Nene’s Choice – Epilogue


During Zelinjo’s stay in hospital Nene finally moved all her belongings out of their matrimonial home.

After a short stint in hospital, Zelinjo recovered and was discharged but Zelinjo decided he was going to press charges for attempted murder against his wife, realizing this could all work to his advantage if she was convicted and sent to prison, he could get new documents and repossess all of Nene’s assets, he surmised with a view to disposing them off as quickly as possible.

Nene burst into hysterics at the irony of everything when she was served the summons and picked up by the police.

She was bailed by her parents and Nene arranged for a lawyer who would fight her case in court.

During the hearing, Nene provided all the evidence she had collected from her video and web cam recordings which she had stashed away safely precisely for such a time as this.

Her thinking proved to be fortuitous as all the charges brought against her were dropped since the evidence all showed Nene had acted in self defence.

Zelinjo on his part was subsequently charged and convicted for assault, battery and intent to commit fraud and murder.

He was sent to prison for 10 years, asked to pay damages and he lost his job as an Oil company executive.

His love interest Jumobi, ditched him as soon as she heard the verdict maintaining that at her age she could not afford to wait for a convicted criminal with no career prospects and no financial backing to his name.

Zelinjo found out to his dismay that Jumobi had turned out to be a worthless gold digger who was only after him for the prestige and money associated with being the wife of an Oil executive.


11 thoughts on “Nene’s Choice – Epilogue” by izadi (@Izadi)

  1. Hehehehe!
    Even though you told this part, It was satisfying to know that you placed the bastard behind bars.
    Epilogues can also be shown, can’t they? Guess you just wanted to summarize and end it.
    Thanks for the ride, izadi.
    Well done. $ß.

  2. Those evidence really saved her, if not, zel was at upper hand.good story, i enjoyed it.

  3. aadetoyin (@aadetoyin)

    Not the ending I was actually expecting bcos u had built the suspense so much.
    Its good he ended up in jail. He is very silly for even dragging her to court but sure Serves him and his gold digger babe RIGHT ;D

  4. I4 years!!! Seriously??
    Zel should be jailed for life so he can be used as a deterent to other fools like him who take pleasure in beating their wives. the way it ended though.

  5. This kinda feels rushed but still okay tho..thank God everything turned out for good for nene…zel will never find peace again

  6. yinkus (@yinkus101)

    yea feels rushed but it a great story

  7. leroyA (@LEROY)

    @Izadi, thanks for taking me on this journey with you, Was good and the ending could have been better, rather short, i’d say. Well done.

  8. Koollove (@Koollove)

    wil men ever learn? Tnk God 4 women empowerment

  9. nice ending but kinda abrupt

  10. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    All is well that ends well kwa? So the inspiration all these girls now have is that men are cheats, wife beaters and the likes. May una write say we try too fa. Cos really guys are trying…

    Thanks for a wonderful series, more ink to your pen

  11. Fool finally put in his rightful place.
    One Word: FINALE.

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