people can help black people.

  6. @wordsfromuyi, well ours is a country with everything yet without the main thing. What we need is true servant-leaders that are ready to steer this sinking sheep out of the gale of corruption. With those presently holding the scull, this giant is inevitably heading ‘into’ ice-berge!
    Guess we can pray, both are our conscience clean enough to ask aright?
    Do come bro if and when you can.
    And if yonder is home enough, well I can only wish you a good stay, afteral, Heaven is the Home we want.

    1. *but are our . . .

      1. @Babalolaibisola yes, a true servant who is willing to sacrifice his/her neck for this country, but where is that selfless soul? because 2015 is just around the corner. Anyways we all are part of this heartbreaking dilemma, some forced, others partake in it voluntarily. We only have to seek redemption. Home is my heaven which is where I belong.

        1. “Home is my heaven which is why I belong”, how I love that!

  7. I think it’s time to start shouting “May Day”. This ship won’t survive.

    Like @sibbylwhyte said, we are hope-less. If you see what people are doing ehn, fear go catch you.

    Even at the grassroots, we are corrupted.

    But if Nigerians have one thing, it’s resilence and hope. Whether they will be enough to help us, time will tell.

    1. @topazo I’m banking on that resilience and hope to surface again so we all can stand up to this tyranny and incompetence called our government.

  8. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Good article

      1. Jo (@josephoguche)


  9. Nice one, but enough of the many ‘talkingson’,let us start acting, it is not too early, because I personally believe my generation will bring the desired change@uyiosa

    1. @simplisilv true words men. The African history will be rewritten by us.

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