Another form of Colonialism

I turned on my computer this morning and as my custom is, I visited a couple of news websites to keep myself updated with recent happenings. On the Punch Nigeria website, two headlines got my attention Britain’s House of Lords passes gay marriage bill” and“Nigeria, UN disagree over same-sex marriage, death penalty”. I read both news and decided to write down my thoughts on the issues contained in this news. For the purpose of clarity I am more concerned about the same-sex marriage than the death penalty. That will be a discussion of another day.


As an African born and raised in a very strict and disciplined home, I was thought to follow the principles in the bible which I have found to be flawless principles as I grow older. At this point, I remember back in the days our fore-fathers worshiped several gods and deities, married many wives or as much as they could care for but most of our ancient ways and tradition were hacked down with the fury of a raging rhino by the Oyibo who came to our land and told us we worshiped idols and called our ways of life “barbaric”.

They gave us the “bible” and took away our culture and tradition. They told us polygamy was a sin because God commanded a man to marry only one wife. Even though we didn’t really want to give it up we eventually did and now we are dominantly monogamous in Africa.

When the same Oyibo people who brought Christianity to us started having problems in their marriages, they shifted the argument and told us if your marriage isn’t working you can seek divorce. Africans cried foul when they gave us this pill to swallow because our tradition forbids divorce and the marriage vow clearly states “Till death do us part”. After a while, African bought that too. Gradually we too started divorcing.


In the past being a single mother in Africa was frowned against because it depicted moral looseness on the side of the woman but this same Oyibo people told us again it was alright and that there was really no need for a man and woman to seek marriage union and it was fine for them to live together and have children without being married. Tufiakwa!.. They gave it several names like feminism, right assertion etc and although we didn’t accept it initially, gradually we caved in. Now single parenthood that used to be a taboo in our society is becoming a norm in Africa.

Now the “Oyibo” people have destroyed the institution called marriage and have found no need for a man and woman to come together in matrimony as husband and wife, they are now telling us marriage doesn’t have to be exclusively between man and woman but between two people who love each other. Nonsense!. The irony of this is they still have the copy of the same bible they brought to us. Don’t even ask me why they don’t read it? I don’t know too.

In the US, states who said No to passing the gay bill or whatever they call it are seen as backwards and those states who said yes were called the progressive states. They say man/man or woman/woman can marry and they call it love. They call it freedom, eulogize it and even call those who openly identify themselves gays to be “courageous”. The POTUS Barack Obama who is in the fore-front of supporting this rubbish should tell us what he would do if any one of those his daughters became lesbians.

As if not satisfied with doing this nonsense in their land, now they want to force it down our throat too. Barack Obama, David Cameron and now the UN all want us to allow same-sex marriage in our society. In this move, I see the “west” trying to trample on our rights as free men with the right to decide what we will accept in our society and what we refuse to accept. But most importantly I see a generation bent on violating the natural ways of life at all cost without concern of what consequences it will have on the generations yet unborn.

If US, UK and the rest of the world decide to permit same-sex marriage that is their problem but never will it be forced down our throats because very soon they will start moving towards telling us it is alright to have sex with animals and may even pass laws to support it. Africa is not a place where any tom,dick and harry can come and tell us what to do in our land because they are from the “west”.


If we allow these rascals in suits come and mess up what is left of our moral values in Africa, let us be reminded that we will be toying with future of generations to come in Africa. Just visit England where I live and see the speed at which basic moral values are flying out of the window every single day. Is this the kind of society they wish for us in Africa? Olorun maje! How can a man without basic morals lead another person? Can the blind lead the blind? God made Adam and Eve not Adam & Steve. United as Africans we must say NO! to this new form of colonialism.


On this topic I can go on and on because the thought of this rubbish is sickening and I have got a lot to say but I have to go back to what I was doing.



8 thoughts on “Another form of Colonialism” by Uzoma Umekwe (@uzomaumekwe)

  1. kevin (@kevindkind)

    Sad sad sad!!! How sad it is for the African continent. How sad it is for the culture and tradition of our mother land. Indeed, all our ways is “flying out of the window.” but what can we do to hold it in? The women, on the other hand, are clamouring for “Women Lybration.” too many movement adopted from the west, is tretening to push away everything our ancestors left for us. Sadly, our so call leaders, do not see why they should be conservative. Even more saden, is the thought that our future generation, could loose it all. And it a sad thing to think… May be i should leave that to u bro, to coment on. Since u wouldn’t mind being call “a social comentator.”

    1. @kevinkind…we are rising above all these sad events in Africa and I am confident that as we play our little part individually we will rise higher and losen the grip of “colonialism” from our wrists. As for the title “social commentator” I dont mind taking on that thanks for reading

  2. Sad is everything, too bad we still are colonized, we must rise above that

    1. @elovepoetry we are rising…surely we will keep rising..thanks for reading

  3. thought well expressed. I could feel the bile in your tongue concerning the issue. Letr hope we stick to high moral standard found in the Bible

    1. @samson lol..i like the “bile in your toungue” expression. I am really angry at the issue. God help us. Thanks for reading

  4. Idiong Divine (@Idiong_Divine)

    @Uzoma Emekwe
    Civilisation has taken much more from Africa than what it has brought in. The African society was far more organised than what we now have. Your thoughts on this issue were well expressed. Thank you ja re!

  5. FOR INSTANCE!!!!!!
    seriously ur write-up just reminded me of the flaws of following civilisation stupidity. if i remember, it is this europeans that brought the suit and coat culture to africa, claiming that our ancestors dressing which still covered essential private parts was too open and almost naked
    now they are drifting to that state again with the kind of crazy female dresses like mini-skirts and spaghettis and guys wearing body hugs that reveal every curve and biceps of their upper body and some of us are following them

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