Going Places

I’d like to travel round my continent
And I will (begad grace) it’s my prescience
I dream of traveling around the globe
As much time as I can actually go
Though this seems utterly foolish and vague
If one considers my financial weight
But once I dream, I fight with zeal
Despite oddities to make it real
So I am waiting for the day
I’ll go to stay a few days in Norway
On day, I‘ll visit Greece
To have a feel of its breeze
The next day I’ll be greeting someone in Tanzania
That I am a poet and I come from Nigeria
And I am on my way to Denmark
To spend time in their shores watching sharks.
From Denmark, I will visit London
But I won’t have to stay long.
Before returning suddenly
To spend some time with my family
Then I will continue to a place called Tobago
But I would avoid their tobacco.
From there to Mozambique
Though I will have to leave there quick
To attend an eisteddfod in Wales
Also to watch their whales
There are still other places to go
Like Morocco, Congo and Togo
In my own continent.

6 thoughts on “Going Places” by Idiong Divine (@Idiong_Divine)

  1. You do know the names of lotsa places for sure.
    Well done. $ß.

  2. You do know the names of lotsa places for sure.
    Oh! And may your dreams come through and true.
    Well done. $ß.

    1. Thanks a lot and may yours come true too :P

  3. I like the idea of the poem but a lot was missing.

    @sibbylwhyte :)

    1. Please sibbywhyte, point out what was missing.

  4. ….yes a lot was missing in the lot. Indecision of Rhymes glared at the beginning;
    however, in such endevours, the instance of say, “Denmark & Sharks” is sundered
    by the ‘s.’ The rhythm was sweet but was occasionally forced.

    I do really love going places too.

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