Taking Cues from Micheal Jordan’s 63 points

Taking Cues from Micheal Jordan’s 63 points


His Sixty- three points didn’t win the game for him and his team mates .And the loss to Boston Celtics on that fateful day would have made all his efforts[dribbles,passes,rebounds,assists,lay ups,dunks,shots,fast breaks,smoke screen,screams and shots] worthless but that actually earned him a place in history as one of the greatest basket ball players that ever did the hoops some justice .A Legend of the hoopie game .No need of introduction ,He is mister Micheal Jordan –the Air Jordan himself who defiled the law of gravity. Actually the man who made Chicago bulls Chicago bulls.

I myself am no sport journalist or a basketball analyst but I could remember growing up in the sane 90’s the only name I knew back then –that was synonymous to B Ball was Jordan like Maradonna was to football to me then .And everywhere I went I saw his face –his signature dunk logo on T-shirts and sneakers-even on walls .He was everywhere .Though I was more into football those growing days but inside I still felt like Micheal Jordan even before touching a spalding ball years after.Later on I got introduced to the game in college by some peeps .And I enjoyed it and have been enjoying it ever since .The main reason I love playing basketball is the swagz that comes with it –its more hippy than football .[well here in Nigeria we are more into football-the so called round leather game ,that’s what the outside world thinks anyway .But no –a big No .peeps from the northern parts of the country are more basketbally than the south .I’m talking of cities like Jos ,Kaduna and Kano .Those guys are more loyal to the court than we here,especially Jos guys ]

Hope the ‘basketbally “word is accepted as a new word into oxford or Cambridge?.accept my shenanigans.lolzzz

Okay back to Jordan’s 63 points that didn’t win the match against Celtics in 1986 NBA playoffs but got Larry Bird Jumping off his seat uttering a remarkable statesment like:

‘                        God must have disguised as Micheal Jordan today


And funny enough till date people forgot that Chicago bull lost the match but still remember the 63 points scored by the bull star ,Jordan-the only man with “ license to suspend in the air” ..lolzz. His number 23 was so vivid on the court doing justice to the hoops but at the end  the final score was 135-131 in favour of Boston Celtics.Sometimes that’s the irony in our everyday living .We just have to learn to accept it ,no matter what.


So what is my own take about the 63 points ? ..yes that’s the actually reason behind this post .see the 63 points Jordan scored was him competing with himself not the knick team .They lost the match no doubt  as Chicago bulls but he won as Micheal Jordan .On that day mike actually beat his former records ,landed his old records some great jabs,punches and knocked out himself in his battle ring of life .And that’s what most peeps don’t understand –they believe its all about everyday winning[yes I’m not saying It isnt cool to be a winner all the time] but let it be that the person you defeat is actually you .[ I don’t know why I hate using ‘yous’ in any piece am writing  but I don’t know how to escape that for now ].


Permit my shenanigans once more


We are people in a world full of battles-competitions per say and most of the time we tend to compete with our fellow humans- thinking its cool .Well beating the next man is kinda cool and some myopic pigs out there see it as success .cool though ,no problem with that but if beating the next man doesn’t make you [hmmm you again] a better or an improved person .sorry guy –that aint success .I can say that’s just an override and it wont last long .

Theres this overused clichés that says –A Nation[Rome] is not built in a day .yea that’s true ,Micheal Jordan didn’t become the great MJ on his first game ,a lot of stuffs went down : losses ,locker room fights,inner battles ,prayer sessions ……He went through a lot though before coming up top in his NBA Career.And at the end he got that great deal with Nike  .They put his signature dunk on sneakers ,T-shirts and shorts…Reason why I can say ‘I want me some pairs of Air Jordan today[well that’s by –the-way]The dude made a great impact not only by helping his team to win so many games after that epic match[even though they to wait four years after that 1986 game for them to now win the NBA Title in 1991] but standing tall ,winning all those unnoticed inner wars .

I think that’s what is vital in Life seeing ourselves as the main competitors not the next man .To me that the coolest thing I have ever discovered.



I just remembered a hook I wrote for a track [based on this everyday fighting things] some months back ,in which I later shared on my facebook wall that goes thus :


Everyday I wake is a new fight // reason I’m always keeping my fists tight//,..knuckle up ..I must  win this timmmmme !


FYI  all words written are targeted towards me in particular, I am that ‘You’ in question.

Right now I’m imagining myself standing infront of a broken mirror,just pointing at the man staring at me saying :

Hey!  hope you have taken a cue from Jordan ,flub all this ‘All I want is win-win ,no matter what” attitude and just save the Day .Carpe Diem !


Alexander wolff said :

Jordan had to be a loser that day in Boston a quarter-century ago. Indeed, as the best team of all time, those Celtics had to be the winners, in the face of the greatest individual playoff performance of all time, to further the young Michael’s education in that most essential of hoop truths: that, in the end, a full team will beat any single player, no matter how good-that’s another cue taken from this April 26,1986 NBA playoff match:Bulls versus Celti

  A full team will beat any single player anyday.Team works !




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