“Depression is a good lover. So attentive. Has this innate way of making everything about you” – Kait Rokowski

To think of naked branches of trees
I am reminded of a girl who believed she could make dying an art.
Closed her eyes and jumped off the 20th floor.
Limbs crooked like branches of Bur Oaks.
A pool of blood over her head like an unholy halo.
Face lost in the softness of the sidewalk like a lover’s kissing bottom lip.
Passersby for critics.

I am dragged to a morning when time refused to bleed.
A body wore a white dress as it floated down a river.
It thought itself a willow tree.
Head hung like a diverged dream.
One arm pointed towards the direction of its home.
The other arm waited for the sunrise.
Can you read the meniscus of its sorrows?

To think of sap from an Elm tree.
Blood on Linoleum.
Veins cut like kite strings.
There was enough time to finger paint
“Please miss me.”
The last molecule of oxygen took its bow.

You have no idea
the strength it takes for some people to continue to live.

like a seed
and watch it grow into survival.

12 thoughts on “Dendrology” by Aurora Anne (@bugganni)

  1. wow…love the imagery

  2. @bugganni…lovely as ever. I just had to sit and enjoy this feast for the mind you served up. How you are able to connect seemingly disparate elements (like art and death and plants) to create such seamless invocation is beyond me….and the words (the construction really) you use are always so fresh, vital…challenging one to pause and ponder,

    Also, that understated intensity of emotions you do so well is here again…when you wrote:

    ” You have no idea the strength it takes for some people to continue to live.” I felt I knew how much pain is packed in those simple words.
    You did a very good job here.

    1. By the way. I’m not sure, but it seems you’ve changed your profile name…yes?

      1. @ayomitans many thanks for your comment.Yes, I did change my name,you noticed :)

  3. This is very nice, the first line though… doesn’t seem to fit well with the next. Stanza two was my favourite. Liquid magic.

  4. murney_okosisi (@murney_okosisi)

    Disturbing… Too good is not very healthy for me but ure apparently all electric on dis one and electricity in my brain isn’t healthy. I like…a lot! Well done.

  5. I like the fact that you talked of something as depressing as depression in a way that brings all its evils to mind.
    I love the imagery too.
    I asked myself, why dendrology? And then I saw the tree references in the lines. But still, Depre-logy or Dendro-ssion. Lol, I am all for combos.
    The first line would have gone well, if you had described death by hanging. But I get why it’s there.

    I prefer Aurora to Sam, Sam twas yeah? Aurora is very sexy. Me likey.
    Well done, Aurora. $ß.

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