The Court Case

The Court Case


I stood in the dock

Sweating and wishing I could duck

From the inevitable judgment I faced

But one look around and I lost hope.


In the witness box

I saw the Accuser

And turning to the Judge

I saw on His desk an inscription saying

“The Incorruptible Righteous Judge”

I was done for!


It was more unbearable when I recalled

That I had no defendant- not even one.


The Accuser witnessed against me

Laying out the undeniable accusations

And all the while, I bowed in shame

But when I dared to peep at the Judge

I saw something like pity in His eyes.


The Judge rang out the sentence

“Eternal torment in the lake of fire”

I burst out in agonizing tears

The Accuser burst out laughing

But before the Judge sealed the sentence

Something strange happened.


A Man walked in carrying a Cross

He looked like a Lamb that had been slain

As He entered, He declared

That he was my Defendant.

I noticed that the Accuser was uneasy


The Man said His name is Jesus

He said He just came from a very gory venture

He then declared that the Accuser’s accusations

Were nothing but false evidences without proofs.


The Accuser was enraged

He began to rummage his files

For all the records of my sins

But no record was found

He only saw white sheets of paper

That looked like they were dipped in Blood.


Jesus said since there were no records

Of the sins I was accused of,

He would be my Faithful and True Witness

To witness to my purity and righteousness.


After a while, Jesus won

And the Judge smiled as He declared

“Discharged and acquitted”

And this time, it was sealed.


When the court dismissed

I ran to Jesus

I prostrated and thanked Him

But I asked Him what He did

With the records of my sins.


He said He took them to the Cross

And there He paid for my sins

So when He came to the court

He was confident of my salvation.


Again I bowed and asked

“What next my Lord?”

He said, “Tarry here and tell others

Of the freedom in the Cross

I am going to prepare mansions for you

And for everyone who believes you

And then I will come back

And receive you to Myself

That where I am, there you may be also.


“Be of good cheer

Because I have overcome the world

And you too will overcome

If you put your faith in Me

And he who overcomes

I will give to sit with Me on My throne

Even as I overcame and was set

With My Father on His throne”.


Rom. 3:23, 6:23; Rev. 12:9-10; 1 Pet. 1:18-21; Matt. 28:18-20; Rev. 3:21

7 thoughts on “The Court Case” by Israel Eziedo (@eziedo)

  1. Good one. Thank God For the cross

  2. Wow .. I love this … ! great … Check out my “Eulogy of the Lamb’s Wood”

  3. the first two lines held promise of nice rhymes but then it veered off… the lyrical flow was lost and it came out as more of a sermon. since you chose to pass across your message in a poem, you should stick to the fluidity that poetry offers……….

    now I attempted to put some rhymes into the poem while preserving the message you tried to pass across. this is just a rough sketch to show how this could have been made a beautiful yet life giving poem.

    well done.

    I stood in the dock
    Sweating and wishing I could duck
    From the inevitable judgment I faced
    And hoped I would find a kind face.

    From the witness box
    I saw the Accuser, known to be cunny like a fox
    And turning to the Judge’s desk
    His face was set like a mask.

    “The Incorruptible and Righteous Judge”
    The inscription on his desk beamed
    ‘’I am done for’’
    My racing heart screamed

    The Accuser witnessed against me
    Reading off a scroll with the seriousness of one reading a will
    And all the while, I bowed in shame
    Not one lie in all the atrocities listed against my name

    There was no doubt what the verdict would be
    “Eternal torment in the lake of fire”
    I saw the Accuser laughing in a glee
    ‘’Another victory for the Evil one’’

    ‘’it is over”
    I mumbled, fighting the tears,
    ‘’it is finished’’
    The voice rang loud and clear

    A Man walked in dressed in white
    His face reflected light
    He was identified as the Anointed one
    He had come to represent the defenseless one.

    I noticed that the Accuser was uneasy
    Like he knew that I might get off easy
    But dare I hope for it to be so?
    Could I still find redemption for my soul?

    The Anointed one dismissed the charges as false
    Said He had given his life for my cause
    All my records have been wiped clean
    I was declared to be without sin

    The Accuser was enraged
    Through his files he rummaged
    For all the records of my sins
    His discomfort was making quite a scene

    Of a truth all we saw were blank pages
    Bare but with residual blood traces
    He said “I am the Faithful and True Witness
    To testify to his purity and righteousness’’

    The Judge smiled as He declared
    “Discharged and acquitted”
    And this time, it was sealed.
    It cannot be refuted.

    When the court dismissed
    From the Anointed one I inquired
    What happened to the records
    “It was taken care of on the cross”

    “what do I do now?” I asked
    Ready for any task
    My heart bursting with gratitude
    And willing to show it in servitude

    “Tarry here and tell others of the wonders of the Cross”
    My days are to be spent on this divine course
    To tell the world of the mansion he is preparing above
    For everyone who will over the Evil one overcome.

    inviting @nicolebassey, @sibbylwhyte to try to give this poem a spin and make it world class. I kind of see a lot of promise in this poem. over to you masters, let’s make this a learning experience and fun.

  4. Nice idea. However I think you would be the defendant there.

  5. @topazo in writing poetry, my challenge is not with rhymes and rhythm; my essential challenge is to see that I am communicating the mind of Christ. No matter how sweet a poem is or how good a literary work is, it is vain in God’s eyes if it is not inspired by the Holy Spirit. I do not strive to be “world-class”, I seek to be accepted by Heaven. God bless you!

  6. Blackgold (@Blackgold)

    @Isreal, I pray that God continually strengthens and give you inspiration to continue writing; I see most of your writing are christian based and that gives me the go ahead of posting my short write ups on NS:since they are christian based too.

  7. Blackgold (@Blackgold)

    @Isreal, brilliant one,good job

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