May Featured Writer Mimi Adebayo – I Read Books and Learn from Them

May Featured Writer Mimi Adebayo – I Read Books and Learn from Them

Naija Stories has the Featured writer segment to celebrate our outstanding writers and their posts. Last month, Mimi Adebayo concluded her Lookout For Miss Right Series, and the last few episodes got the most views – Episode 33 got over 500 views. She is now selected as the writer to feature for this month. We use the featured interview opportunity to encourage our writer members to continue promoting their works on the site and outside, and they are also rewarded with 10,000 NSpoints. Check out Mimiadebayo’s portfolio, and her answers our usual questions below;


Q:When and why did you begin writing?
A:I’d say I began writing since I was seven thereabouts and that’s because I started reading at an early age. Enid Blyton’s books inspired me. I began writing kids adventure stories. I remember scribbling on lots of torn out sheets of paper and putting them together as a book and then drawing pictures in them while listing myself as the author. (Smiles)

Q:Do you have a specific writing style?
A:Mmmm…no specific writing style that I know of. I’m open minded.

Q:Can you share a little about your writing with us?
A: About my writing,I’d say I’ve still got a long way to go but I’m a teeny bit impressed with myself for how much I’ve learned. Everything I know about writing, I taught myself. I read books and learn from them. I set out to write stories that are unique and different in their own way. I write to  change lives for the better and sometimes,just for fun. I like to test new ideas. I always say my imagination is a gift from God and I use it well.I could spend days living in a world of my own where only my characters are real to me. Is that weird?

Q:What gave you the idea to write Lookout for miss Right as a series?
A: The truth is when I first joined NS, the stories that caught my eye was Finding Hubby and I decided to write something a bit similar but also unique. It was the first time I actually let my work be read by people other than my family.Writing takes a lot of courage ‘cos you never know what to expect from your readers or what your readers expect from you.

Q:How does one sustain the interest of readers while writing a series?
A: One word- suspense. Write something that’ll keep your readers hungry for more.Also let your readers know that you know where you’re going with the story. If a reader senses confusion in your story,they’ll lose interest.

Q:Do you do promotions outside of NS for your posts? Like Facebook, Twitter, etc?
A: Like I said before I just started being bold about my writing. I actually used to be shy about it before so I haven’t really done much promoting outside NS. Just recently started on Facebook.

Q:Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
A:Inserting emotional depth in my stories is something quite challenging for me. I’m learning from @dkny111 and @Olan and I hope to get better soon.

Q:What books have most influenced your life and or writing, the most?
A:Let’s see; I’ve read so many books that I can’t begin to count.First of all the Bible then Rick Warren’s book
“The Purpose Driven Life” had a huge part to play in my life. Frank Peretti’s “This Present Darkness” inspired me and of course Enid Blyton’s Naughty Amanda books which introduced me to  the world of writing.

Q:What books are you reading now?
A:Kay Hooper’s “Hunting Fear” and a book by Kenneth Hagin titled “Love, the way to Victory”.

Q:What are your current projects?
A: I have a couple of short stories in mind for now,I don’t know ♓☺w soon I’ll start another series but that depends on my…muse(If I have one).Hehehe.

Q:Do you have writing as a career or see it as one?
A:I was born τ̅☺ write and I don’t see myself doing anything else that’ll make me happy.So,yes I intend τ̅☺ make writing a career.

Q:Who is your favorite author? Do you have a writing mentor?
A:Do I have a favourite author? Hmmmm…I love Sidney Sheldon. Frank Peretti,Joyce Meyer, Francine Rivers, Hadley Chase,Nora Roberts,Robert Ludlum and some I can’t think of. I mostly read foreign books.

Q:What do you think of the Nigerian publishing industry?
A:I know we are trying our best but I think it could be better. The quality of  the books published should improve.

Q:How do you see the role of online publishers including
A: Perfecto! (My own spanish). Ah…I can only say if we had more online publishers in Nigeria like naijastories, the world will be a better place.Since everything is going digital, writers will get an opportunity to show their work to the world.

Q:What comments do you have about the reading culture in the country?
A: Nigerians are better readers now than before;our reading culture has actually improved and I’m glad ‘cos it means we will learn to broaden our perspective.

Q:Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
A:I wanna say a huge thank you to my readers especially topazo, Olan, Mee, Zikora, Olaedo etc who make it a point of duty to read whatever I write; without you reading, I won’t be here. I also want to thank @ogaoga for this opportunity; you guys are doing a great job here on NS. God bless you!

Answer the following

Q:Ice cream or chocolate?
A: Icecream

Q:Football or Basketball?

Q:Ebook or paperbacks?

Q:Salty or sweet?
A:depends on my mood

Q:Beach or mountains?

Q:Phone call or textmessage?
Depends on my mood but mostly text message

Q:Early bird or night owl?
A:Somewhere in between

Q:Dog or cat?
A: Dog,I think.

Q:Messy or neat?
Somewhere in between

Q:Heroes or Villains?
Definitely heroes.

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    Well done. Keep writing, and improving your art till you get to the very top.

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