The Bow of a god

The Bow of a god

The deserted Savior,
Thou are more sinned against than sinning.
Thou I like hell deserted.
Thou I know overwhelming your love.
Thou I know love you possess for me.
Bow I before ye,
arms down before ye.
Pride and arrogance before ye I drop.
Before ye stand a sinking ship
thou alone can save.
Before ye stand a dog in a den
thou alone can save.
My deserted Saviour,
Back I back to your kingdom
and make me fly again.
Make me be saved from Delilah and
Freshen my Garden of Eden.
O ye Saviour!
Pardon I and make I your subject again!

17 thoughts on “The Bow of a god” by Sulaiman Wasiu Olalekan (@Leewas)

  1. what is this?!

    1. @topazo, very simple, a speaker (prodigal) havn gone astray, comes back 2 his creator for 4gvnes. Prior 2 his repentance, he sees himsf as a god bt probably wen he falls, he realizes dia is a God grter. Dats y its so titled ‘d bow of a god. Small ‘g’

  2. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

    Nice one @topazo, it’s a poem to his god

  3. Nice concept. I am not very thrilled about the language. Ye is a plural form of you not singular. Art is the old form of are , the poem misses up language and tenses. Patience, polish, and editing will make this shine.

  4. I get the idea of the poem. But methinks the language does more harm than good to the poem.
    Keep writing, Wasiu. $ß.

    1. Noted, thanks for stopping by.

  5. Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

    All being said, I like the concept.

    1. Thanks for appreciating the concept.

  6. Yimiks (@Yinka-Olawoye)

    And the son said unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in thy sight, and am no more worthy to be called thy son. (Luke 15:21)

    I feel you Wasiu…except for the misuse of the language. But it’s a bold and fantastic attempt!

  7. @Yinka-Olawoye and odas, tanx, I just felt lyk usin d archaic diction but made mistake coz of little or no research about it, but I’ll surely rewrite dis, d observations av been helpful. Tanx y’all.

  8. deep…

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