Virgin; it was given on a platter
pulsing with hope, nothing else did matter
save the reply one sought to hear.
Maybe held promise – yes was best,
and no never flirted with the thoughts,
but it came wrapped in a blatancy that hurt
and stripped the heart of its true colour.

Picked from whence ’twas flung,
it was offered again though refusal stung.
This time, its coat wore a new colour;
the blue of the sea and bright skies
but the eyes were closed to the sight.
Masked with calculated ignorance,
always the refrain of the dreaded no.
Never a maybe – never a yes.

Months slip into years and near-eternity
for a life spent harvesting hopes in vain
reality slides in with the final slashes,
that puncture the balloon of dreams
and life becomes a canvas of grey splashes.

I love, I hurt so I try to forget.

Time zooms past as it’s wont to do
and blunts the pain still not forgotten.
The one named Kismet brings her to me,
yearning for my heart of thorns.
Tightly she clutches and bleeds.
Drops of blood for each knot untied
to reveal the battered mass I did become.
With hope, she threads and patches,
and paints in the colours I used to know
onto the grey canvas of my life.

I hurt, she loves and I remember.

74 thoughts on “Virgin” by Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

  1. Hmmmm…Bubbllinna, this is beautiful. I read it once, didn’t get it fully, read it twice, loved it but didn’t get the critical thing, then the third read came as a powerful revelation unleashing the power of the poem on me!

    Love is a wonderful thing, a powerful force that can create beauty or destroy a life.

    Well done, @sibbylwhyte. This is awesome. Keep improving your art.

  2. I salute, ma’m.
    This was beautifully written.
    Keep writing…

  3. @chemokopi
    You have no idea what your comment did for me… It chased away the clouds of doubt that had gathered in my mind.
    I deviated from my usual fun and free way of writing poems – kinda experimenting with poetry these days. I felt people wouldn’t get it easily, but you have, and I say a big thank you. $ß.

  4. @mimiadebayo. God bless you sweet sis, for putting a smile on my heart. Thanks for reading and commenting. $ß.

  5. Hey… I went through this and the words got through to me. The way the poem crisscrosses different waves, rhythm splashing on and forth, in thoughts deep. I found much here. It made so much sense in more ways than one… from the view of the plain: the lover getting it all anew, refreshed yet planting, hoping, killed, resurrected, believing, trusting…
    The cycle of love…

    Can we see it again from the view of a people loved and left alone to echo Lenrie Peters’ ‘We have come home’?

    The one problem I think is the punctuation… I think they interrupted the flow of it all.

    Well done lady. You sure are not dry… This rests deep in my thoughts and I shall munch on it once more. Cheers, S’

  6. @chemokopi: Sup? Long time no HEAR!!

  7. Bubb, this is so refreshing! A voice unafraid to cry and mourn a love and trust given and lost. The coolest thing here’s that we see this from the stronger sex(quoting the father here Bubb) my sisters who protest such expressions pardon me,lol
    As I say always , love simply never tires. It may recoil or even hesitate or rethink, but when it surges on it breaks every chain of unsureness and opens new horizons.

  8. Welcome to literary apotheosis Bubbllinna @sibbylwhyte.

  9. @suddie I sent WORD to you, did the whisper escape your grasp?

  10. @sibbylwhyte, I am speechless. This is absolutely beautiful. I feel each word and each emotion portrayed in this. Well crafted.

  11. @sueddie
    Master Su’ Just like you to get to the heart of a poem… Whatever you take from this, is yours to keep jare.
    I am yet to wean myself off excess punctuations in poems. Will do something about that.
    Thanks for dropping your thoughts on this. I appreciate. $ß.

  12. @dottaraphels.
    Long time no see…and to think you checked in to drop your thoughts on this, I am so humbled.

    WORD! ‘love simply never tires. It may recoil or even hesitate or rethink, but when it surges on it breaks every chain of unsureness and opens new horizons.’

    The Men are becoming more open about their emotions o… And that’s a good thing.
    Thanks D, I appreciate. $ß.

  13. @ostar… Oga mi. I haven’t reached that level in my mind o… But thanks for giving me hope and welcoming me in advance. Cheers! $ß

  14. @olajumoke. You are such a darling, glad U liked it. Thanks for reading and commenting. Cheers! $ß.

  15. Wow, wow…. This is lovely. Had to google up the meaning of kismet. Nice. Real nice. The message is clear. One refuses the heart and crushes hope. Destiny brings another, to heal and re awaken the lost hope. The lines are soo beautifully crafted. Bravo!

  16. Nice verse. A heavy one you brought forth here. Love the grabbility(hehehe) of the poem.
    it holds and walks through the brain with iron levity.
    Ditto @sueddie
    All for the love of NS.

  17. @Olan
    google 4 reals? Lol.
    You summed it up nicely. Thanks bro for reading, liking and dropping ur thoughts. $ß

  18. @basittjamiuThis one will stick in my head…grabbility..hehe.
    Thanks for reading, bro. I appreciate. $ß.

  19. Normally, I don’t read poems. It was writers like @chemokopi that made me start. It was a good read even though one has to be patient in reading it. “Me I like me”…… Good WoRk

  20. Brilliantly done, @sibbylwhyte. The tone has a palpable sense of sadness and loss…an hint of a promise differed even, initially. And then, smack, there is muted joy -hope maybe. I personally have a very sultry/salty interpretation of it all playing in my head, but it may just be me dirty mind at work. Really good work, SB!

  21. Expo (@Expo)

    Lovely work ma’am, @sibbylwhyte, this is deep and yet plain!

  22. @kodeya
    I should probably sprinke fairy dust of patience on this. Thanks for reading. Hope YoU didn’t have a headache?

  23. @chemokopi. Guess Kodeya’s revelation means that there is one more thing to thank you for. Graçias.

  24. @ayomitans… You sabi! Even that your dirty mind follow join…
    Thanks for reading, I appreciate. $ß.

  25. @expo. Oh dear, your comment is short yet heartwarming. Thanks! $ß.

    1. You are welcome, your work is equally concise and yet loaded.

  26. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

    Carefully chosen words, expertly crafted and the message ringing out loud long after the last line…. this is really great a poem.

  27. @vincentdepaul
    I’m glad you think it’s good enough…thanks a lot for reading. I appreciate your comment. $ß.

    1. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

      you are welcome…. always

  28. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Wow, this is a poem that is harder to appreciate than one would think.
    The words are simple eough but the thoughts are vielled uder several layers of metaphor– balloon of dreams, skies, sea, thorns.

    The title doesn’t assist this piece and makes the reader’s task harder still.

    Also, It needs more punctuation not less. The lines : I love, I hurt so I try to forget. needs another comma . I love, I hurt, so I try to forget. And so on. Also the line breaks are a bit choppy, consider smoothening them when you revise this.

    Very well done, ,universal and rich with imagery.

  29. @sunshine.
    The title was put to actually send one wandering off. Crazy, yes, but if one reads deeply and understands the poem, he/she would come out understanding the reason why the title is what it is.
    About the line breaks…you might be referring to the one liner: I love, I hurt, so I try to forget and its kin – they are meant to stand apart from the verses. Will put in the comma you pointed out.

    Thanks for reading and making your point, I appreciate. $ß.

  30. First reading. I don’t quite get it yet,but I’m sure I will soon.

  31. A beautiful poem about love and life. I enjoyed reading.

  32. nice one @sibbylwhyte…. really nice, still pondering on your craft

  33. @efadel. I didn’t really set to make this obscure. But @chemokopi did a nice review here that would help you understand it better.
    Thanks dearie, for reading. I appreciate. $ß.

  34. @khadijahmuhammad.
    I am really glad you did. Thanks for checking in. I appreciate. $ß.

  35. @elovepoetry.
    How’s it been dear? U good, yea?
    Just like I ponder on yours – I read ‘I have a dream’ again last week sef.
    Thanks for reading and pondering.. Lol. I appreciate. $ß.

    1. Yeah @sibbylwhyte, i am just…. thanks for reading over and over… that’s the good thing with NS, our works are forever here, unless there would be an internet Armageddon and everything is wiped out (last time i checked forever was something denied to mortal man not internet… lol!)

  36. @sibbylwhyte, not mincing words now, @chemokopi, in his explicit review of this great piece made everything plain.
    That you could journey that far into the farthest part of a man’s heart to reveal the bile it harbors and then opsonize it with the juice of kindness that flows from every pore in a woman, deserves every commendation there is to give.
    ” Love sure triumphs over everything”
    Weldone ma’am.

  37. @elovepoetry
    Lol. True. But what if something better than the internet comes? Hehe. Guess we ll just get on with it. Takia dear.

  38. @babalolaibisola.
    Thank you very much for reading and dropping your thoughts, VABI. Lol at Opsonize – rarely does one see such a word in normal usage. Love triumphs, surely. $ß.

  39. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    When we read people’s work, we do it most time with the bias that we know the writer and thus seem to read from the perspective of the creative ability of such writer.What it does to us is that it gives us a certain expectation that they cannot do less than they can, or we are use to.And so our expectations are high. We might not give the same chance to a budding writer. It is like reading Soyinka’s work and also reading a work from @sambrightomo, the expectation you have of a Soyinka in terms of styles and content is not what you will expect in the work of a Sambrightomo as an illustration.

    I think it is same with situations here on NS. I would not read @sibbylwhyte ‘s work the way I will read a junior writer’s because I have certain expectations of her work than the other. The work above is not an exception. For @Chemokopi to read the work thrice is not out of place and going forward to do a review is just fulfilling that expectation. Indeed the work deserves such, even though one has to read it more than thrice to get the import.

    It is a poem that is laced with metaphors and words that holds a reader spellbound only if you are giving to reading between the lines of a poem and trully take delight as a critic and not just a passive reader.I like it because of that. Poems have gone beyond just verses, it is an art that should be treated as such. I will also add quickly that the title is a little misleading for me(well almost a paradox) because I was expecting the content to revolve just on the subject matter, but it does so well to convey the love theme expertly. I duff my heart and hat.Well done @Sibbylwhyte more grace.

    My conclusion therefore is let’s also take out time to review other poems that we think is worth it.Mean while, this work is just another poem written by another writer on NS. Imagine if it was not bubblinna that wrote this? Just imagine.

  40. this is simply lovely….

  41. Your thoughts are so on point, and tally with what I have thought of at times. Sometimes I’d wonder what it would be like if I wasn’t ‘sorta’ popular. Would my posts be read? Would people leave insightful comments? And this is simply one of the reasons, why I try to read most of the works updated here when I can, and drop my thoughts – everyone deserves to be read…newbie or not.

    Sometimes too, I worry that maybe I would fall short of that which I have come to realize is expected… I pray that it doesn’t happen. If it ever does, God forbid; you know too well Sam, that I would be more than willing to learn from mistakes and get better – there’s no end to learning.

    I am so humbled by the fact that this poem got to be appreciated on its merit and was enhanced by @chemokopi review, because, truly when I wrote it, I didn’t think much of it. So, to have all you wonderful people on NS say it is good, does more than gladden the heart.
    About that title, I had other options but I stuck to this because it could send someone off on a tangent. Crazy yea? Lol.
    Hopefully, Sam’s review would not be the last in this place. I appreciate you dropping your thoughts here and there, God bless. $ß.

  42. @topazo. Man of few words; thanks for reading and commenting. Cheers! $ß.

  43. Powerful poem! I wanted to say more!

  44. Powerful poem it is. I wanted to say more!

  45. @ablyguy.
    Please say more Francis, shey you know, it’s the more you say, the more I write ba? Lol. Thanks dear for reading and liking. Cheers! $ß.

  46. Akuha .A. Tor (@MrAk91)

    Good Girl gone bad lol. @Sibbylwhyte Your mind is beautiful. Truly appreciate your writing.

  47. @MrAk91
    I have always been good, still good. I am not Rihanna. Lol.
    I appreciate your appreciation…Thanks a lot. $ß.

  48. @ostar: the whispering passed o! I tried calling your number on some occasions – MBA! Maybe we should box once more?

  49. Grown from a beautiful passion …

  50. @sambrightomo. I just realized that I didn’t tag you in my reply to your comment. It’s up. Forgive the oversight.

  51. @josephoguche. Thank you very much for reading and commenting. $ß.

  52. Wonderful depiction of love as it often is the case when it’s real. Oh ish, I meant when it’s sincere. The patience of love in action, Bubbllina. “picked from whence ’twas flung, it was offered again though refusal stung.” Yes, “stung” is the most apt word.

  53. The patience of sincere love in action. You do get it Caleb. It’s patience that urges one to try even when there love is thrown back at them repeatedly.
    Thanks for reading and commenting. $ß.

  54. Oh my! @sesanme. Your reply is up.
    Your handle reminds me of Ali baba and the forty thieves; Open sesame.

  55. Your likes make me miss a lot on NS, and I really need to come back on. There’s much to enjoy from literature here. But I’m not “sesame” as in Ali’s story; I’m “SESANME”. Thanks.

    1. Of course I know you are not. I got the mention correctly, didn’t I? It only Reminds me of that word.
      Come back, I am sure NS misses you too, @sesanme.

  56. So why u dey call my name?

    1. @sambrightomo. Say I miss you na bad thing?
      You just run away with that your lover.
      Shey you no sabi you get people wey dey miss you ni?
      Tscheew! Long time sha o.

  57. Which lover wey u give me? Which one? Call d person name.

    1. Abi u dey jeeeaauuuuloouuus ni?

  58. @sambrightomo.
    Dat ya lover wey get chewing stick leg, wey im nyash big like drum, wey dey waka lyk say im na tolotolo wey go break. Wetin ah won jelos? *rolls eyes* tscheew!
    My own be say the 46 thousan naira wey you gimme before U comot our house, go dey follow Miss Edu Kate don finish. And your pikins dem don stop to dey go skul kwa.

    1. heheheheheheheheheheee…kolo! u are one heaven of a character!!! Anyway nor mind us na inside bedroom we go settle this matter. *Winks*… But before I comot I tell u everything now? U nor remember ni? After that…

  59. @sambrightomo
    No just try am! You and hu wan enta bedroom? So by the taim you turn one or two tricks my sense go fly? Lai-lai! Ur jazz no go work!
    Come oh! Dem no tell you say I don get anoda bobo sef?
    Go meet Miss Waka laik tolo-tolo, I hear say she dey beat you scarra. Hehehe.

  60. so u wan deny me now? Anyway,I am nt d jealous type,so u and ur new bobo,make una carry go.Me I go just dey my own as usual,since u nor believe me say i nor run away with Edu Kate. What a way to miss person.-U go get new bobo. Hian,na wa for u ooooo. I don dey doubt ur kurukere love tey-tey,no b today.Enjoy ur bobo o, and make una born join d pikin wey u don born full for ground…born again,and again infact sef,born against!

  61. Hehehehe! You no fit make me feel like say I do you bad thing o.
    Anyway im talk say make I greet U. Im name na MUSE, and we don get one pikin already – ‘Chantel Cums’, you see am? Go house go look am.
    Take care @sambrightomo. Hope U are back to stay on NS? Don’t leave like that again o.

  62. Yeah, u mentioned me right(ly). My birthday’s next month, and after that I want to come back well and enjoy the social literature here. I say forgive me guys. Apologies! @sibbylwhyte

  63. That’s very good @sesanme. Happy birthday in advance, Caleb. And since we can’t get the cake, do bring back a lovely literary dish for us, we will be waiting. Cheers! $ß.

  64. @sibbylwhyte : OK, I’ll try. Thanks!

  65. @sibbylwhyte
    this is excellent
    a kind of enchanting

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