There Was a Country: A POEM


When they came
They were as white as snow
With noses long as a peacock’s beak
As if from their noses they spoke
Hair made of gold

With force, hatred and vexation
They swept us to our knees
Our pride they swallowed
Our heritage they desecrated
Our land they conquered
We became their slaves
Sold for mirrors, pots and caps

Through fights, violence and agitation
We prayed for their exit
But go they refused
Even our gods and deities
Proved helpless at the sight of their conjured weapons
Their metals swallowed a whole village
Spitting fire and iron
Then our surrender was easy

Languages in hundreds, tribes in tens
We are divided
Each with a different agenda
But the men with long noses
Our leaders they blinded
Together they parked us
Burning with selfish agenda

Now we reap its fruits
Tribe and sentiment rule our lives
Nepotism, a divided multitude
Afraid of each other, suspicious
Each fighting for its share
Our grudges too many
Along the lanes of memory
Memories of a lost war
The military coups
The civilian hypocrites bleating
Men who bath with the soap of corruption
Whose hearts rest on milking us dry
Our celebrated leaders of hope
Cowards, villains, thieves, saboteurs, and goons
It was in the days of Achebe
That our own Nigeria died!

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A piece of creative writing bƔ
Alexander Thandi Ubani
A Poet, writer, Novelist and Thespian.

7 thoughts on “There Was a Country: A POEM” by thandiubani (@thandiubani)

  1. okay! nice.

  2. Godson (@Godson)

    great lines but it was coming straight

  3. it’s ok but too direct and i av personal problem with modern writerz talkin stil talkin abt dis subject matter again, tink we’ve had enuf it.

    1. @Leewas

      About the subject matter, I don’t think so. After 1 million civilians died from fighting and famine……and we are still making the same mistakes in 2013….

      My people say “If a person doesn’t know when the rain started beating him, he won’t know when he’s body started drying”….

  4. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Very good . Rich with imagery : Hair of gold , metal swallowing the village, slaves sold for mirrors.
    The last two lines though, they seem dodgy and insincere, own the loss as you had through out. Stronger that way. Their metals swallowed a whole village , that line seems dull, Their metals swallowed our villages, simpler,more nimble.
    Well done, Very well done

  5. Chinua’s book title as your poem’s title… Well…
    It was a good poem but this theme has been overhashed. Sadly, no change comes of it.
    So keep writing… Well done. $ß.

  6. @basittjamiu, thanks so much. I appreciate

    @Godson, thanks bro,,, sometimes it has to be so…

    @Leewas, thank bro but I really think no theme is exhausible and none is ever written the same. Even though writers and poets explore a particular theme all the time, there must be something unique and special to learn from it. Don’t be tired of reading bro… Thanks

    @nicolebassey, thanks for the expo, Sunshine. I will do my best. But I see no atom of insincerity in the last two lines ooo. If you consider the fact that all the calculated package in terms of murder, civilian uprising, unmatched corruption rate, nepotism, rampant chant for secession, the suicide bombing, the so-called Asari Dokubos and their threats, Boko Haram and so forth. It is fitting to say that ‘my’ if not ‘our’ own Nigeria died in the days of Achebe…
    Well, thanks a million.
    @sibbylwhyte, thanks for the comment. But if you read those lines very well, I’d believe you will know that there is a difference. I appreciate your input. Thanks…

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