Sin 19

She was at the edge of the lake, naked. Spurred on by my approach, she beckoned me with a finger, a drenched siren luring a hapless sailor to his destruction.

Reaching her, I grabbed her by the hair. “You asked for trouble and now you are going to get it.”

Her response was simple. “Give it to me.”

Her submission to my domination lasted all of a second, and she was on me in a flash. The throb of my body made her weight insignificant in my hands. The contact of her skin and hands excited me further. The sensation was torture.

“Don’t think,” she commanded huskily. “Just give me trouble. I want everything you’ve got.”

Her legs wound around my hips. Her voice played in my head.

“Right now you are just a man coming to get what he needs. I have an itch that only you scratch. Forget you are my counsellor, Doctor Mala.”

I trudged on toward the water.

“No other man exists for me now. Forget any other woman, except this one who needs you. Feed my hunger.”

The water came within inches. One more step. One foot treaded in, then the other.

“Forget Israel, Daniel, Lawrence, Haruna, Ayo, all of them. None of them matters when I have you.”

“You are sure?”

The water rose to my knees. I stopped walking.

“Absolutely,” she replied, still clinging onto me.

“What else?” I wasn’t sure what I meant.

“Don’t hold back,” she begged, writhing harder against me. Her body arched into mine. “Forget Jemima. Feast on me.”

My mind hazed over at what she offered: an all-I-could-eat buffet I couldn’t sneeze at. In spite of the generosity of her offering, the names clanged in my head. I hesitated.

“Please,” she begged. “This isn’t the time to think. Take me already, doctor, please take me.”

I dropped her in the lake.

22 thoughts on “Sin 19” by San Jules (@sanjules)

  1. Short yet engaging.. Prisca shouldn’t have mentioned those names cos it’s gonna jolt Dr Mala back to his senses and then he’ll crash the party.
    Nice one @sanjules

  2. YAYYYY! Doc won!!!!!!

  3. Hope he dropped her and walked back to his car

  4. leroyA (@LEROY)

    Well well. Here we go!
    San Jules, nice twist to this. I had lost hope.

  5. kevin (@kevindkind)

    Hmhmhm! The excitment countinues. Let’s go there!

  6. Bwhahahahahaha!

    He did what?

    Silly girl…she had to go and mention JEMIMA…and all the other NAMES of her CONQUESTS…!!

    Wrong move! Checkmate!

    Mala is an ass to have let it get this far…hahahaha!

    @sanjules …you no even allow person to analyse your work again…you just dey crank up tension like transformer wey get overload!

  7. The brat! Mentioning my dear jemi.Dr mala, just take wat u want and stop forming, we know men to be cheats and also women and sex have always be the downfall of many a man.i just pray jemima found out and act wisely.

  8. I tire 4 @san jules, e just dey increase tempo anyhow. i almost get accident 4 road when i dey rush go house make i go read sin19 like say na super story. All d same i enjoy reading.

  9. Miss Tee (@Miss-Tee)

    See teasing! Was just settling into the piece and it suddenly ended *tears* lol…

    I’m glad Dr has come back to his senses… He needs to win for both their sakes.
    Come on Dr Mala, RUN!

  10. @afronuts, I wondered why no one seemed to be doing that anymore. The critique stopped suddenly and I have no feelers anymore to know how the mechanics are coming along after the advice on the first one, two, three chapters

    1. @sanjules

      Well…I’ll just add that whatever you do be sure to stay realistic in the story. At a point I was beginning to wonder how Mala’s tango with Prisca in the rain was good enough. Sexual tension in a cold and rainy weather – especially in the rain, sort of looked a bit off. I know that rainy weather elicits the need to want to copulate in we humans as we crave for that warmth that’s goes beyond the touching of bodies.

      Maybe if the action had taken place in an environment that encouraged the act…but then I digress because of where the story is coming from and the personality of Prisca…with a sex history like hers, she’s the one who wants to try out new adventurous ways. That would be the explanation and it works.

      Just be careful and maintain realism as you carry readers along with this building climax.

      You’re doing a good job of it already.

  11. It’s coming to an end, so you be teasing your readers the way Prisca teases Mala? Bad, bad San. I hope the water is cold enough to force some sense into both of them.
    There’s yet hope for you, ignorant Jem.
    Nice work San, Well done. $ß.

    P.S: Reach me on PM if you please, Jules. I have no idea why I couldn’t get across to you via private messages.

  12. hurray! Aargh, now its time to re-access the damage. Thank goodness.

  13. this was short….on purpose?

  14. yinkus (@yinkus101)

    What!!! so he just dropped her into the water, so there is no action

  15. kevin (@kevindkind)

    Haven’t read people’s reactions and comments on this series (19), i couldn’t hold back my thought any further. We leave in a society where it has become necessary to promote a good moral values and encourage our youngs to hold in high estime, our ethical sentiment. Before we suffer from moral break down. Am glad that @sanjues, drive the story this way (that people like Dr. Mala, can still say, “come what may, i’ll still hold or am dedicated to see to the END of my part of the bagain without compromise). In my opinion, i’ll advise that all in the leading possition in our society (and beyound), should advocate and promote integrity, good reputation, moral values and the likes. In this way or should i say, ur little contribution, will go a long way in addressing some anomalities in our society. I give the credit to u bro @sanjues

  16. Omena (@menoveg)

    @sanjules I guess u did this on purpose for the critiques to come back? I believe you won’t leave us to our imaginations.

  17. Hmmm! Short! Message driven! Flawless!

  18. This one is really very short but engaging. i believe you die Dr. Mala. lets go there.

  19. What was on your mind when you wrote this episode, @sanjules? I like the suspense, anyway. And lucky me, I don’t have to wait for the next episode.

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