Who are you?

You are…

Not of an old book,

scheming lies of the past

as peopled of saints.

You are a book of pain,

scripted by old venality.

Mistakes like tares have ruled the wheat,

and you have become an angry man.

With a mind so dusty and hazy,

so musty and mazy,

what is new fast becomes old.


You are…

not of old songs

Nana calls the good times,

for she lied.

You are the rugged rhythms of now,

dirges for tomorrow,

gray chants from septic mouths.

Gloom rents the air, like a restless wind,

blowing sour sounds of these days.

And the Kora has since lost her strings.


You are…

not of those dreams,

choked into sleep,

and enthroned like a drunken demon

to chase the wits away.

Do you still see the floating castles

built by those before you?

Nightmares garbed in guile,

of the now known truthful lies,

of freedom in communism, and

equality in capitalism.

It will be smiles, they said,

No more cries, no more vices,

just a path of peace to a solace of joy,

and you believed them.


Ha! Ha! Ha! They lied to you.


You are…

lust, walking with greed,

anger sleeping with vengeance,

and frailty drowned in a blood drunken death.

That’s the book of today, the song of now.

That’s who you are.


Will you then,

write a new book,

sing a new song

and dream anew?


7 thoughts on “Who are you?” by Ladipo Titiloye (@ladman)

  1. @ladman Nice. I like the flow.
    Please keep it up!

  2. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    hmm, not likely an evil man from his evil treasures ll only produce more rot.

  3. Thank you, @Topazo and @Mee. @nicolebassey one must hope that evil can turn a new leaf, that things made of weakness can find strength, that is the only way for a better future. It’s a quest for mankind. Thank you.

  4. Thanks, elovepoetry

  5. Simple and elegant, well done

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