My First Sexual Experience


If anyone told me my boredom would get me laid I won’t believe, this story is about my first sexual experience, I feel like writing about it, not because it’s kinky, but I have the urge to, every word in this story is true though I omitted some part (you don’t have to know everything)

It all started innocently from my boredom, I was home one day pressing my phone, my bbm was boring so I pinged my school son who was in 100l to send me couple of girls pin, he sent two, the first one he claimed fucked a lot, the second he said was normal, after initial pinging I was still undecided about then eventually I deleted the one he claimed too fuck a lot, both were in my school, both in 100, we were on first semester holz this period, so there was no way we could see soon

I continued chatting with Gloria (name changed :p) during this period just normal what’s up how you doing chat nothing important, then I asked if she had a boyfriend which she replied yes, this really put me of, I had a very nasty experience with my ex who double dated, but I didn’t delete Gloria from my bbm,  we chatted occasionally, nothing special, nothing lasting, when we resumed from holz,things were basically the same, until I asked “when would I see you” this I always look back as the turning point of everything, she said she would come the next day to see her friends who stay in the same compound with me, I told no probs

She came the next day but I hardly saw her, I was playing monopoly in a friend’s room, my school son told me to go see her several times, but I didn’t maybe because I was sacred or wasn’t interested, I caught a glimpse of her for the first time and waved at her, later in the day I apologized to her for not having her time, she said no probs, we agreed I would come to her place on Saturday

When Saturday came, I was nervous, I changed my mind several times, my friends teased me endlessly that I was scared, so I decided to prove them wrong by going, I got there and we talked, and talked and talked, It was good better than I expected, she was cool and all but I wasn’t tripping fully, I went the next day again and same thing happened, she told me to come the 3rd day but I didn’t, I felt  it was wrong to go to a girl’s place 3 days straight, after that I went home for Easter break, during this period we talked constantly on bbm, my birthday was during this Easter period so I was actively trying to get laid before my 20th birthday but I was thwarted, I went back to my school frustrated,  I planned my birthday party for that Saturday and invited her

Saturday came and she was around, I missed a little, but It was my birthday I hardly had her time until much later, we sat tighter, touching and laughing we talked for so long we were alone outside, during the talk hour mouths moved close for the first time, but I resisted the kiss, the second time I resisted also, the third time, we kissed, and it felt good but I broke it up telling her she had a boyfriend, but really because I liked someone else (different story), we talked for a little while before we went to sleep separately, throughout the night I thought of the kiss, I felt I fucked up, all I had to do was usher her into the room but I buckled under pressure, we talked on bbm the next day and it was ok nothing awkward, then I saw “send me and invite” on bbm, I asked why she deleted me she said it was a long story, later she said her boyfriend deleted me, during the next week I went to her house couple of times the most significant was when she kissed me again, which I subsequently broke up giving thee same excuse during that visitation she said “Damilare I want to kiss you” which I replied no, there was a party to be held at my house, this was when It finally happened

D-day arrived and I was nervous, I went to her house after persistent urging from her, she asked me to kiss her which I refused telling her we would see later, I got back home and waited patiently, during this period I still didn’t believe i would have  sex, I thought It would just be kiss and making out so I wasn’t prepared(no condom) how badly mistaken I was, she arrived and we talked for a while before she went to hang with her friends, I drank  a little to prepare myself, then I stated looking for condom which I couldn’t find, I felt slightly relieved and disappointed at the same time, when I saw boys were milling around her, I dragged my property to my room, in the room we talked for a while, before we stared kissing, I didn’t stop this time maybe because of the drink or because I finally had the balls to take a chance, during this making out someone knocked on my door to my annoyance and to my delight, the person brought a condom for me(:D) we resumed our making out before she uttered the 3 magic word.

Some guys think the 3 magic words a girl can ever say to you is  “I love you” those guys are fools(no offense) the 3 magic words actually are “let’s have sex”, when she said this words I couldn’t believe my ears, it was really happening

Am not going to go into graphic details of the sex(:P) I ‘ll just assay a few things, I said I love you a lot, her boyfriend broke up with her because she came, I asked her to be my girlfriend, which she refused, during sex she said her boyfriend’s name(should have been a warning), she said I would forget her after 2 weeks, we had unprotected sex, after It was over I felt disgusted looking at her, I played game on my laptop, she came and rubbed my chest and it felt really good, really good, when she was leaving I kissed her and told her I’ll call her it was the last time I saw her

Writing up to this point has been fun though I skipped some parts but am guessing you know the story from here on am writing with hurt

She deleted me from her bbm, when I added her back she told me her boyfriend was home when she got back and he wiped her contacts, we talked throughout the whole day I told her to come but said she can’t, told her I dint like the way her boyfriend was treating her, the next day she deleted me again,  I sent an invite but she didn’t answer me, I called her and we talked normally, laughs, private jokes and all and I told I missed her(I really did) told her I wanted to see her told me she was busy, day before yesterday changed it all I told her I wanted to see her and she said “I’ll let you know when am free’ that was my breaking point am not going to allow one 100l slut to wash me, I sent a message immediately telling her I understand what she was doing, that she wants me out of her life, she didn’t reply, that was our last communication till today and I miss her a lot, I really do, but am not going to stoop that low

Throughout everything I don’t think I did wrong, I did what every normal male would, and I was nicer sef, I feel used, i thought she actually liked me but then don’t know what to do

Some people would think writing this is childish but writing is my therapeutic way of relieving stress.



16 thoughts on “My First Sexual Experience” by damilare oso (@damilareoso)

  1. Eazy-man (@amdaboss30)

    Well you are coming up ….. this write up is just a no to me but though you are able to send some message.

    Now look at it from this angle,

    You said you were not prepared but you were able to fetch a pack of condom …..

    That shows you were prepared. There’s ni where you would say you weren’t prepared and you still have the nerves to search for a pack of condoms …………

    Next time when you are writing, try to put some suspense, and make the reader guess what’s going to happen.

    Also try to work on your typos ……. so many typos are in your write up…….

    Aside that ……… its all good …… still coming up.

  2. Godson (@Godson)

    well, you should have made this story a masterpiece if you were patient enough to write it well.

  3. Have a female friend you talk to. That’s way more therapeutic. But I understand this though. Nice one.

  4. Nice title to grab the audience attention, but the content na one kin. Nice try for writing man…… “No end to learning”

  5. this writing is poor. Take your time to write better next time

  6. nice… you need a shoulder to lean on

  7. She did use you. Sorry bout that. I do hope though, that you would always remember this feeling and won’t think of placing it on someone in the future. I am sure you know what I mean.

    Asides that, emotion is not enough excuse for the errors in this. It seems hurried though. Writing is therapeutic. Did you feel any better after posting this here?

    Keep writing, reading and learning. $ß

    1. @sibbylwhyte
      Longest time. Where have you been? Haven’t seen much of you lately…..

      1. @kodeya… I promise for real that I am going to be around 4 a long while.

        @Writeman, true, admin ought or needs to edit or even thrash a piece that’s poorly written, but a writer has to help them too. If you were to edit this piece, it would take a while plus the message might come out a bit different. Asking that the bad works a writer posts get edited by admin is kinda much sha o.

  8. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    My brother, please go and check yourself oooo.Some babes are there to just dash you the virus and vamoose. It is well.

  9. You knew she has a boyfriend, so why are you screaming blue murder?

    Shit happens. Let it go.

  10. @ Admin
    I believe you should have edited this piece before it was published.The writing mistakes detract from the overall purpose.

  11. Koollove (@Koollove)

    so sum peeps plans having sex be4 a certain age, hmm…

  12. bishop (@bishopandy)

    @damilareoso if you wrote these in ten minutes, i wonder what you will fathom in an hour, nice one though. please can u send me that babes BBM contact…lol

  13. Nice title, but the story needs a lot of work.

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