Wordless – PT 4

My mind was racing, I wasn’t prepared for this sort of situation, as I moved closer to the car park, my mind got clearer proportionally, I calculated the variables and they all seemed in my favor, Simi doesn’t know Bunmi, Bunmi is safely tucked away with Andrew, I and Simi would be VIP while Andrew and Bunmi would in regular, the chances of them  meeting was negligible, it was pitch dark when I got to the car park but I could still make out Simi’s form though she backed me, her tall dark lithe figure was etched in every fiber of my memory, with every step I took towards Simi, Bunmi became less and less significant and my guilt multiplied, I was close enough to smell her, she had that strong musky female smell, today it was mixed with a jasmine perfume enough to intoxicated me,  I touched her, she turned around to face me, she was visibly angry, her bug shaped eyes shimmed with anger

“You kept me waiting since” were her first words, her voice portraying her anger

“am sorry, I was swarmed, you know I have to help AY out” I replied, I held her waist, drawing her close to me, “do you  miss me” I asked softly, my mouth close to her ears

“A little” she replied sheepily into my ears

I released her from the waist lock, I looked  I her eyes for about 2 seconds before kissing her lips deeply, when I broke it off I asked “do you miss me now?”

When she caught her breath she replied “I do now” she replied with a big grin.

The party awaits you Miss Simi I said as I held my hand out towards her

“yes Mister” she said as she took my hand we walked hand in hand slowly making our way tp the party till I disengaged and wrapped my arm around her waist again drawing her closer, I felt I needed her to be close to me, like she might leave me anytime soon.

“I love you” I said softly into her ears. I felt guilty after saying those words, images of my tryst with Bunmi flashed across my mind and my guilt multiplied, Simi wasn’t the sort of girl you cheat on she was perfect to a fault, I was lucky to have her, very lucky.

It all started innocuously  from my boredom, I was home during  the Christmas holiday bored out of my mind, I scrolled through my blackberry looking for someone to chat with, I kept scrolling till I reached the bottom, my mind flashed momentarily to her, I knew her but just on greeting level, she was my school son’s school mom, so don’t blame me if I had ideas but those ideas were quickly quashed when I remember she was in her final year and I was still in my 300l and we were about the same age, I was few months older though but the fact she wasn’t dating anyone made it more tempting, I asked my school son about that and he said “she wasn’t impressed by anybody so far” that statement was enough not to make me venture further but then her availability was too tantalizing to ignore so I pinged my school son to send her pin but with her permission, I didn’t want an embarrassing situation. He eventually sent it and our first chats were awkward, I almost deleted her, the thought o seeing her after stooped me, I preserved and slowly our chats became fluid and before you know it we started talking every day, that was when the genuine feelings started cropping up like on of my friend once said “there is no how you will talk to someone every day without developing feelings for them”. It became awkward again, when i saw her for the first time after our re-introduction, I saw her in a new light, things were different now, feelings have come into play, I thought of asking her out again but I felt discouraged “why would she want to date a 300l boy?” I kept putting myself off “have I impressed enough?”  I also asked myself, I told AY about my dilemma , he vehemently told me to forget about it “it’s not worth the hassle” he summed up but I was stubborn, she was all over my mind, every time we were together I swore I would pop the question but my nerves always failed me.

I finally did on my birthday party it’s true that the best things are those that are not planned, Simi acted as the surrogate girlfriend throughout the party, she did the cooking with her friends, organized the whole shindig all I did was invite people, provide money and drinks, so there I was cup in my hand, loud music blasting, laughing with friends, and then I see her still serving refreshment to guests, I zoned everything out, the music, the laughs, the lights and I just focus on her alone, watching her actions, she seemed so graceful, so  matured, it felt surreal looking at her like that I made my next decision without thinking it through, I advanced towards her, weaving my way around the crowd, everybody trying to get a piece of birthday boy, after numerous unwanted physical contacts and empty smiles I arrived at my destination she was still serving oblivious to my presence, I moved towards her, I held her arm and spun her around to face me, she looked surprised and exhausted

“What are you doing here Richard, you should be having fun with your friends” her voice sounded tired

I looked at her bit my lip, leaned in and kissed her, I was acting on impulse and couldn’t guess what her next reaction would be, her lips were soft and after initial resistance parted slowly, she broke it off when it got passionate, she looked into my eyes, moved her lips close to my left ear and said softly

“What took you so long?”

I grinned from chin to chin, I felt good, I felt better than good, I felt untouchable, I felt like screaming out in joy, I finally got the girl I wanted, on my birthday, what else do I need?

I  walked back to my friends in a daze and enjoyed the rest of the party with a permanent grin on my face, so official I never really asked her out, we just started dating, dating Simi was fun, we hung out a lot, had sex, and really make plans for the future, we were the couple’s couple, one of the famous couple on campus, all good things must eventually come to an end, and it almost did when she graduated, it was awkward for the first month when she graduated we were trying to get used to the new situation, we fought a lot, we had not spend time apart before so trust became a huge issue there were times I wasn’t sure we were still dating, we would weeks without talking, I started searching for someone else but every girl I meet feel short of Simi’s standard, then I realized how valuable she was to me, so I manned up, apologized for the wrongs I had done and those I didn’t and promised her to try to make things work, she accepted grudgingly,  luckily for us she got posted to the same stage our school was located, so we got to see very weekend, so here we were still together despite the travails, temptations and doubts, we were still together and going strong

We eventually reached the front of the club, people were stilling milling around still undecided on entering yet, Simi split up with me to go greet her friends, I moved close to a group of people I was comfortable with and close enough to Simi to keep a keen eye on her, she was with Sewa, I saw her get animated, my heart skipped a beat, I was scared about what Sewa was telling her, I saw Simi approach me and I knew I was fucked Sewa Couldn’t keep her big mouth shut, I was trying to formulate a lie as quickly as I could before Simi reached me

“Where is she?” she asked, her voice surprisingly cool

“Who” I stammered my heart beat racing

“Bunmi” she said, when she saw the puzzled look on my face she added “my school daughter that you brought here”

“how are you sure it’s the same Bunmi?” I asked hoping

“she and Sewa were roommates in her 100l, so yes am sure it’s the same Bunmi”

“Oh” I said processing the new information Bunmi was Simi’s school daughter, I knew I was fucked before but now am royally fucked, and there was no way in hell I could stop Simi from seeing Bunmi now

“She is around” I finally said, “Really want to see her?” I asked “she might have forgotten you”

“Of course I want to see her; she would have grown so big now”

“ok I said as I led her into the crowd looking for Bunmi” I really really shouldn’t have allowed her come”

4 thoughts on “Wordless – PT 4” by damilare oso (@damilareoso)

  1. there are a lot of errors here. missed words, wrong punctuation and tense mix ups. the transition from past to present wasnt smooth and it was a bit confusing.

    musky is a male scent not used for the female.
    the rapid transition from angry simi to sheepish simi was too rapid to be real except the anger was a mock anger.

    well done

  2. Promising read wrong delivery..

  3. I actually went to read the first 3 parts and was able to conclude that you’ve got the power to write but you still need to craft it properly. you also need to watch all those errors you keep making.

    Do you take time to go through before posting? You need to really do that.

    Your tenses, punctuation and several other errors can mar interest in your work.

    But you are a writer…I can see the imagination and the idea which comes to life in your work.

    You can only get better.

  4. quite a story but not so well-rendered……………

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