Serial Lover IV

She knew instantly it was him. First, he was the only guy in the common room at this time. Secondly, he was ogling at them. If Nike knew better,she guessed it was Kessiah that got him staring. She knew that look. She had seen it in the faces of guys when they saw Kess at close range, for the first time. Despite her annoyance, Nike felt amused. But gosh, the guy was breath taking himself.

The white sport polo he wore fit snugly over his solid frame showing off sinewy taut muscles. His close cropped hair glistened under the flash light of the common room. Nike judged his impressive height to be about 6ft 5. She had to admit the guy’s good looks would make a perfect blend with Kessiah’s fair beauty. Turning, she tried to gauge Kessy’s reaction to her visitor. The girl just moved mechanically,that bland look never leaving her face.

As they approached him, Mike Angelo watched the fleet of reactions display on the face of the brown skinned girl beside Kessiah. He flashed his winning smile as they came to stand before him, momentarily stunned at the sudden harsh glare appearing on the face of Kessiah’s friend.
His smile widened.

“Hello beauties!” He dipped his head slightly, “I’m—–”

“Princeton Campuses No. 1 player.” Nike snickered.

“Excuse me?!” Nnamdi dragged his eyes off Kess to raise an eyebrow at her friend.

Nike let out a suppressed groan. Of all the guys to ask Kess out, after several heart breaks, it had to be “the player!” That was what the school’s “Amebo” magazine had called him in one of its jist pages. In response, he had described himself as “Every girls’ dream”. The guy was arrogant, conceited and drop dead gorgeous. Nike was certain he would do Kess more harm than the other guys before him.

“Are you going to deny you’re not a player?” She fired.

Nnamdi’s smile deepened. This friend of Kessiah’s was daring and feisty. On another occasion, he would have loved to date her. A girl with so much drama and fire was a must date for him. But this wasn’t any occasion.

He shrugged. “You don’t have to believe all you read.”
“Come on, give me the pleasure of knowing the beautiful name of such a lovely girl as you.”

“I’m Nike.” She responded. “But you—–“. She stopped abruptly when she heard her name from across the room. Precious, her course mate was waving desperately at her to come over.

“Excuse me for a second.” She said walking over.

Nnamdi let out a sigh of relief. “I hope you take like an hour.” He muttered, then turned to Kessiah.
His smile returned.
“Hello gorgeous! I’m Nnamdi Michael Angelo.”
She just nodded silently.
“Do you mind if we sat down?” He gestured to a seat behind them.
She shook her head.

Michael Angelo was exasperated. Why did the girl want to go all dummy on him? Was it part of her game?
He took a breath. “Did you like the card I sent you?”

In response, she puckered her lips to pout. Something within him jarred at the sight of her expression. There was something strikingly familiar with her pout. Suddenly, he felt the desperate need to look into her eyes.

Pretending to trip, he intentionally bumped forcefully into her. She staggered backwards, the glasses perching on her nose. Still pretending, he made as if to support her ,but casually swiped the glasses off her face——and froze instantly.

Two things shocked him beyond words. First, her eyes were blood shot, puffy and red. It was obvious she had been crying terribly. Secondly, those same tear filled eyes took him twelve years into the past*********

Meanwhile, in their six bedder room, Janet Idibia was back. She was the room gossip and her usual greeting was “Hi room mates! Any new jist?”
Today, there was plenty jist for her as Aina and Halima filled her in on Kessiah’s issues.

After listening, she clapped her hands wildly and exclaimed, “Like Mother, like daughter!”

“Haba!! Janet! Don’t start your annoying stories about Kessiah’s mother.” Halima reproached.

“Yes! You should be thankful to us, for not spilling all the atrocities you’ve been saying about Kessy’s mother being a flirt.” Aina said.

Janet was not moved. “Didn’t Kessiah confirm she was raised by a single mum and that her mother is still single presently?” She asked.

“What if she did?” Aina challenged. “What do you really know about her life eh? In fact, where do you even get all your stories from?”

“Please drop me there o!” Janet countered. “Whether you believe it or not, nemesis is catching up on Kess. The mother went about snatching husbands, now the daughter is paying!!”

“Haba!! Don’t bad mouth others!”
Both room mates warned strenuously.

Laughing hysterically, Janet Idibia walked off to her bed and laid down************

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  1. Nice but kinda short. Also the introduction of Janet was quite nebulous…
    PS: It’s ‘gist’ not ‘jist’.

    1. susan (@susan)

      Thanks and noted,jerrad

  2. “if she knew better..” I don’t think this was used appropriately…

    “impressive height… ” too clichéd

    ” Princeton campuses” should be “Princeton campus’ no 1…”

    The part about the need to see her face and the whole bumping into her seemed too unrealistic.. And we didn’t even know she was wearing glasses…

    Who is Janet idibia? She just came in from the blues…. Hope she becomes relevant more than just a busybody…

    Nice story so far, let’s see if kessy falls for the ‘player’…

    Well done

    1. susan (@susan)

      Hi topazo!! Men! Am still trying to catch a breath after going thru ur comment. But noted and thanks. Gee!!

  3. That girl needs to get laid!

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      Yeah!! She’s long overdue!!

  4. A little bit disorganized,but lovely story.Wating 4 next post.

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      Tnx Nira!
      Will dish out sometn better at next post, hopefully!!!

  5. Too short and all over the place

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      Haba!!! Schatzy!!!

      1. hehehe no vex..i dont usually criticize but i was just super excited when i saw the post ..i was just kinda disappointed…

        waiting for the next one tho

        1. susan (@susan)

          Ok. Schatzy :) won’t disappoint @ next post.

  6. susan (@susan)

    Hello @ olan!! What do u think of ds post? Is it as bad as they say??!!

  7. I likey, this is getting more interesting. I think Janet was introduced well, at least, I got the impression that she was another room mate. As for how the Nnamdi removed kessiah’s glasses, I think it was a tad contrived, but it wasn’t too bad. Keep it coming.

    1. susan (@susan)

      Oh!!! Great!!
      Thanks olan! (Big hug)

  8. Effect the corrections and let’s have the next, if you may.
    Well done. $ß.

    1. susan (@susan)

      Thanks! Bubbllina! It wud be ma pleasure! Mmm………

  9. susan (@susan)

    Thanks! Bubbllina! It wud be ma pleasure! Mmm………

  10. Koollove (@Koollove)

    Cnt wait 4 d nxt episode

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