Lulled early to sleep,
The cherub moon
Wets her fluffy bed
In chilly urine.

The harbinger of dawn
Rouses a blind sun,
Hauls me,
Squinting-eyed and numb-limbed
Onto the mangled thickets
Of a diabetic day,
Precludes possession
Of my beckoning games.


the sky is drunk
from last season’s
aqueous profusion

and sobers the sun
with icy breath
from burst-ful bladder celestial

showering beams
crescent-steady on
rain-defiant nomads

and the sodden slippery earth
who drinks insatiable
forward-looking the next celestial diabetes


is it a grey morning
dearest neighbour
or a good

when the dawn lights
the night bearing
the sun’s fearsome ultraviolet

in a mere bowl of crescent
dripping liquid rays
from the past day’s infinite

weeping; is it a good morning
dearest neighbour
or a grey?


beware the sun
if she comes bearing
in these diabetic days
some shine simulation

soothing like naija government’s
pact with ASUU
which drives them now
to the class room

now back out of it
like the sun’s shine
in these diabetic days
luring the unwary nomad outdoors

only to slip right back
into her occident musing
emptying on him the whole pneumonic bladders
of the diabetic dwellers above


The seeming boon of
daybreak becomes an affliction
when the sun wakens
with the shine-smothering plague in her eyes

that Adam knew so well
under Joshua’s slumbering hypnosis
wakening to such sunny a companion
a seeming boon to his loneliness;

which sun suddenly in broad day
came under such slumbering hypnosis
and did not heed the cock’s clarion
wakening incongruously with this shine-smothering

whence daybreak becomes an affliction
like Adam’s dreadful dawn’s waking
to his companion’s shine
smothered with the apple-plague

8 thoughts on “rain” by oluchukwu (@pionga)

  1. kevin (@kevindkind)

    Nice work! Not bad

    1. …bless u Kevin…

  2. Enjoyed reading …

    1. …bless u Joseph…

  3. Liked your style… good work.

    1. …bless u elovepoetry…

  4. Hmm…a nicely colored art piece about the rain.

    The depiction in the first verse as ‘chilly urine’ seems to refer to the rain as something not welcomed.

    But along the line the other parts of the poem deviate into other matters…was that a slip or are they just (as I initially presumed) dividends of the rain in all?

    1. …bless u Afronuts; as to ur question i really do not have any explanation; thanks again for reading and commenting…

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