The Pervert

The Pervert

The Perversion on mine eyes

My ears, my mouth

The perversion of my mind

That I can no longer see a grown man with a little child

And not question or doubt

Worse even that while I fold my newspaper

I say to myself, ‘aint no ‘uncle’ touching my kids’

Aunties too.

The perversion of my eyes

My eyes, my eyes burn in pain

I fear for my people

My people who do not know that time is ephemeral

And wealth a sexy vixen that toys with emotions

Ha ha!

My people, scrambling to memorize lyrics and songs

Argue about videos and ‘what’s up!’

While books lay over books, embracing dust

We dress our faces, our bodies

Spray sweet fragrances

While our brains lay naked, cold and ashamed

Alone, unfed, uncared for

We wear signs on our foreheads, please adopt abandoned brains!

The perversion of time

We have a lot of it

Make plans to plan for a plan we don’t plan!

Then future meets present and smacks you in the head


Booties, pimps, whores, niggas, bitches, am I missing any?

Perverted tongues, speak lies

Mirage of gangster success, Mirage of fame, mirage of ‘luck and chance’

Please forget dedication, practice, preparation

Welcome genie, Ali Baba, 1800fortuneareus!

Films of smoke becomes the perverts meal

Mute my voice

Go on, mute it

Happy as a clam now, maybe you’d even ‘like’ this.

An app on your computer, phone, a house in your brain

Updated status’ of foolery and absolute inconsequence

Ops, offended?

I’m sorry

After all, these are the perversions of mine eyes.

13 thoughts on “The Pervert” by Mobola (@mobola)

  1. Hehehe… The first part is preventive perversion…
    Since technology keeps developing, brains would unfortunately keep wasting, afterall with phones that can ‘predict’ what you’ll say next, who needs a brain. Lol. If you see anyone with a brain for sale, please inform me, I need extra brains for me, but make sure it isn’t dead o.

    I think I am now used to your style. I ‘like’d this… Hehe. Well done, Mobola. $ß.

  2. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

    nice, loved it..

  3. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    very interesting, has a contemporary feel to it. Nice.

  4. the mind processes many visions, words and things coming from our senses… messages from the senses get too much till it breaks us down…
    but if we can flee and be a boss over our mind…all is fine for us…but what of neighbours around?,how do we cope.

    good message…nice poem
    the modern world has brought us fortune of powerful choices anyways.

  5. I liked this, @mobola. I wasn’t quite sure that the self-reflection in first paragraph fitted into the general theme, since the narrator is showing his/her indignation at others for most of the poem.

    I especially liked lines like

    “Then future meets present and smacks you in the head


    Well done.

  6. brilliant rendition…powerful message…sad reality…
    Well done

  7. yes,

    the world has evolved with the good and the bad.
    we use less muscle, first it was our legs, thanks to vehicles, then our hands, thanks to complex machines like washing machines, blenders and smart phones, now it’s our brains.

    life is all about trading. we trade the use of this beautiful body God has given us, for ease and convenience.

    The poem sparks deep thoughts. Nice one.

  8. beautiful, loved the flow

  9. Nice poem, I wish the world will read it and start making use f their brains more.

  10. Message is indeed very timely and significant …

    Ride on!

  11. nice…you could still improve tho…

  12. Wonderful piece of poetry, suits the times and I love your flows

  13. Wow…really lik d flow…it’s more lik dancing to ‘solemn’ drumbeats…

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