It rained – PROSE POEM


I waited for it to stop

It was heavy

Thunder claps

Lightning beeps

Strong breeze

Splash and splatter

So it started

Darkness kept calling

I clutched it hard

The polythene bag

Rice was in it, pepper, tomato tin & maggi

Then the showers was over but darkness came

With speed I ran, soaked

‘Why didn’t you wait for the rain to stop’

I heard mama shouting in my head

I ran with speed

Heart pounding

Screaming in fear

Tears like water

It barked, racing with speed

Charging to eat me


Then my leg stuck, inside the mud

Pull I pulled, my heart pounding

Eyeing my own fear

Pull, pull, pull

Fierce and merciless

The beast charged on towards me

Shock ate me

Fear castrated me

I screamed, shouted, begged


‘Somebody help me’ I cried

Help came not

So with eyes closed

Last prayer offered

I gave my life to the beast

But look it came

Sniffed, licked 

Shaking its tail

Then I realized it was our own 

Our very own dog

Truly, the rain rained on me.




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A piece of creative writing bƔ 

Alexander Thandi Ubani

A Poet, writer, Novelist and Thespian.


2 thoughts on “It rained – PROSE POEM” by thandiubani (@thandiubani)

  1. Wow. I love this. Nicely structured, suspenseful and pregnant with so many meanings

  2. @Hymar, thanks.
    Quite motivational…

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