Lost Magic

Lost Magic

Listen my child,

The old doctors saw the future

So they crossed legs

And threw stones at the floor

Counting away the time that was to arrive

When will the blue sky turn red? They asked

Amongst them, those afraid had no answers

So they cut down trees

And rolled down heads from stairs

Hoping their cries would instigate


A hunter killed a sleeping tiger

Seeking an appraisal from the king

He showed the tiger’s skin to his king

The king seeing the eyes of the beast

Became afraid for his own soul

So, he ordered the hunter back to the woods


Back in the woods

The bow-man met with the wife of the tiger

Smitten with her beauty, he fell to ground

Hoping for forgiveness

Smitten with hatred, she broke his bones

Making meal of his dripping heart


The world has forgotten its root

Thrown away the honor it never once had

Deep into the intergalactic science

So my child what are?

Rockets to bamboo leaves, cowries to dying cards?

When all we do is stir the course into prevalent rage

An inevitable end to all the bad seeds we have sown

Dare put your ears to ground

For, you will hear that the birds no longer sing

Only cry for the fate of men of the same kinds


8 thoughts on “Lost Magic” by Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

  1. Hmmm… This looks like a ballad…interesting story you painted in this, esp. that hunter part.
    The bad eggs would definitely get rotten, we can only hope that they the good ones aren’t thrown away with them.
    Nice poem, Uyi. $ß.

    1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

      @sibbylwhyte Thanks for stopping by..Much Appreciated

  2. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

    Love this “The world has forgotten its root

    Thrown away the honor it never once had”…………. reminds me of Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol

    1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

      @vincentdepaul Dan Brown, Never read his work, I might have to check his work. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. the birds indeed no longer sing…nice poem

    there are still some words though that i feel contradicts the message.

    1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

      @laworemike hmm, interesting point. could you please point out those words? thanks for reading

  4. Yeah I like this…..as always.

  5. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

    @basittjamiu hey brother, been a while. Thanks for stopping by

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