The Fate Of Man

Away has been the hearts of men,

Fused with the pleasures of life, drained in the beauty it unleashes.

Away has been the hearts of men,

Deepened in the lust of the flesh,away have their hearts and mind gone.

An act that awakens evil and gives distance to elation.

Eden was glorious and peaceful.

Joy, happiness, patience, harmony, glowed.

A vibe so desiring and comforting,

Elope with evil, shallow came.

Things of the flesh have long doomed us, a dent so hard to skive,

Guilts and regrets at last comes, the darkness of sin has so taken root.

Lost and helpless was the scream,

A scream for heavenly redemption.

Away has their pride and joy gone, distanced is heaven.

To the meek, comes the earth,

To the fallen, comes resurrection,

To the purified, comes salvation,

To the faithful, comes answers.

Upon these, lies great hope for man, a hope peaceful and mild.

A hope for change.

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