Dancing shadows

Walking down the street
engulfed in mystery
we caught the tread of dancing feet
A dancing shadow
racing accross the street
like dry leaves wheeling in the wind
we watched a man figure
something horrible leaning out of the window
we dare to further
into the long silent street
street of pale pink and smokes
we prepared our face
to meet the face
that we meet in the street
what will be our fate
we hold it to your faith
Engulfed in mystery and horror
mark in every face we see
mark of rejection
And a tale to tell
A tale of woe
And a jolt of fear
Fear of extermination
An emotion
Emotion of hate
keen and vengeful
Our fate we leave to your faith

One thought on “Dancing shadows” by Chris Nwogu (@chrisnwogu)

  1. I really don’t understand your poem one bit

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