Chinechere M – tʃi/nɛ/tʃɛ rɛ m/

Chinechere M – tʃi/nɛ/tʃɛ rɛ m/

I‘d sing this anthem from my soul

The title means, “God thinks on me”

Though I may not ever know as I stroll

Upon earth or ride the tide of the sea


There are much of the unseen seen

Benign or malignant each in its kind

Yet, in every single passing scene

He plans inexplicably for my wellbeing


Even if the world around sings a requiem

He sees me through the fire of the furnace

That I indeed speak out, Chinechere m!

Oh what a foretaste of peace and grace


When anxiety stares and jeers in the morn

And uncertainty from one end to another

I weep like a child in loneliness and mourn

But then, I see your hand on my shoulder!


Father I appreciate your thinking on me

For the unseen sun at night is not a naught

Never; nor your invisibility must I see

To believe the much I really ought!


3 thoughts on “Chinechere M – tʃi/nɛ/tʃɛ rɛ m/” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

    Inspiring. God is great!!

  2. Beautiful, simple and reminds me of a hymn we used to sing in the choir.
    Nice one, Ostar. God bless. $ß.

  3. @sibbylwhyte the queen’s secretion ($ß) is perceived.
    Thanks dear.

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