The Shadow

The music came from behind me
The lyrics sounded so familiar to me
The voice carried the tremour that quaked me
The silence within it threathened to swallow me

I must have fallen asleep
When the noise woke me from sleep
I open’d my eyes to gaze into blank space,
When i saw the smoke asheen.

It moved like a a mighty snake
Could be an anaconda or a boa?
Its tail long and its red eyes shinny
Could be a dragon or something worst?

I sputtered and coughed
As two strong arms wrapped my throat.
I saw my death, yet can’t fight it
As the choking intestified, I gagged

In the darkness I smelt its aura
Like rusty, rotted meat, it fretted my nostril.
In the dim light, I saw it swoosh past.
Like the noisless sound of the ocean.

Pertified and baffled, I sort for the exit.
But I barged into the shutted door.
“Who could have shut the door?” I shrieked.
Before I saw myself begin to swirl and spin.

My head bugged as the mystic force propelled me
From side to side, I twirled and spin’d endlessly
My worst fear seems to be coming alive on me.
I am being haunted by the shadow; I hurt’d once.