SYNW 2013 Free Creative Writing Workshop And More

SYNW 2013 Free Creative Writing Workshop And More





Come and learn about:


  • Techniques of fiction – settings, characters and plots
  • Plotting your novel
  • The Aesthetics of Indigenous Poetry
  • What you need to know about being a professional fiction writer
  • How editors look at manuscripts, novels and short fiction
  • How fiction works
  • 101 ways of marketing your books
  • Obtaining ISBN and facts about ISML, ISSN, Indexing, Sorting, Cataloguing etc.


SIDE ATTRACTIONS: Free registration, free seminar kit, certificate of participation, automatic membership into Ibadan Book Club and refreshment.


Date: 3rd of August 2013

Venue: Amphi Theatre, University of Ibadan Main Gate, (the former house of the Nobel Leaureate – Professor Wole Soyinka) Ebrohime Road, U.I, Ibadan.

Time: 12:00 Prompt


To participate, text your name, age, phone number, gender, location, state and where you heard about the seminar to 08072673852 or 08183195486

Wole Adedoyin



NB: Intending participants are to come with at least one or two pages showing samples of their fictional works for immediate publishing on the Society’s literary journal tagged “ATUPA, for Literary Lightness”.




As part of our aims of taking reading and writing campaign to the grassroot people of the country, Society of Young Nigerian Writers in collaboration with the Society for Microsoft Practitioners (an ICT platform where Microsoft scholars, technicians, experts, operators meet to share, discuss, brainstorm and learn about the latest features of Microsoft Softwares and other Microsoft products) and Ibadan Book Club last week taught thirty public primary school pupils the aesthetics of reading and writing as well as introduction to Computer Education.


The Benefited schools include:

  • United Native Authority (U.N.A) Inalende, Ibadan
  • Methodist Primary School, Bodija, Ibadan.
  • The Apostolic Primary School, Inalende, Ibadan
  • St. Brigids Primary School 1 & 2, Mokola, Ibadan
  • C.A.C Primary School 1,2,3 Oniyanrin, Ibadan
  • Ebenezer Primary School, Oke Agala, Ibadan
  • New Eden Primary School 1 & 2, Premier Hill, Mokola, Ibadan
  • St. John Catholic Primary School, Inalende Ibadan
  • St. Stephens Primary School 1 & 2, Ire-Akari, Ibadan.
  • Baptist Primary School 1,2,3, Iyana Idikan
  • St. Michael Primary School, Idikan, Ibadan
  • Agbaje Memorial Primary School, Idikan, Ibadan
  • Ebenezer Primary School, Ekotedo, Ibadan
  • Salvation Army Primary School 1,2,3,4, Yemetu, Ibadan
  • St. Paul Primary School 1,2,3,4, Yemetu, Ibadan

See the attached Photographs

Scan6 Scan2 Scan1 Scan2 Scan3 Scan4




Oyo State was formerly known as the citadel of good books and informative readers. Ibadan is presently the heartbeat of publishing in Nigeria where you see the likes of publishing firms like Evans, Heinemann, University Press P.L.C, Oxford University Press (now U.I Press) Spectrum, Book Craft, Kraft Books, Rasmed, Literamed, Extention, Providence, Benevolence etc. The first readers and writers association (Mbari Mbayo Writers and Artists Movement) in Nigeria was established in Oyo state by Ulli Beier in conjunction with Prof. Wole Soyinka, Late Prof. Chinua Achebe, Late Christopher Okigbo, Late D.O. Fagunwa, J.P. Clark etc. But in the last political dispensation in the state all things went wrong, the government fell into the hands of treasury looters who did not want rapid and positive development  for the people of the state. States like Rivers, Niger, Benue, Jos, Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Imo are now fronting  when it comes to the issue of reading and writing culture in the country. It is now time for Oyo State to claim its pace-setter status in the area.

Derivations of Ajumoko and Ajumoka slogans

There are many of these developmental names extracted from the name of His Excellency, Senator Ajimobi, names like Ajumorin (Fitness Walk), Ajumose (Collective Responsibility), Ajumoko (Collective Writing) and Ajumoka (collective reading). Ajumoko and Ajumoka are both the initiatives of the Society of Young Nigerian Writers.


Ajumoka and Ajumoko Campaign

Literarily, Ajumoko and Ajumoka in Yoruba Language mean “Collective/Public Readings and Writing”. This is the latest initiative of the Society of Young Nigerian Writers in conjunction with some Ibadan-based literary bodies like Egbe Onkowe Ede Yoruba, Ibadan Book Club, Writers Against Aids and Tobacco Smoking and Zamani Akaraka Artists and Writers Movement toward complementing the efforts of His Excellency, Senator Isiaq Abiola Ajimobi, the Executive Governor of Oyo State in promoting and enhancing the quality of education (especially in the area of reading and writing) in the state.

Reading culture is dwindling in Oyo State. Majority of the writers and book clubs in the state are not touching the grassroots. Hardly will you find primary and secondary school students as well as artisans during their readings. They blow grammars without giving their participants assignments and follow-up. They read in only English forgetting that Charity begins at home (they’ve neglected their indigenous languages).To us, Rainbow Book Club is the only vibrant and outstanding book club out of the book clubs we have in the country.

The last political administration in the state jeopardized the writing and reading culture of the people in the state.


Ajumoko and Ajomoka hopes to create a platform where market women, traders, politicians, artisans, students, farmers, hawkers and people from all works of life will engage themselves in reading and writing exercises.

We aim to achieve this by collaborating with the state government, 33 local governments and the 33 local government libraries in Oyo State.


Aims and Objectives of Ajumoko Ajumoka Education Campaign

  1. To take book reading and creative writing to the grassroots in Oyo State
  2. To compliment the vision of His Excellency Sentor Isiaq Abiola Ajimobi towards enhancing the quality of education in Oyo State.
  3. To promote reading culture in the state
  4. To enhance, nurture, hone and develop the reading and creative writing skills of the people of Oyo State.
  5. To create a new Oyo State through Books
  6. To educate, inform and entertain Oyo State through Books
  7. To create a publishing platform where their ideas, thought and experience could be read and heard.
  8. To turn Oyo State into a book loving state
  9. To show the people of Oyo State that His Excellency, Sentator Abiola Ajimobi is truly committed toward raising the standard of education in Oyo State.
  10. To let the foreigners know that hiding a secret in a book for any indigenes of Oyo State will reveal the foreigners intention whether good or bad – because they will read it.

Wole Adedoyin



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