In the year 2023

In the year 2023

This is not a story. This is the future as I see it or as someone said, “As I wish it.”

Well, I’m in my house, on a Saturday morning, and I’m tired of the internet and the television (though there is electricity, 24/7), so I return to the good old radio and after listening to the classic song, “you don hit my car” by Tony Tetuila, a special report comes on Radio One Nigeria. The broadcaster greets, and then reads:

The year, 2020 was the supposed landmark year for the Africa country, Nigeria. It was the year that growth should have appreciated the country to a level where it will be among the top 20 economies of the world. Two years ago, it passed, but Nigeria is yet to force itself it to the top 20. Is this not a sad case of underachievement? Surprisingly it is not. Nigeria like many Africa countries are yet to hit the top 20 economies of the world but given steady growth and recent development, Africa is bound to get there soon.

The return of peace to the continent is certain to pave way for better growth. The recent settlement between the Somali government and rebels may have put an end to the long strife that had ravaged the sub Saharan country for so long. Though it is not peace at last, there are indicators that Somali is ready to be at peace. However, it is the ‘one Nigeria’ decision made by Nigerians in the month of November in the year 2021 that really proves Africa is ready for stability. Despite strong foreign support for those who wanted the country to split, and the underground oil deals made by countries like China and Brazil with the proposed country of Niger Delta, majority of Nigerians heeded African Union’s call for a continuous stay of the entity called Nigeria. It seems that foreigners’ hold on Africa is no longer as strong as before.

A stronger African Union led by the Nigerian President fought against IMF on the issue of resuscitating the economy of Zimbabwe. With the end of Zimbabwe’s sit tight leadership, the IMF had proposed an economic plan that will help put out the suffering of Zimbabweans and check the hyperinflation that had stuck to the economy of that country. However, many Africans spoke up against the deal citing it as an informal enslavement of the country’s future. Early last year, leaders of Africa met at Addis Ababa, where they decided to put resources together to assist Zimbabwe. While the African Union’s financial assistance was not as big as that of the IMF, it was truly humanitarian.

In terms of industrialisation, the return of regional independence in Nigeria has revived internal competition to that country. Industries are springing up every day, and infrastructures with years of decay are undergoing repairs. The growth in Nigeria has affected fellow West African countries with the once war torn Liberia posting a double figure GDP and Sierra Leone declaring a budget surplus. In the subregion, insurgencies and tribal conflicts are in the past, and all hands are on deck to make sure that elections are freer and fairer.

Africa is getting there gradually for there are strong indicators that given the aggressive growth level, the days of Timbuktu as the world centre for learning is returning fast. Africa is gradually taking a frontier position in the economies of the world. The world watches with surprise as she looks inwards to develop the continent. It is slow but very steady but Nigeria, and indeed Africa, will get there.

After the report, another song comes on from one of the new yippie-yappy singer with a beat so junky, the song is all noise and no substance, so I tuned to another radio station, New Nigeria FM. Great! A super classic is on. I sing along with King Sunny Ade, “Aiye nreti eleya mi o!”


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  1. This is a hopeful vision, but it’s not very likely to happen in such a short time from now, @Ladman.

    1. I second you, @TolaO…this was also funny in a way.

  2. You really look into the future

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