Musings Of A Hustler (episode 23)

We got to the Bus Park at Sabo, Lagos and trust me; I felt relieved to be able to get down and stretch my over folded legs and sore butts. I had just gotten down when I heard this now familiar and rather irritating voice of Chidi asking me where I was heading to. I was tempted to sarcastically tell him I was headed to his house but somehow managed to maintain my cool. He had simultaneously offered to help with one of my heavy bags and his usefulness tilted in his favor.

I am going home apparently” I retorted. Another person with average intelligence would have sensed the irritation in my voice and backed off. Not Chidi.

Which area?” He persisted.

‘Aguda’. I answered.

“That’s nice. I live not far from there. I live at Mile 2. Guess I can help you with your load, a cute lady like you shouldn’t be burdened by this much load”, he explained trying to conjure his most flirty face.

My resultant smile must have emboldened him as I could sense the flow of confidence sweep through him. (Thank God. Now I don’t have to pay for someone to carry my load)

We got a cab and in no time we were edging towards Surulere. I had called my host, Tonia whose descriptions felt more confusing than the make up on a prostitute’s face. After about 30 minutes of merry go round and driving through the whole of Surulere, we got to Tonia’s place. One glance at Tonia and Chidi lost all interest in me and I could understand why. The only things probably not exposed on Tonia’s boobs were her nipples. She always had sizeable breasts but they seemed to have grown bigger and were literally popping out of her bra. She had expensive jewelry and oozed affluence. She apparently made efforts to accentuate her ‘features’. She had also grown fairer and more beautiful since the last time we saw. Tonia had dropped out of the University just after our 300 level examinations citing lack of finances as the reason. From what I could see of her now though, I immediately doubted the credibility of that reason.

After the usual feminine drama that comes with seeing an old friend, we started gisting whilst unconsciously walking towards her house. It was at the point of entering her house that I remembered I was still being accompanied by Chidi. I strangely wondered if he intended to accompany me to my friend’s house.
“Ha! Chidi, sorry o…I almost forgot you were still here. Let me release you. Thank you sooo much”. I turned to collect my baggage from him.

No probs. Er… can I have your number now?” he asked pleadingly.

“Ok…here you go”… I gave him my digits with the hope I will finally let me be.

He had not walked out of sight that I caught a mischievous smile on Tonia’s lips.

you never reach Lag, dem don dey follow you”…she chuckled.

“My dear, no be so…the guy just dey follow me since, na from PH the guy don dey my case. Make we enter abeg” I explained.

Tonia’s mini flat was a beauty to behold. Her sitting room was well furnished. A quick scan of her sitting room revealed she had a split unit Air Conditioner, a 42 inch LCD TV and an expensive looking settee. This was surprising for someone who didn’t have a clear means of income. Surely, she could not have afforded all that from her supposed jewelry business.

In no time, she had fixed me a nice meal. A quick shower and some more gist’s and I was fast asleep.

I must have slept for a few hours before I was gently awoken by Tonia. I drowsily glanced at my wrist watch and realized it was a few minutes to midnight. Tonia was fully dressed and seduction seemed to be the theme of her dressing that night. Her outfit during the afternoon was nothing compared to what she put on that evening. She was dressed in a skimpy and body hugging dress that barely covered her crotch. She wasn’t putting on a bra and you get the feeling her boobs could pop out at any time.

“Jenny. Come and lock the door. I am going out to my friend’s place. Will be back tomorrow morning. There is food in the kitchen and you can prepare more if you want. Just make yourself feel at home”. She explained.

‘Ok’…I said following her to the door. I briefly wondered who this ‘friend’ was. I prudently decided against asking her any question till she returned the next day. She left the house quietly into a waiting Toyota Highlander packed across the compound. The occupier came out briefly, laughed with Tonia, and grabbed her butts playfully before disappearing into the SUV. The occupier was obviously not Emeka who I had met once and who Tonia had told me was her boyfriend. A few minutes later,  was still in this puzzled state of mind when I heard a phone ring. The ringtone didn’t sound familiar and I realized that the phone might be Tonia’s and that she had possibly forgotten her phone at home. I was initially reluctant to pick the call but I eventually did when I saw the caller-name “My Mtn line”. Then I realized it must be her calling with her other phone.

“Jenny?” came Tonia’s voice.

“Yea” I replied.

“I forgot the phone there abi? I don dey fear say I don loss am. Help me keep it abeg”

“Ok”. I answered. Then she hung up. My curiosity got the better of me and I went through her BBM and SMS conversations. Her messages revealed that most of her expensive lifestyle were being financed by her many ‘sexcapades’.

 Then the stark reality hit me – I was being housed by a ‘runz’*girl!

*Runz girl- Nigerian version of an ‘Escort’.

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  1. Nice!!
    Quite short but I like it

  2. @ Ayoks well come back n thanks 4 bringing Jenny back.

  3. From boiling water to boiling oil

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  4. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Good narration. Buh ur babe nor sabi reason say person wey nor get work get that kain life, even fit house am be as e get?

    Let’s see how she gets inducted :)

  5. finally you are back!! yay!!!

  6. Choi Jenny! Why go to Sokoto in search of something that’s inside your shokoto? You don’t know runz girls in PH are paid in hard currency for their services? PH is unarguably the HQ of runz with all the oil companies and wacko expatriate staff. Anyway, I hope its not what I’m thinking.

    Nice write chief.

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    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      More comments available on request. Watch the adjectives, tense mix ups and writing like a man. If yiur MC is female you have to love ‘female drama’ not hint at it as a nuisance. Eku writing.

      1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

        Oops I meant adverbs, and your.

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    I have been following the series from the beginning and it’s good to have you back after the long break.

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  26. Very well then, she don enta one chance. Fortunately, it’s a familiar one and she has all it takes to take the driver’s seat, afterall she get license for the hustling race.
    Well done, Ayoks. It’s been a hell of a ride on your series – thrilling. $ß.

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