The Scent Of Death: A Poem

The Scent Of Death: A Poem


Like a long stretching road
I waited endlessly
For the manager of my heart
She came and charmed my soul
I ‘called’ her beauty
She was like the rose, ‘scently’
She was far prettier than a goddess
Pure was her heart
Oozing with pleasantries

Like the breeze of a fan
Her goodness dashed smile to all
Eyes made of light
Its brightness better than the moon
She washed me with praises
Made me a man
Honor she rubbed all over my body
Like a king
I commanded her heart
From the gutters, she picked me up
Washed me with klin
Made me her man
I looked at her eyes with passion
I worshiped her
Like the evening cool breeze
Her touch was healing to my soul

The day she left
My heart died
I lost my vision

They came in threes
Took her by force
Ate her womanhood
Her shouts were muted
As they banged her with hate
With lust as fuel

I came and saw
My jaws dropped
Words dodged from my mouth
Eyes peppered and red
My body drowned in the river of blood
With helplessness as my only help
shame raped me
As I write with blood as ink
I pray for life
Cos my revenge will make the gods cry.

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A piece of creative writing bƔ
Alexander Thandi Ubani
A Poet, writer, Novelist and Thespian.

8 thoughts on “The Scent Of Death: A Poem” by thandiubani (@thandiubani)

  1. Jeez. Upon all she went through u still prayed for life? That takes lots of heart. I have someone dear to me whose experience can relate to this. God bless the gal.

  2. @Hymar, thanks…
    It is well…
    Thanks for reading,,,
    Bless you…

  3. @Hymar, thanks…
    It is well…
    Thanks for reading,,,
    Bless you…

  4. Rape. Almost a norm these days, sadly. If you get them, cut off their fucking balls.
    Keep writing. $ß.

  5. @sibbylwhyte,
    Your wishes are as good as mine.
    As a deterrent to others, capital punishment should be meted out to all rape offenders…
    That’s just the best,,,
    Have a great day…

  6. Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

    Tragic it really is. So much love she still had to give and so much love you wanted to give her too. But vengeance is only a mission fueled by anger and hate. What makes you think you’ll feel better with vengeance? Good poetry though, very good.

  7. @newreign, your words are true.

  8. this is nice. you may think of going paranormal……

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