Wordless Pt6

Wordless Pt6

“My people have locked the doors from outside, you are all inside at my mercy, now without wasting valuable time let’s start shall we, where is the birthday boy, Mr Camry, where is he?” her eyes scanned around

Everyone looked around looking for AY, I didn’t notice his absence until now, AY strode forward towards her out of nowhere, he still maintained his proud gait like this was just unnecessary distraction

“Yes am here, what do you want? why did you ruin my party?” his voice strong

They stared at each other for a while, the whole room was charged with tension, we all looked with keen eyes speculating In our minds about the events about to unfold, Simi was at my side now, she held my arm tightly, I just hoped Bunmi wont spill my secrets, she raised the arm which she used to raise the gun up, I tensed up hoping she won’t use it, she pointed the gun at AY, “was this about AY I asked myself, I noticed her get tense when AY was around her but AY didn’t said anything about knowing her”

“kneel” she said, her voice low, quivering slightly

AY looked at her, still resolute looked at her “just do it AY please”

“kneel down” she said again this time her voice more forceful

AY knelt down but never broke eye contact, she moved close to him and hit the butt of the gun on the head, AY crumbled to the ground, I could see a deep gash near his eyebrow, after couple of seconds he rose back to his knees, he looked at her again defiant

“Do you know me?” she asked him

“No” AY replied, his voice portraying his discomfort

“Not at all?, my face doesn’t look familiar?, no recognition?” she pressed

AY just shook his head

She laughed manically “why are my not surprised, you worthless piece of shit”, she stopped laughing and looked at him again, this time she looked at him seriously “does the name “Temitope Salau ring any bells?”

AY lost his composure on hearing the name, I saw his face fall, his mouth open agape,

“bu…it can’t…..how? He stammered, Bunmi’s smile widened “oh, so now you know?”

“Do you understand what is happening here?” her voice became serious

“What do you want?” he regained some of his bravado

“What I want from you is very simple Mr Camry first I want you to tell your esteemed guests who I am”

AY was silent he looked like he was stuck between a rock and a hard place

“you don’t have time and we still have a lot to do” she showed him the smart phone, the timer on it showed 30 minutes, 15 minutes have passed but it seemed like eons to us

We heard AY murmur, but we didn’t hear “they can’t hear you birthday boy, speak louder and keep wasting valuable time”

We waited for AY again, the whole room waited, It was riveting, I looked around, I was the only one who tore my eyes from the action, everyone looked ahead, we had formed an arc around them, then I heard AY voice, what he said made me froze “fuck, fuck fuck” I couldn’t turn to look at Bunmi, I was ashamed, I know this would come back and bite us hard, but I never thought it would be this bad, what AY said was muse, it was just an ordinary word to ordinary people, but to us the odions it had meaning, it was our initiation, I scanned the room again looking at odions member, they all looked agitated, they had to be because our secret was about to come out

Okay, I am guessing you are not an odions member so I’ll break down what muse means to us, muse is our initiation, anyone can apply to be an odions member, pass through the process and reach final selection, but after the muse only about 10-15% eventually becomes an Odions so without more ado I’ll tell you about the muse, the origin of the muse in unknown but have always pictured it as a couple of drunk boys making a stupid decision and too stubborn to change it, ok this is what the muse is about- any prospective odions member must find a girl in pre-degree seduced her, have sex with her, dump her and bring proof of it, it all seemed simple on paper, but it way more difficult than that, I remembered my muse, her name was Angela, I promised her heaven and earth, said the sweetest words, took her out, showered her with love and affection, till she allowed me to have sex with her, she was a virgin, I felt so bad when I dumped her the next day, she sent me the most hate filled message have ever seen, that was the proof I showed them, before I deleted the message I wrote it down and kept it somewhere private anytime I thought of her, I’ll read the message, I had the gut to do the muse, most didn’t, that was what it took to be an odions, guts, I never saw Angela again that was supposed to be the end of the muse, but AY’s muse is here now with a vengeance and a bomb, we never really talked about our muse, it was a sensitive topic even for close friends, so Bunmi was his muse it explains everything, connects all the dots except one “why did she need me?”, she could come for the party alone, she could work her way into the VIP section easily, so why me, why am I in the story, what purpose did she say I served?

“So, that is what you guys called it, “muse”, and pretty cool name for an inhumane activity”

“What is she talking about? Simi asked me, but I shooed her, I was wasn’t ready to talk, Bunmi had my full attention

“so you guys seduce and use young naïve girls just to get into a club?, do you know how stupid and childish it sounds?” she looked around then said “all odions members come and join your companion here, everyone froze, none attempted to move forward even me, we just looked at each other hesitant.

“you guys are wasting precious time” she raised the phone up for us to see the timer clearly, we all saw 20 minutes, but we were still hesitant looking for someone to be brave, so I stepped up, Bunmi smiled “I knew you would be the first Richard, Richard the braveheart” I looked her, and joined Ay , slowly others came, till we were all there, I looked at Ay but his face hung low and I couldn’t see his eyes, I wonder what was going through his head, did he blame me for bring Bunmi here today?

“you are not complete, have slept with all you, so yes I know every single one of you and 2 people are missing from here”

I couldn’t bear to look at Simi after she said that, I heard her shouting my name but I ignored it, I wasn’t ready to see her, see the disappointment in her eyes, I wasn’t shocked about Bunmi’s statement nothing about her would shock me anymore, 2 boys joined us on our knees

Bunmi looked at us and started laughing uncontrollably, “you guys have to see yourselves, it’s really funny from my position, the mighty odions boys kneeling down in front of a naïve girl, a muse, a girl they used, she stopped laughing and looked serious, “do you know what this boy did to me?, do you guys have any idea what he did?, he promised me heaven and earth, he made me feel special, like I was the most loved girl in the world, like he would never leave me, when he asked for sex I refused adamantly, then he raped me and recorded it, he raped me like I was just a conquest, I couldn’t believe it was him, the same Yomi, that was the name he used, the same guy that promised he everything, I just laid there prone sobbing quietly, he left and I never saw him again, I couldn’t leave the house for days, I was so sore and heartbroken, a month later I found out I was pregnant, I felt elated, I thought maybe with a baby he would love me, so I tried looking for him but never found him, he changed numbers, changed address, lied about his department, l never saw any of his friends, I was stranded, when I got home, my parents were disappointed, when they asked who was responsible, I remained quiet, I never told them, I didn’t want them to know how stupid and naïve I was stigmatized by everyone, I was about to born a bastard child at the ripe age of 16, I thought of abortion but I didn’t have the guts to do it, so yes AY you have a 2 year old son, I named him Yomi isn’t that cute?
I looked at AY, but he didn’t betray any emotions, it was like he wasn’t even listening

“I felt like a year of my life and wasted and the shame I felt when people looked at me was unbearable, I swore my revenge against you AY, I came back to school, and tried finding you, when I did I still had the hope that maybe you would remember me, maybe you would show remorse, but when I walked past you and even greeted you, you showed no sign of recognition, I felt worse and my resolve for revenge got stronger, then I found out you belonged to a club, I felt the club was my way in, so I seduced one of your people who leaked details about your sordid initiation to me, I felt dirty and used hearing it, then I realized my grudge was not only against you, It was also against the odions, so I took on the fight for all the muse girls used, dumped, raped and discarded, I am their avenger, I am their savior, but I had to be sure all of you are bad people, so I seduced you all, they said Richard was the most faithful, would never cheat on his girlfriend, so I saved him for the last and believe me it was worth it” she smiled at me, I gave her a straight face in reply

“so here we are, with the might odions kneeling in front of me, the avenger for all muse girls, she showed us the timer, I t was just five minutes left, “I have about four minutes to decide what to do with you guys” she fell silent and looked at us for a minute, am sure she saw the frightful faces, she looked for about a minute before saying

“I think you have all learnt a valuable lesson here today and I think odions would never recover from this, so you are all free to go, we all looked shocked at her, it was unexpected “knock on the door 3 times, someone would open it, AY stay, they all rushed to the front of the door knocking frantically, it was opened they all rushed out screaming bomb but the regular section was empty, we would later learn, there was a fire warning that made everyone evacuate the building, everyone left, It remained, me, AY, Bunmi and Simi

“Simi, please leave “I said, I had no intention of leaving my best friend’s side

“Am not leaving without you” her voice strong

This was it for me, leave and stay alive with my girlfriend or stay and die with my best friend, me and Bunmi locked eyes

“You are a smart guy, do the right thing Richard”

I stood up and left, running with Simi at my side, I was a couple of meters outside the VIP section when I heard the gun shot, I stopped in my tracks and tried to turn back, but Simi pushed me forward, “bomb” she kept on reaping, I got outside the club, the police hadn’t arrived yet, we waited minutes for an explosion, for a loud sound but didn’t hear any, after 15 minutes I made my way into the club despite Simi’s protest, when I got to the VIP section, I saw my friend crumbled on the ground in a pool of blood, Bunmi sat down on a car and faced me and said

“Now am fulfilled” she said, the gun still in her hands, I was wordless, I never thought she could do it, we didn’t break eye contact till he police arrived seconds arrested her taking her away, I walked back outside and went home alone, looked for where I wrote Angela’s message and wept like a baby reading it, the police later informed us there was no second bomb, the first was a home-made any good chemistry student could make it.

This happened about year backed, all of us involved were imprinted for life, Simi and I never got it going again despite numerous efforts on her part, the odions were disband and the laughingstock of the school I felt so much guilt about Bunmi and Angela, Bunmi was sentenced to life imprisonment, I visit her every moth and we talk like old friends, she killed my best friend, broke my relationship, destroyed the club I stood for, but I still went to see her every month and we talked like old friends, I don’t hold a grudge against her, she did what she had to and I fully understood her, am through with service now, and I don’t know where my life was heading, the only constant in my life now is Bunmi it’s strange I know but that is how it is.

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  1. As much as I loved the story, I think a better editing would have done it.

    Keep improving your art!

  2. @damilareoso

    The idea and imagination for your story is rich and poignant. Its very engaging and you do well in holding your reader’s spellbound.

    However, I suspect you are not patient with proofreading and editing your work. You are definitely a good storyteller, your story is enjoyable and had an unfolding twist to its ending not to talk of a lesson left behind to learn…you only just need to work on avoiding more errors.

    Keep writing, you WILL definitely get better!

  3. Oh…one more thing…I don’t think your title works. This story deserves a better title…unless there’s something I’m missing.

  4. too many errors! it killed the enjoyment……….all in all, nice story

  5. nice story whose potency is reduced by the spelling anomalies………..

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