Sleeping In the Deepest Dawn

Sleeping In the Deepest Dawn

I had my own share of the toil

Placing my bare hands in the soil

I had accomplished much for the day

Don’t care what critics had to say

With enthusiasm I welcomed the night

Grabbing my pillow, I slept like a knight

There would be no blinking

‘cos my eyelids would be hugging

Hard work had proved itself productive

So there would be no need for a sedative

I hope there be no disturbance

‘cos I intend sleeping even after dawn

I slept! Yes I did sleep for days

Missed lots of opportunities that came my way

Who shall awaken I and this country from this

‘cos we have indeed slept in our deepest dawn.

9 thoughts on “Sleeping In the Deepest Dawn” by bosukeme (@Bosukeme)

  1. beautiful .. great message …

    1. bosukeme (@Bosukeme)

      Tanks alot

  2. pray tell, how does a knight sleep?

    1. bosukeme (@Bosukeme)

      quite comfortable.

  3. Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

    Nice poem, really. I just have a little problem with the rhyming, some of them seem forced. But the most important thing is the theme of the poem, and I like it. Well done.

  4. bosukeme (@Bosukeme)

    Okay. Tanks new reign.
    Will put dat in mind

  5. @bosukeme, good poem, short, sharp, rhymes well, with a good message too. You’ll definitely climb to the top of the ladder, keep writing, hard work…….productive

    1. bosukeme (@Bosukeme)

      tanks alot clemency.
      am grateful.
      see you at the top too

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