My Elan

My Elan, i so wear you today.

A thing am so happy doing,

A blessing from Jah!

Elan, how comforting you are, ma endless effort.

For more of elation does she give, a joy so great like the heavens.

Just like ember she  glows,

So assuring and endless goes her looks,

Like the clouds she stares,

So confident and stylish, her presences you can never  do without,

A quality she so poses.

At difficulties she comes assuring again, even after slick speeches.

What can i do without her?,

I pray she stays forever, for like a dent i so wear her.

For down the basement, her light shines,

My weakness, her strength so wins like a back up,

I can never let her go,

For endless is my love for Elan.


4 thoughts on “My Elan” by Nwosu Chibuzo Cee (@charles55)

  1. Brother, I do love your good attempt to use african symbols in your poetry. It’s nice. But I do have to mention that it’s obvious that the poem was not properly edited before you posted it here. Now this is what I mean: you started by sounding like you are ADDRESSING a girl- the object of admiration. “how comforting you are, ma
    endless effort.” That’s not bad. But you later switched to writing ABOUT the girl. “For more of elation does she give, a joy so great
    like the heavens.” This is wrong. However, I think it is mainly an editing issue, or worse, that the poem was not written under spontenous flow of thought. It’s a good try. Well done.

    1. Nwosu Chibuzo Cee (@charles55)

      U wrong, I wasn’t writing abt a gal. Elan means confidence, energy and style.. And dat was what I ws adoring..buh I personified it.. To show hw much I cherish such endowment..dats it u wrong!..10ks thou

  2. Cool … great comment above too … !

    1. Nwosu Chibuzo Cee (@charles55)

      Wrong the above comment is nt accepted! 10ks thou,,

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