That Night

That Night

I thought about pleasure, people, life and all.
I thought about kisses and cuddles…
Those voyeurisms,deep darks and stories friends told.
Their victories and many conquest-
Those zones they hoist.
Displaying the maps when the Zones sashayed on our streets…
The names they called them and many laughters I endured.
I thought of that night, yes that night
When I will know a woman!

When the strength I see them wield
Wrests virginity from me
Like a Lion on a prey.
Where my foreskin is stripped,
Sharpened by what it has never known,
Strange feelings it never felt
As Circumcision replays its role.
This time no blood is shed.
Rather than the first piercing pains of sterilized knife,
Pleasure eats from the pot of a sterilized bride.

O what ecstasy…
That miracle where two become one indeed!
A strange mathematics.
It is the ABC of life: Amazing Bouts of Consummation!

That night where all things clap in legitimate orgy.
And nature watches in delight
As nuptial concord strikes the anvil of heaven
An approval of immense joy as seeds of life meet
with fallopian constructs
Where beings in lobbied web
Nurtured up all these years are triggered.

O, how I crave that night.
My heart beats twice as fast, just thinking.
It beats without pressure of who will watch or not.
Everyone awaits…
“Go ahead, do it” , they cheered on.
The cheers of approval…
“We are witnesses to your profession at the altar.”
Yes that is the night, I long for.

When I will be initiated into that world I have never known.
Unperturbed by the names once called…
I wish it were soon, but time and space say wait.
I whinged,but like patience, I simply obey.

14 thoughts on “That Night” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. The wishful Virgin groom.
    Sam, nice one U got here. Guys wait for that day to eat the forbidden fruit too. Wonderful.
    Please remain that way for us, and tell temptation to get beside you, if you say behind, it might turn to a jail term of 14yrs.
    ABC – I like that.
    Last line; whinged? Do you mean whined?
    Well done, Sam. $ß.

    1. Thank you for stopping by.I actually mean whinge.

  2. Very, very nice.

  3. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    hehe, you like Alphabet abi, nice to read your work.

    1. Thank you.

    1. thank you.

    2. thanks man

    1. Thank you bro

  4. @sambrightomo

    I love this!

    Its not something you usually come across – the song of a virgin groom looking forward to the consummation of the first night of his honeymoon. From the MC’s play, I sort of detect that the bride is probably not a virgin.

    I like your use of words…the sweet sexy flow of legitimate copulation…okay, I’m begining to get poetic. Enough of that.

    Well done samo!

    1. awww that is sweet of you sir…Thank u for your kind words,thank you.

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