Wordless Pt5

Wordless Pt5



We eventually located Bunmi, she was standing awkwardly beside Andrew, and it was obvious to all they weren’t a couple

“Bunmi” Simi shouted when we were within touching distance I tried passing across subtle facial messages to Bunmi without tipping Simi off, but I didn’t get across

“Simi” Bunmi also shouted, her face beaming she moved to meet us halfway, the hugged each other tightly, I stood beside them, nervously fidgeting, it was crunch time, my relationship and life were in Bunmi’s hands now, she could make or mar me, I looked at them, I saw them moving their lips talking but I was too nervous to listen but I knew I had to, my furure was at stake

“You didn’t check up on me once, not fair Simi”

“Am so sorry Bunmi, I lost my phone and most of my contacts with it, mabinu simi joor” my girlfriend said

They looked at each other and laughed, Bunmi’s laughter took my mind back to the first time I met her, it seemed like ages ago, but It was the same day just hours earlier and a lot has transpired since then, my world was in turmoil, but did I regret meeting her? I asked myself, despite all the drama I didn’t regret it, sex with her was great, different from Simi, and it had potential to happen again, and the drama was cool for me, my life was dull recently, Bunmi was really living it up, the only part I regretted so far was bringing her to the party, it was ill-fatted from start I just chose to ignore the signs

“Richard, Richard” Simi’s voice brought me back to present

“Ya?” I answered absent-mindedly

“How did you two meet?” she asked

“What?”  I was confused

“You and Bunmi, how did you guys meet? Simi broke it down for me

“Oh, err…”I stammered “it was a chance meeting” I looked at Bunmi for help but she just smiled at me, eagerly waiting for my answer

I was saved by AY’s arrival; I was already formulating an elaborate story

“Simi you look radiant, Richard must really be taking care of you, AY said faltering her as he hugged her

They both had a rocky relationship when I and Simi started dating, AY had to get used to the fact I had a girlfriend and Simi had to get used to the fact AY was my closest friend, but I smoothen thing over between them and maintained the right balance

“Have missed you too Ay, happy birthday” Simi said

“missed you too, why don’t we move inside, the party has started” he said

Ay led Simi towards the club, they chatted and trying catching up with each other, I walked at their back with Bunmi and Andrew, as we neared the entrance I remembered I had another big decision to make “where would Bunmi stay?” allowing her to stay in VIP would allow me to keep an eye on her but then there is likelihood she and Simi stay together, with Precious and Sewa, and I don’t trust my friends they could have leaked my secrets to their respective girlfriends, but allowing her to stay in regular section would reduce the chance of her further interacting with Simi but I would have reduced control over her actions “out of sight is out of mind” but Simi made the decision for me, as we stepped into the club, the loud music hit me first, then the heat emanating from within enveloped, people were dancing frantically, hips gyrating, hands in the air, the bar was crowded, AY really did good renting the place for the night, I told Bunmi and Andrew to wait in the regular section, they were both visibly upset, they expected something else, but I was in charge here and my authority can’t be questioned or so I thought, Simi didn’t allow it she wanted them in the VIP section she always had this equality for everyone idea in her head, I told her they weren’t allocated for in the VIP but she threaten me she would stay in regular with them, I accepted her request with despite my better judgment, AY had left our company already, he was the man of the day he couldn’t stay with us long, we made our way towards the VIP section, I knew the way offhand have been here several times, I knew the layout well, the VIP section had just one entrance and was enclosed by two glass steel doors manned by a bouncer, people milled around him trying to get entrance, me and my group ignored the line and made our way to the door, the bouncer lit up when he saw me we greeted like old friends as he open the doors for us, we dropped our phones in the bin, no phones allowed in VIP, I told him I would see him later, he knew me and trusted my words, the people on the line looked at us with envious eyes, I felt proud inside, my pedigree has shown itself, I was an odions, and I had shown itself, it’s one thing to wear the varsity jacket it’s another thing to have the pedigree like I have, we entered the VIP section, I have been here with Simi on couple of occasions but It still wowed me, plush rug, leather chairs, dim lights, a bar where drinks are sold significantly higher than they were sold in regular, with a DJ, and best of all it was completely sound proof it was like a club within a club, more of a more expensive club, Andrew was excited and couldn’t control it, he wasn’t supposed to be here, this is his first outing as an odions and he was in VIP, he had Bunmi to thank for that, I looked at Bunmi, she didn’t look excited or wowed on the contrary she looked apprehensive, ”what’s with her now?” I thought, but I had enough of Bunmi thinking for a day, now it’s time to enjoy myself, I spotted Tolu and Dara, we moved towards them, Simi branched out to greet some people, I used that opportunity to get rid of Andrew and Bunmi, they didn’t complain or make faces this time, they finally left me and I had little breathing space, Dara and Tolu met me halfway
“bro, how far na?” Tolu started “Simi and Bunmi dey here, how u do am?

I told them of my predicaments so far and they kept laughing at me, looking at it from a different angle, I actually seemed funny to me also

“how you go con do am now?

“see I don tire abeg, I don dump am with Andrew, make she no disturb me again abeg” “ how far drinks na?” I asked closing the Bunmi subject, Drinks was an open issue the priced here were so marked up, it would take a king’s ransom to spoil your table, we pooled our resources together and made economic decisions, we wanted what would make us buzzed but not drunk and something cheap but classy, we settled on one Hennessey, one grey goose and a cranberry juice, we got the drinks, sat at our spot and talked, It felt a lot like the old times, we the guys hanging with our girlfriends having a good time, with good drinks in an expensive environment, it was bliss, the only cloud on my horizon was Bunmi and she was safely tucked away with Andrew, I let my eyes stray to her direction once a while, keeping tabs on her but I stopped later, “the worst part is over” I  thought, I was about to be shocked, we got up, danced a little, then I walked Simi to a secluded place and we started making out, I missed her loads, it was great having her back in my arms, I was thinking of how marriage would be like with her when all hell broke loose, looking back now I can still adequately say what exactly happened, after today different account of the first part of the incident would come out each varying significantly from others but there were similarities, we all heard a loud bang, we all heard the screams, we all felt despair

Well since am the one saying this story, I’ll say my own account of the story

There was a loud bang that left me disoriented, I managed to open my eyes and I saw smoke everywhere “what the hell is going on?” I asked myself, I coughed  loudly, “Simi”  my mind processed but she was ok, I heaved a sigh of relief, but things were still far from ok, I made my way towards the smoke, people were screaming, I heard a particular bone-chilling curl that made me sacred, as I moved closer to what I suspected was the origin of the smoke, I saw blood, fresh injures that oozed blood, I felt nauseous, but still curious, so I moved on, I got there and it was the bar or what was left of it, I looked it had been bombed but “why would anyone want to bomb the bar?, is it a terrorist attack?” even that seemed farfetched to me

“Hey, everybody listen up” I heard a female voice say, it sounded familiar but I still hear ringing in my ears

“Everybody listen up” the voice said again, this time more forceful, I walked towards the direction of the voice

“you are all safe for now, but things would change if my demands are not meet” the voice was getting clearer but I was still trying to place it “is it a kidnapping?” that seem more realistic than a terrorist attack all the major who’s who in the school are here currently, I finally got to the location of the female speaker and lo and behold it was Bunmi “WTF, what the hell is she doing?” she saw me and smiled triumphantly I was still confused about what was going on, I moved close to her to try to get an explanation, I saw her raise her hand and pointed a gun at me, people gasped and screamed that stopped me in my tracks,

“Bunmi” I said my voice quivering, having a gun pointed at me was a new experience for me

“You have served your purpose Richard” she said with that same smile, “now move back, I won’t hesitate to shoot you” her voice serious

“What the hell is she talking about? What purpose?” I asked myself with the gun still pointed at me I retreated back to where everyone was

“now, that I have your attention, I want you all to listen up, we are all locked in here from the outside, you don’t have your phones with you so you can’t call for help, I am responsible for the first bomb” everyone gasped, some people started sobbing, she waited for uproar to go down before continuing “the first bomb was to get your attention, there is a second bomb here, and this is the detonator she raised her hand up for all us to an adapted smart phone there was uproar again, I would go of if I press the screen but there is also a 45minute timer, the bomb would go off if I don’t deactivate it, no one else can so nobody should try play hero, I remained calm outside but I was shattered inside my brain was connecting the dots and started seeing the past events of today in a different light, I thought meeting Bunmi was a coincidence but her statement to me “you have served your purpose Richard” kept going in my mind, what did she mean, I looked back at when we first met at the viewing center, it seemed too convenient she sat down somewhere I always sat, and then the sex, that seemed off from the start, like she wanted it, then she seduced me to take her to the party, she didn’t get vexed when I told her about Simi a normal girl would, but it all seemed coincidental it all depended on me, I felt used and it worked to perfection, but something was still lingering “why” she has gone through a lot just to get herself her, and then bomb the bar, what was her purpose, I was about to find out.


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  1. Woow!!.. This is definately farfetched but I kinda like it.. Great work.

  2. charisa (@charisa)

    Hmmm, waiting for the drama to unfold fully!

  3. The disclaimer paid off…. methinks, keep it up

  4. Hmmm….From your confession at the beginning I can see you are still honing your writing skills.
    And though you still have some issues with punctuation and typos, I’ll say you certainly don’t lack in imagination. That’s where your strength lies for now.

    With time as you keep writing I know you’ll develop your skills and know how to weave a tale better and thicken your plots with mind-boggling suspense. Just keep under-studying other good writers on NS and in books and I can promise you that it will turn you into an awesome writer.

    And despite the technical flaws, this was an interesting story.

    Well done.

  5. okay, didnt see this coming. where did she hide the bomb and the gun? nothing about her dressing gave way to the fact that she could be carrying such weapons.

    detonating a bomb in such a small place would damage more than the bar, and even if the bar was destroyed, the shattered glass would have injured quite a few people but we didnt see that here

    there were a lot of errors in the sentence, punctuation and paragraphing. you need to work on those

    the suspense was not as strong as it could be. e.g ”i heard a crack and everything went blank” that keeps us wondering, was he shot? did he faint? what really happened..something like that.

    well done

  6. well done here………….better presented………

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