My Beloved Nigeria







NIGERIA: The pride of Africa

Rich in culture

Filled with scholars

NIGERIA: A wealthy nation

Yet a third world country

NIGERIA: An oil rich nation

Yet no fuel in gas stations

NIGERIA: A democratic nation

Best governed by generals

NIGERIA: A place where graduates best fit into

Garages and car parks

NIGERIA: A place where the reason for daily retrenchment

Is an increase in labour force

And reducing the excesses of the government

NIGERIA: A country ruled by leaders of men

Who have not only led their generation?

But that of ten more to come

NIGERIA: A country where armed robbers

Speak fluent English than the robbed

NIGERIA: A country where police checkpoints

Can easily replace toll gates

For effective collection of tolls

NIGERIA: A place where graduates

Are better used as thugs

NIGERIA: Place where oil boom

Has given way for oil doom

NIGERIA: A place…………………….


6 thoughts on “My Beloved Nigeria” by bishop (@bishopandy)

  1. Well written. I like this.

    But na still complaining tins sha! We nid practical solutions

    1. bishop (@bishopandy)

      @maisolomonic, thanks what form of practical solutions do you suggest?

  2. NIGERIA: A place that we are doomed to be stuck in, till each and everyone of us takes a forward step in the right direction.
    Well done, Bishop. $ß.

    1. bishop (@bishopandy)

      @sibbylwhyte, thanks. but where is the right direction

  3. @bishopandy hehe! Me am nt proferring solutions, afterall I’m a Nigerian. D only tin we can do is talk abt prblms!

    It is one of d beef I have with modern Nigerian Literature. We can complain!

    And am nt an exception.

    Nt even d likes of chimamanda

  4. For me, I go by the Edehism theory, which says that Man is Mma di i.e the good that is. That is, seeing every man as a human being and the good that is and treating them as such… If you see your neighbour as yourself and treat him the way you want to be treated, you will see a drastic reduction in the ills that plague us. Even our leaders would give the masses their due because they are themselves Mma di… Well a philosopher would put this better than I did. That’s my one cent. $ß.

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