Lovers Or Friends 6

When Juwon was thirteen years old, she and her mother were taking a walk in the Estate. As they made to turn into their street on their way back home, a car came speeding from just around the corner; he must have been doing 160km on a 40km speed limit road. He was young, couldn’t have been more than 15 or 16.  She heard a loud scream and the sound of tyres screeching, and then a loud thud. A bright light flashed before her eyes and she shut them tightly. When she opened them again what she saw was her mother’s body lying still on the floor. The young boy, utterly frightened, came down briefly to meet Juwon screaming at the top of her voice. She looked at him and beckoned on him to help. Her mother was still breathing. He stood still; obviously shocked and sorely afraid. Then he rushed back into the car and zoomed off.

Almost immediately, another car pulled over, it was Kunle’s mother; she was on her way back from the market. She rushed out and helped Juwon put her mother in the back seat and rushed them to the hospital. The car smelt of livestock and blood; Juwon wasn’t sure if it was from the meat in the bag on the floor of the back seat of the car, or if it was her mother, who was lying still in her young, slender arms.

At the hospital lobby while her mother laid on the operating table, under theatre lights, Juwon sat trying to make sense of the last thirty minutes. She remembered the breakfast of toast bread and orange juice her mother made for her, how she complained that the bread was too dry, and the juice too sour and how it stung her cheeks. She remembered her mother’s smile as she said to her, “Darling, it’s farm fresh juice, it’s healthier for you.”
She was cranky all morning and her mother suggested they go for a walk, “Come on Jumy, let’s go for a walk, let the warm air flush away this mood you’ve been in all morning.” She hated herself for being cranky that morning. She regretted complaining about the bread, about the juice, about everything she complained about.

Sitting there in the hospital lobby gave her enough time to review what had just happened. She remembered skipping and hopping as they returned home, ignoring her mother’s warning to be careful on the curbs of the Estate road. When her mother couldn’t take it, she tried to constrain her on the curbs. Juwon hopped and skipped on and bumped into her mother on one of such occasions. She pushed her further into the road just as the car came speeding along the road. He knocked her right off and only managed to not run over her.

The doctors came out to confirm the severity of the situation. It had been five hours of surgery. The accident had fractured her vertebrae and caused severe damages to her spinal cord, chances of her walking again was next to nothing. As the Doctor was sharing the news with Juwon and Kunle’s mum a Nurse came running towards him from the theatre, “Doctor, please hurry, the patient is seizing, we suspect intracranial haemorrhaging.”
“O my God!” The Doctor nearly yelled as he rushed off with the Nurse back into the theatre.”

He wasn’t gone for long this time, but he found it even harder to explain the situation when he returned. You see, all intracranial bleeds have the potential to compress the brain and cause seizures and other problems. Usually they have to remove part of the victim’s skull to relieve the pressure. And that was the case with Juwon’s mum. She came out of it eventually, and when Juwon finally got the chance to see her, she opened her eyes, and that’s about all she could do.

Confined to eternal dependence for as long she lived, Juwon knew her mother depended on her to do what was necessary. That’s why when the police asked her if she remembered anything about the vehicle that hit her mum, or what the driver looked like, she insisted she remembered nothing. But every time she looked in her mother’s eyes from that day, she saw him, his young innocent face and his afro. She remembered the vehicle was a navy-blue coloured Mercedes Benz 230E model. She remembered the plate number and she remembered his voice just before he turned back and zoomed off when he said “Shit!”


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  1. Still holding on to this, so far it’s still intriguing as the first one…. keep going

    1. @elovepoetry Thank you for staying through, Part 7 is coming shortly, I have just submitted it for review, while I go to work on Part 8. Keep enjoying the story :-)

  2. Flash back into the life of the mysterious Juwon… Maybe that’s the cause of her kaleidoscopic lifestyle

    PS: I know u’re busy bt try nd post d nxt episode soonest

    1. @kingobozy I know the next part took a while, but I have posted the next part for review here on NS, I hope you continue to enjoy the series. Thank you for staying through…Part 8 coming soon too! #Cheers!

  3. Kat (@cathreya)

    not bad. can’t wait to see what happens next……..

    1. @cathreya You won’t have to wait for much longer anymore, I have just posted Part 7 for review, off to go work on Part 8! Thanks for reading through the series! :-)

    1. @grayshore Coming soon…Already posted for review! :-)

  4. Hmmm… Next please.
    Well done, Scopes. $ß

    1. @sibbylwhyte Coming soon Sibbyl, already posted for review. Thanks for staying through :-)

  5. Welldone, @scopeman60. Let the story keep unfolding.

    1. Thanks @febidel We’ll keep going where the story leads :-)

  6. An insight in2 d world of Juwon.Pls more.

    1. @jade69 More coming shortly :-)

  7. @scopeman60, it’s time for episodes 7 and 8. I’m waiting…….

    1. The wait will end shortly @febidel :-)

  8. kevin (@kevindkind)

    Very sad! Such borden, what a guilt she had to live with. Just now, she wish she could turn the hands of TIME. acording to R. Kelly. Now i can also see what she’s struggling against. This a lesson that explains that some times, u can’t really blame people for how they turn out to be. Thats what life, some times makes out of us. Very not bad

  9. This is interesting… Next please

    1. Next part coming right up @uzywhyte :-)

  10. @scopeman60, it seems like “Lovers and Friends” has been retired from the list of serialized stories. What’s happening? Your faithful readers are still waiting for you oh. We want to finish this series, please.

    1. @febidel Perhaps you will help me campaign for it to be put back up, #IAmScopeman is back to finish what he started! :-)

      Thank you so much for urging me on with this story, you have remained a big push to bring it thus far.

      1. Alright. That’s good to know. @scopeman60, please notify me when you post the next episodes. I’ve been very busy this period and sometimes I’m unable to visit this place.

  11. Is this the end? Can’t be! We are waiting anxiously.

    1. Coming shortly @Chime221 I have just posted the next part for review here. Off to go work on Part 8! :-)

  12. Glowingdiva (@Glowingdiva)

    Where is d continuation

  13. where was I all the while……………..this is just what a story should look like…………….

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