The Betrayal Of A Prostitute


Here I am again deep in thoughts. Did I jump into conclusion? But I saw them; they were naked two of them on my matrimonial bed? But what actually were they doing both naked on my matrimonial bed? Those were the thoughts that held me spell bound for hours. The imagery of which ruined my life.

‘Good morning baby’ I had woken up in a cheerful mood. My beautiful wife was already up preparing for breakfast in the kitchen when I greeted her with those words. The night before was one to remember for me because it was filled with energetic lovemaking.

Now I am sitting on the chair, stupidly in thought. My hands are shaking, gripping a blood stained Baseball Bat, my face is sweating from fear and anxiety and I ᵃm pacing up and down aimlessly. As sweat dripped from my forehead and landed on the marble-decked floor, the loud sound of my pounding heart an indication that it is real.
The bulb shines and the television is mute; two lifeless bodies lay on the floor in my own very matrimonial bed. As the Air Conditioner hummed, my mind searched for a solution to the impending doom that is about to ruin my life.

My name is Damian, I am your average guy and not by any means handsome. I am tall, lean and chocolate in color with bushy afro hairstyle. My chin is broad, leaving my face hairless except my eyebrows and eyelid. Exactly this time next week, I will be marking my 45th birthday.

‘ You have a big mouth’ a girl once cajoled me years back in the University but many years have counted since then.

But these days my ‘onu ukwu’ doesn’t matter at all.

I have been working as a Banker for the past 20years. It was really hard when I began. I came to the city like every other young graduate but I had nobody to rely on so I slept under the Mile2 bridge until fortune smiled my way when an old schoolmate of mine rendered me divine help. It has been more than 20years since that time. Gradually, I have climbed the ladder of success over the years and have made a mark for myself in the Banking sector.

Now a full fledged Bank Executive, I have all I dreamt about. Money came in droves and so was luxury. Money have bought me the goodies of life but I am still childless.

I met Angela during my clubbing days as a young banker. It was in a popular hotel during the days of Bachelorhood and she was a call girl. What happened between us remains a mystery because I ended up falling in love with her. Not minding her profession, I made her my life and brought her to my parents for marriage proposals.

‘You must be out of your mind for you to settle down with a prostitute’ Phillip my bosom friend lashed out at me when I told him about Angela

‘Look, everybody in this neighborhood have had her’ He said in a mocking way just to make me change my mind.

‘She is a prostitute for crying out loud. What will people say when they hear this?’ He shouted as I drove him to the local club that night.

Like a headstrong fly that will always follow the corpse to the grave, I never saw reasons with his statement. I was perpetually many bottles drunk in love.

‘She is a changed person’ I responded defensive but calm even though I was a little fed up with him. Phillip did everything to dissuade me into not marrying Angela but all his antics failed.

Angela was a beauty to behold, a witch of beauty will be more appropriate. She was fair like a white woman, gorgeous. Her voice was more tender than a lovely kiss. She was tall and has the figure of a model. It must have taken God an extra-day to work on her body because she was perfect in every man’s eyes. Her eyes were sexy and even when she cried she looked more lovely than a mermaid. From the first day I saw her, my heart skipped and raced just because I wanted her. But when I heard she was a ‘Call girl’, my mind became tense. I swore to change her and make her my wife.

But getting Angela to be my wife was harder than trying to lift a truck with one finger. All my advances of love overtures fell on deaf ears.

‘I love my profession and I ᵃm not gonna be under any man’ she always told me jokingly even though I was surprised and ashamed, I just had to shake my head with mixed feeling. But the spirits were playing a dying tone for me but I didn’t read the signs.

When I thought all hope was lost, Angela came to my mansion one night and that was how she became my wife. As they say, the rest is now history. I showered her with gift, attention and money. I spoilt her with gifts, we took many vacations to the Caribbean Island and even to Dubai. She became a most happy woman until something happened.

I was made the Executive Manager of Standic Banks, Headquarters. The money was unbelievable but I had no time for myself and family. It became even more harder because the work load became much and this affected my family duties but I cared not.
Angela stayed home even after all my plea to open a boutique for her to manage fell on deaf ears. But she preferred to stay in the house watching home movies.
I tried to make out time for my beautiful wife but it wasn’t easy. Then her attitude began to change towards me. She became hostile, quarrelsome, violent and disrespectful. But I was happy that she was still in the house, if you know what I mean. Even as I tried everything to please Angela but she wouldn’t accept my proposals.

When my younger brother called me that Friday afternoon that he wants to come visiting, I was a happy man. At least, he will keep my Angela company. That night I told her about my brother coming to stay for a while in our house. She didn’t like the idea but I begged her stressing that I have already agreed with him.

‘At last I won’t be lonely in this house anymore’ she had said after accepting.

Chibuike, my younger brother have changed just over 7years since I saw him last. He looks very much like my mother. He was tall, muscular, handsome and always looking charming. I was really surprised at the new look and change. At 22 years, he was already in his final year reading Law in the university. I was proud and happy to see him in my house. He was my only brother and everything of mine belonged to him. We were so close that you could hardly see him without me. But all that changed when he got admission into the university and I moved to Lagos. He looked a little strange to me now but I was happy to have him in my mansion.

When Angela saw Chibuike, I saw that look in her eyes. They weren’t good but I called off such unthinkable thoughts believing that her former life must have been a thing of the past. How wrong I was!

Here I am deep in thoughts. Did I jump to hasty conclusion? But I saw them both naked on my matrimonial bed, moaning and shouting in pleasurable bliss.

That morning, I had left for work as early as 7:00 am. My work schedules were long and made me close very late at night. Most times, I came back around 10:00pm every working day. I was even happy that my brother’s visit has changed my Angela because I noticed she has become more happy.

But that morning, 30minutes after I left the house for work it was already 7:45 am when I remembered the contract papers signed yesterday by the offshore firm. But unfortunately, I had left the contract papers awarded to my Bank which I had finished cross-checking the details and signatures on the table in my room the night before.

As I wheeled the Land cruiser Jeep to a reverse, I nearly hit an ‘Okada man’ who was speeding as if a ghost was pursuing him. He had two passengers who shouted at the top of their voices with nothing but insults.

When I parked the car outside my mansion, the only thing on my mind was the contract papers. I stepped out of the car in my suit and tie and tapped on the gate.

‘Na who phi that’. The gate man responded, his Hausa accent crippling the pidgin English.

‘Open the gate’ I said in a mild voice

‘Oga I no dey. Abeg dey go your house’ the gate man said in an i-dont-care-voice.

‘Adamu, will you foolishly open this gate’ I barked at him

Then he realized that I was the one knocking.

‘Sorry Oga, I no no say na you’
He pleaded prostrating on the floor after opening the small gate for me to come in. I had no time for bashful sayings as I was already late for work. I brushed briskly past him and headed upstairs. It was a big mansion to say the least in a big compound too. I was proud of my achievement. The four other state-of-the-art cars, the big Jakuzi and the beautiful garden inside my compound attest to my hard work.
Even the two storey- building was an architectural masterpiece. It has everything that made life a bed of roses. I was proud indeed and away from my boastful mind, I navigated the decked stairs shining from the twinkling light that graced the marble surface of the floor.

But when I got to my room and on top of my matrimonial bed, an abomination was taking place before my very eyes. The Television was on but muted, showing two naked bodies feasting on each other. There on the bed, what I saw nearly gave me hypertension but I could only give out a silent shout.

I rushed the drawer and drew my Baseball bat and aimed it at the young man’s head. He was on top of Angela right on my matrimonial bed shouting and moaning in pleasurable chants. She lay on her back, eyes closed and mouth shouting, unaware of my presence. I was fierce and ruthless, angry and sad. When the Baseball made contact with his head, he must have seen a billion stars because he convulsed before falling off the bed with his eyes rolling inside. Blood gushed out of his open skull and his naked hairy bum looked upward in a retired state. He was lifeless and cold after shaking for some minutes. I was shocked to realize that the man was my own flesh. He was my one and only brother Chibuike.

Angela opened her eyes to my rage. Her mouth was covered with her palm. She made to shout but her voice failed her. Ashamed and afraid, she began to beg. But I was already drunk with rage, vexation and hatred that when the Baseball bat on my hand lashed at her face, possessed was the right word. Like a man hurt to the soul, I bashed the skull on her head and face that it became deformed. Even in that state, I continued the offense until her blood covered my face.

Quietly I went to the edge of the bed away from the two lifeless bodies and began to think about what had just happened. Everything happened in a flash, so quick.
Looking at the lifeless body of the people I once loved and knowing the betrayal they caused me brought me tears and made me weak. I wept profusely in regret full of sadness and sorrow.

Why did God allow this to happen?

What bad did I commit by allowing my own brother stay in my house?
Why did I marry a prostitute hoping to change what cannot be changed?

Why did I ruin my life, family and career?

I picked up the phone, called the Police and gave myself up. All I have worked for ruined and my only brother dead all because of a woman,

Now, after 15years of imprisonment the wound of my past is yet to heal. My body is wrinkled and so is my face, heart and soul. Even in my freedom, guilt and anxiety plague me. Life has taught me a bitter lesson. Now, I am all alone with no family, no life and nobody except myself. I ᵃm ready †Φ piece the pieces of my life together and move on.

16 thoughts on “The Betrayal Of A Prostitute” by thandiubani (@thandiubani)

  1. This is a good story riddled with errors. There were typos and tense issues. Please re-read and edit where necessary.
    Keep writing.

  2. Thank you @mimiadebayo.
    Corrections will be effected accordingly.
    You can checkout м̣̣̥̇̊Ɣ site for that…

  3. This is a straightforward story, @thandiubani.

    You should have shown how and why Angela changed her mind. It felt strange that one day she was refusing the MC, and the next day she agreed to marry him, just like that.

    Also, you made it too obvious what was going happen in the story when you described the MC’s brother as being muscular, you said that Angela was already being wayward, and when the look that she gave him ‘was not good’. This removed the surprise element in the story.

    Keep writing.

    1. Exactky what he said.

  4. Thanks Tola odejayi, I get the point you made even though I’d prefer a less complex writing style Α̲̅πϑ plot but…
    Thanks, I ᵃm learning,,,

  5. Sad story.

    keep writing.

  6. @Da Queen, yeah.
    Sad indeed!

  7. what a pity

  8. Its a nice story, but it was full of tense mix ups, then you focused on too much unnecessary details abt the house and his career and left out essential plot of the story, like how Angela finally agreed, we didn’t knw why she changed and became hostile, was she having her affair before chibuike,…..

  9. @Topazo, could you please write out the ‘tense mixup’ lemme see for myself…
    Well as for the description maybe or maybe not.
    …And how, when Α̲̅πϑ why Angela accepted to marry Damian is a thought I’d like you †Φ figure out…

    Lol, am just playing with you.
    I have read your words Α̲̅πϑ I will consider it…
    Thanks Boss,,,

    1. In case @topazo doesn’t return, here are some tense mixups that I spotted:

      “When my younger brother called me that Friday afternoon [and told me] that he wants wanted to come visiting…”

      “I was even happy that my brother’s visit has had changed my Angela”

      “Even the two storey- building was an architectural masterpiece. It has had everything that made life a bed of roses.

      But really, I think you did quite well with your tenses; there weren’t too many of these kinds of errors.

      1. @Tola Odejayi, I sincerely thank you for gracing this page with your well constructed input.
        Kindly oblige me †Φ differ from your observations. For the first error you noted, the usage of ‘he wants’ is correct indicating for ONE…
        ‘HE’ → third person singular is appropriately used with → ‘WANTS’

        I agree with you on the second tense error though…

        More so, I totally disagree on the third because ‘HAS’ is applicable Α̲̅πϑ is used with the third person singular (He, SHE, IT) eg HE HAS, SHE HAS, IT HAS etc.
        More so, you use ‘HAS’ if the action is continuous which I suppose in this case is positive…
        Using ‘HAS’ or ‘HAD’ seem appropriate †Φ me.
        Thanks for your time Boss!
        I ᵃm learning everyday!!

  10. You take your time to describe your characters and etch a clear picture of scenarios which is good. But you should be careful in your expressions and semantics. Take for example, this line:

    “two lifeless bodies lay on the floor in my own very matrimonial bed.”

    How can bodies on the floor also be in the bed? Unless you’re saying something that’s not properly implied.
    I won’t say I really enjoyed the story that much because it was predictable. I already knew the end from the first three paragraphs. And as the story progressed it got more and more predictable. It got to a point that I just rushed through it because there was no point taking in any other descriptive element.

    I believe your story would have been more intriguing if you had mystified it the more, thrown us into all manners of suspense. Then also, Damian’s reaction to two people on his bed was not believable enough because there was nothing in his personality pointing to the fact that he was capable of such murderous act. It shows that you didn’t develop his character enough to suit the action.

    Above all this, I can see you’re a good writer. I know you can do better.

  11. @Afronuts, thank you for the elaborate contribution. Inasmuch as, I agree with you on some point(s) raised but I respectfully disagree when you said Damian’s reaction lack believability…
    However, the plot of this piece in my own opinion thrives on the unpredictable nature of man as seen in Damian’s reaction. Reasonably so because you cannot perfectly gauge a man’s actions and inactions (in a tense situation) by his past deeds.

    But you have done me so much good. I love constructive criticism Α̲̅πϑ this is healthy for me.

  12. Apart 4rm d typos and telling d readers wat will eventually at d end of d story,d story was gud,.I dont put all blame on angela becos d mc knew his wife and yet he gave his all n all to his job.Most men if nt all are unfaithful to der wife,yet these women 4give dem.Y is it so hard 4 men to 4give their wives wen they cheat? Yes Damian was betrayed, but 2 peple were involved,so saying all becos of a woman doest sit right wit me

  13. @Nira-slyves, well I understand the point you made but the issue of infidelity in marriage is a hard one. Why marry when you still have the flames of promiscuity burning in you?
    Why not consider the hurt you would cause your mate before cheating? If you find yourself in such a predicament would you allow reason or anger rule you?
    So much a question †Φ ask but the blame aint for the woman only…(The man has †Φ blame for neglecting the wife…)
    The point is infidelity, betrayal Α̲̅πϑ others alike bring us untold misery should we fall victim. The best of all is this ‘do †Φ others as you would like them †Φ do †Φ you’

    That you are a prostitute before marriage does not mean you should continue it after marriage as in the case of Angela. Moreover, Damian solely thought he could bend nature but he found out in a most painful way.

    Thanks for your thought…
    Hope I threw more light on that abi na play I just D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ play ooo.
    Abeg make Ʊ just manage ᵃm like that ooo.
    М̣̣̥̇̊Ɣ brain just D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ reboot from that eeeeeh @Tola Odejayi contribution…

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