Not Just a Poet

Not Just a Poet

Alone, at times I lie back and wonder
How God made me an artist with words on paper.
The beauty of the load I am born to deliver
Remains a mystery, like the Qur’an to a believer.

I wonder what was going on in Fuentes’ sense
When he said:”Writing is a struggle against silence.”
Now I know why my tongue cannot say what I want
And why my pen is a better gun with which I hunt.

My ancestors are some creatures of amazement,
They died decades ago, but their works did not-for a moment;
Shakespeare and Kipling, Angelou and Wordsworth,
No man on earth can say what each of their words worth.

As I lie here alone, watching as the dawn goes home,
Wondering why my mind is never tired to roam
I realize that I am a poet, but not just a poet
With every sonnet, blank verse and heroic couplet.

19 thoughts on “Not Just a Poet” by Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

  1. This is good Nu’rayn… I like the thoughts in it…
    The last two lines kinda threw me off cause it seemed like a contradiction to me – maybe I didn’t quite get that part.
    Well done. $ß.

  2. Brilliant!!!! Brilliance!!!! Brilliante!!!!


    Bubbles honey, the last two lines are simply a compliment to what he’s been saying all day. What he means is despite the fact that he lives and breathes in words and spews out lines, he is simply much more than that. Because he lives what he writes – the poetry is just a means of sharing that, therefore, before he is/was a poet, he was/is human first.

    Make any sense?

    My 50kobo.

    1. Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

      Thanks for the comment and most importantly, thanks for clearing that up.

    2. Thanks for clearing that up, @seun-odukoya.
      Nurayn… Don’t get blown away o, If you get blown away to Sahara, what would happen to your readers? Abeg just write more for us to read…
      Well done. $ß.

  3. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Wow! I really like this, inspite of my pet peeve against poems about poets and poetry. I’d still ask for teeny weeny tweaks though, details avalaible on request. But gosh! this was well done! Kudos brother, More, More!

  4. Tolase Ajibola (@Blaise007)

    New reign,
    your words beat me like the rain.
    Rhyming Wordsworth and words worth, that’s sane.
    From you I have a lot to gain…..

    If only you’d teach me Bro

    1. Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

      With that kind of comment I wonder who should be teaching who.

  5. “.”

    The above is just it, I mean, “Full Stop.”
    That of course means greatness.

    And you @Blaise007, any consanguinity with James Bond?
    I bet it, you shot it, and I like it.

  6. Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

    Without any intention of exaggeration, I’d say I’m blown away by your comments. @sibbylwhyte, @Seun-Odukoya, @nicolebassey, @Blaise007 and @ostar, your words can move rocks, and they sure moved mine.
    My head is humbly bowed.

  7. Hehe lift ya head jo, there is work to do! Well done. Inviting @xikay @sueddie @chemokopi @sambrightomo @drzhivago @scopeman n @shaifamily.

    1. Finally, I found my way here. More and more difficult these days…finding one’s way here.
      Anyways, I see a good piece. In fact, these lines –
      “Now I know why my tongue cannot say what I want
      And why my pen is a better gun with which I hunt.” They jumped right out at me ‘cos they express how I used to feel many years ago. Those days when a small book and pen was my night-time friends.
      Well done.

  8. Well done poet @newreign I like the poem..and the rhymes, which by the way took away a lot from the poem.

    Chasing rhymes, we something remove what should be and include what should not.

    1. Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

      Thank you sir, will keep that in mind.

      1. @xikay: I echo your thoughts on that. Looked in some areas as if that ancient puzzle (the question of sound/beauty over sense/flow) came to bare…

  9. I like the music the meter and rhymes infuse into the poem: it almost felt like I was singing. I see you did try to make sure your rhymes weren’t forced but as @xikay seems to suggest, there is room for a more mature and realistic rhyming scheme.

    I so love that line about pen and gun and hunt.

    Very nice poem. We writers have much power.

  10. lovely lines…

  11. You took your time and gave us a master piece.Well done.

  12. Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

    Thank you for the comment. And suggestion noted too.

  13. Well done on the poem Nur’ayn. There’s some carefree seriousness here. A certain meditation that makes the heart wonder. I think this sits well with me, even as I seem to think that it could have been somewhat better… How? Hee hee hee! Ask their @gooseberry @petunia007 @adaobiokwy

    Well done on this one. We hail!

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