Lovers Or Friends 5

“The values of the world we inhabit and the people we surround ourselves with have a profound effect on who we are.”


They say family dysfunctions are not essentially bad, that they often are the reasons why some are successful. Juwon’s family dysfunction was twisted in the ‘curliest’ of forms; there was something profoundly wrong with the environment she was raised in. As a child, she lacked the ability to create a powerful, protective structure capable of insulating her from the influences of her immediate environment. Kunle eventually realised this, but not before he had fallen ‘eternally’ in love with her.


It was Kunle’s birthday the day Juwon and her mother moved into the apartment right across his in the Estate in Festac Town. He was ten years old and as he and the other kids at his party stopped to watch her jump out from the front seat, his heart skipped a beat. He had never seen any girl so pretty. It was her hair, dark, thick and long; and her eyes, the way they blinked and rolled. Just seeing her in her bright yellow dress with white polka dots all over, her hair nicely packed at the back with a pink ribbon – was the perfect birthday gift for him, and surely he dreamed of her that night.

The next day was a Sunday and the first thing he did when he woke up was to pressure his mother to take him to say hello to the new neighbours right across the street. It was 6am. She eventually got him to wait till they had returned from service that they will go to invite them over for dinner.

Service seemed to be unusually longer than ever before as Kunle earnestly waited for the benediction to be said so they would rush home, stop by to invite Juwon and her mum over for dinner. He really just wanted to see her again, their coming over for dinner would just be blessing in abundance. And he was blessed abundantly. They arrived some minutes past 7pm and as he sat beside her at the dinner table all of his confidence disappeared. Her presence overwhelmed him, and continued to overwhelm.

Fourteen years after her capacity to overwhelm him is still as strong as it ever was. That is why when she told him about her plan he immediately embraced it without any consideration whatsoever. But time has a way of healing many things, even the lack of common sense that came with his ‘love’ for Juwon. If his healing is whole, then it will deliver him his freedom, and also give Dave a good chance of surviving that which lies ahead of him.


NB: In accordance with the fact that this story has assumed a life of its own, and has expanded beyond what I initially planned, I believe that a title change is in order. ‘LOVERS OR FRIENDS’ no longer adequately describes all that this story entails. Also, I think I want to develop this story to become a much larger effort, a novel perhaps, under the title ‘BENEATH HER BEAUTIFUL’. I do urge you to keep your fingers crossed for more drama, suspense and thrill from Juwon, Kunle, Dave and more!

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  1. whoop whoop, lets go there! lol

    1. Yes o! Let’s go there, lol….

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  2. You were away for too long.
    Please post soon.

    1. @Estee Apologies for the long absence, and I am really glad you’re enjoying the series. Thank you!

      1. Omena (@menoveg)

        Pls when is the part 6 coming thru?

        1. Soon @menoveg soon…I apologize for the delay still.

  3. Is that the sound track to the novel??? L☺lzz..

    This ought to be as good as it sounds ooohhh

    1. lol… @kingobozy Soundtrack, perhaps….I hope it’s good too oohhh…

  4. This was too short…

    Nice idea… But I don’t quite like the “beneath her beautiful” title…

    1. @topazo What would you rather recommend?

      1. “BLINDS”

        1. “BLINDS”? Any reason why?

  5. Okay, I smell something nice cooking, @scopeman60 better don’t keep us salivating for long bro… Nice!

    1. lol…I’ll try not to Sir.

  6. A better title would come at the end. Just write more so we can read… I should probably go to the beginning and enjoy all that Scopes has scooped out of his head unto NS.
    Bien hecho. $ß.

    1. lol…Okay Ma, go and enjoy! :-)

  7. At last, we get to read part 5; but I think it is too short, especially after the long wait. Plus, I’d like to see some action or character development. I would like to know more than I already know about the characters and events. Maybe some unveiling is in order.
    @scopeman60, are we going to have to wait till August or September before we read the next part? You were away for too long, and I thought something had happened to you.
    Also, about the title change, don’t be in a hurry. Just let the story flow. With time, the right title will come.

    1. lol @febidel No Ma, I have no intentions of keeping you and everyone else waiting for so long to read the next part; everyday I wake up I want to share the rest of the story with you, I will post Part 6 soon, I hope. Thank you for staying through!

      Good suggestion about the Title matter, thanks : )

      1. @scopeman, you are on your way to proving me right. Where is part 6?

        1. lol… @febidel Sorry Ma, Part 6 coming soon!

  8. Ok,u were away 4 2 long but am happy 2 hear u’ll b expanding it in2 a novel.Am sure lukin 4ward 2 reading,however,am expecting plenty of drama,excitement n loads more.

    1. Thank you @jade69 I’m excited as well. Meanwhile, watch out for my Novella coming out later on in the year, Sshhhh…don’t tell anyone, you’re the first one here to know! : )

  9. Looking forward to that :)

    1. Me too @Myne, me too… : ) #ManyThanksForManyThings

  10. Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

    Ant that’s it. I’ve read every part. I just hope you’ll post the next part soon. This is really good stuff, do keep up the good work.

  11. U were away 4 too long, I thought u lost ur password,dis post is too short.As 4 d title leave it 4 now,it will pop up as u go along.Now lets hope d next post comes out maybe 2 months coming.

  12. @scopeman60, SCOPEMAN! This is a new month and we are still waiting for part 6. Where is your muse? Tell us the requirements for the sacrifice so that we can help you provide them to appease the muse to return. You’ve left us hanging for too long already.

    1. O boy am I in trouble, lol… @febidel Okay, I’ll make you a promise here: I will do ALL I can to write Part 6 this week. The problem isn’t quite the muse, it is more of an absence of the time to engage heart, head and hand. But I have made you a promise, and I will do well to keep it.

      Thank you for staying through so far, I doubt I would have come this far without you constantly urging me to develop the story further. :-)

      1. I hear you, @scopeman60. You have to find a way to schedule writing into your daily or weekly activities. When you make out that time to write, as you have promised to, do a minimum of four episodes; when next you make out time after that, do another four episodes.That way, you’ll have some consistency. It’ll help you too, as a writer. I don’t know about others, but for me, if I take such long pauses when working on one story, it will affect my flow; the work cannot be as fluid as it would have been if I was consistent. Your readers also need the regularity, or some will forget the story and move on to other series.

        1. Thank you @febidel for the advise, I greatly appreciate it.

          1. You’re welcome.

  13. kevin (@kevindkind)

    Hmmm! Now i see why she can’t help her insanity. But to people of the kind, help is out there for them (psychological). And the power of something overwelming u the first time. U never out-grown that hold. Hmmm! Very not bad

  14. Hmmmm rilly enjoyin d read. KIU.

  15. I love this………….

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