The Mystery of the Little Boy – 1

  Yeni, a 27 year old post graduate student of Lautech was walking to Doyin guesthouse after the little disappointment she met at the salon. She had sat at the salon for over an hour reading mindlessly all the magazines on customer’s stool while waiting for the arrival of her hair dresser. The hairdresser kept … Continue reading The Mystery of the Little Boy – 1

Sin 12

  Triumph came with uttering those words. The feeling stayed with me for days after that. Nothing beat a positive outlook any day. It revived my strength to stand Prisca and her excess baggage. On that, she didn’t hold back any. She kept it pouring—every fantasy she’d entertained, every liaison she’d ever imagined, every situation … Continue reading Sin 12

Betrayals and Funerals – 1

KEMI I found myself staring at the knife again. It shone to the extent that I could see my reflection in it; only it wasn’t my reflection I saw but hers. Shirley. The tears came again. Everything reminded me of her. Everywhere I looked, I saw her. Her cute smile and her shiny little teeth… … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals – 1

Fabunmi ‘Ekun’ 3

Fabunmi ‘Ekun’ 3

  Silence clouded the palace like a fog. Visitors carried their legs subtly as though they walked on broken pots. Mothers tucked breast to their babies’ mouth even when they did not cry for milk. The little children that played hide-and-seek in the yard covered their mouths, intuitively, with their hands when they screamed from … Continue reading Fabunmi ‘Ekun’ 3